Expert Tips: How To Keep The House Cool In Summer Naturally

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As summer’s warmth approaches, numerous households are searching for strategies on how to keep the house cool in summer naturally to maintain a comfortable and cool environment for their families. This is particularly pertinent for those lacking central air conditioning or seeking to minimize their home’s cooling expenses. 

Thankfully, natural and efficient methods exist to ensure coolness indoors despite the escalating outdoor temperatures. Discover these methods to keep your home cool naturally in the upcoming summer months. Regular HVAC system maintenance from experts like Townsend Energy can also make a big difference in keeping your home comfortable this season!

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How To Keep Your House Cool Naturally

Here, we provide practical advice to ensure your home remains cool throughout summer.

Stay Cool by Blocking the Heat

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Preventing your home from overheating is key to maintaining a cool and pleasant indoor climate. Although completely isolating your home from the external rise in temperatures might not always be feasible, blocking sunlight can significantly contribute to keeping your home cooler. By closing shades and curtains during the day, sunlight penetration through windows and the resultant increase in indoor temperature can be effectively minimized. 

The orientation of your windows plays an important role; for instance, windows facing south could benefit significantly from thermal barriers to block the heat. The summer sun’s intensity demands proactive measures to shield your home from sunlight and the heat it brings.

Open Windows When It’s Cool Outside

The temperature drop during the evening and early morning hours presents an ideal chance to let in a refreshing breeze. Opening your windows during these times can facilitate the circulation of cooler air, replacing the warm air inside your home. 

Moreover, the sensation of moving air can make the indoor environment feel more comfortable, even if the outside temperature hasn’t dropped significantly. To maximize airflow, open windows across different sides of your house and ensure interior doors are open, allowing for unrestricted air movement.

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Put Your Refrigerator and Freezer to Good Use

A cold beverage might offer a momentary respite from the heat, yet its cooling effect is fleeting. For a more sustained cooling solution, consider freezing water in a hot water bottle, a disposable plastic bottle, or a reusable ice pack. Placing the chilled item against your forehead or the back of your neck quickly and effectively lowers your body temperature. 

Positioning a cold bottle or ice pack under your feet at bedtime can significantly enhance your sleeping comfort. Remember always to encase frozen items in a thin towel to safeguard your skin against frostbite or discomfort.

Consider placing your sheets, pillowcases, or socks in the refrigerator before bedtime for an additional touch of coolness. With the soothing chill of your bedding and the refreshing coolness on your feet, you’re set for a restful night.

Adjust Your Ceiling Fan

home with ceiling fan during summer

Many homeowners need to be aware that ceiling fans are designed to rotate in two directions to accommodate warm and cold weather. During the summer, you can optimize your fan’s efficiency by flipping the small switch on the motor housing to make the blades spin counterclockwise. This adjustment pulls warm air towards the ceiling and pushes cooler air down, benefiting you and your family with a more comfortable living environment. 

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Pay Attention to Your Lights

Turning off lights in unoccupied rooms is a smart way to save energy and reduce electricity costs. Moreover, it contributes to keeping your home cooler. Incandescent bulbs, known for their inefficiency, can significantly increase indoor temperatures due to the heat they emit. Replacing these with energy-efficient, cooler bulbs is advisable to enhance your home’s coolness further.

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Dine Alfresco

family dining al fresco to keep cool naturally in summer

Steer clear of using your oven or stove for cooking during the hot summer months. While they offer convenience, they also contribute to the indoor heat, making your living space warmer. If you can access an outdoor grill or hibachi, prioritize these for your cooking needs as temperatures climb. This approach helps maintain a cooler kitchen and provides an excellent opportunity for outdoor dining. Gather your family for a meal in the open air, where the temperature is often cooler.

Take a Cold Shower

When you feel the discomfort of heat and humidity, a cold shower can offer immediate relief. It also effectively reduces your core temperature, ensuring you remain cooler even when you step out. It’s a straightforward and swift method of refreshing and lowering your body heat.

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Make Your Own DIY Air Conditioner

Creating a DIY air conditioner with just a fan and ice is an ingenious way to beat the summer heat. Freeze water in a mixing bowl, small bucket, or ice cube trays. Alternatively, trim the top off a plastic milk jug and freeze a block of ice in its base. Position the ice on a tray or in a pan directly in front of a fan. As the fan circulates air over the ice, it cools down, offering a refreshing escape from the warmth.

Moreover, it is wise to consult an HVAC contractor about installing a ductless air conditioning system in your home. These energy-efficient systems provide zoned cooling, making them ideal for houses without existing ductwork or those looking to cut down on air conditioning expenses. 

Switch to Cotton Sheets

changing bed sheets to cool down in summer

Opting for lightweight cotton sheets can significantly enhance your comfort during warm nights. Cotton’s natural fibers offer breathability, preventing body heat from being trapped within your bedding. For those who tend to sweat during sleep, moisture-wicking sheets are a good alternative, helping to keep you dry and cool throughout the night.


These straightforward and cost-effective strategies are designed to keep you and your family cool and comfortable throughout the summer heat. Experiment with them to discover which ones suit your needs the best. Combining several of these tips can enhance their effectiveness, providing maximum cooling benefits. Give them a try and find your perfect mix for beating the heat.

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