Line Set Covers For Ductless Mini-Split Systems

ductless hvac system line set cover

A line set cover for a ductless mini-split system ensures a clean and professional finish on your ductless heat pump installation. Not only that, but it also gives you supplementary performance advantages. This article shares what a line set cover is and the benefits it can give to your system.

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Exploring The Wall-Mounted Ductless System

fujitsu wall-mounted ductless indoor air handler

Ductless mini-splits come in various types, designs, and sizes. A wall-mounted ductless system is typically the easiest to install and the least expensive of all the mini-splits. They are also the ideal HVAC system for most types of rooms. It is for these reasons that wall-mounted units are often the go-to option for many homeowners.

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Best Ways To Create A Zoned Mini-Split System

ductless multi-zone setup

A zoned ductless mini-split system has a lot to offer including enhanced comfort and energy efficiency. There are a lot of options and setups to choose from which most feel overwhelming. This three-step guide will help you determine the best way to create a zoned mini-split system for your home.

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Tips To Keep Your Mini-Split In Good Working Order This Winter

ductless system in winter season

The ductless heat pump has the ability to provide year-round comfort. However, when outside temperatures are extremely low, the heat pump can have a difficult time absorbing heat. in this article, we discuss several tips that will help you ensure optimum efficiency and performance from your mini-split even during the very coldest months of winter.

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