Line Set Covers For Ductless Mini-Split Systems

ductless hvac system line set cover

A line set cover for a ductless mini-split system ensures a clean and professional finish on your ductless heat pump installation. Not only that, but it also gives you supplementary performance advantages. Therefore, ductless line set covers are a must-have for all mini-split make and models.

This article shares what a line set cover is and the benefits it can give to your system.

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What Is A Ductless Line Set Cover?

A line set is a copper pipe where the refrigerant passes from the outdoor compressor to the indoor unit’s evaporator in a continuous cycle. It is made of two lines, namely, a larger suction line and a smaller liquid line. The line set is installed outside of the outdoor and indoor units. Therefore, it is vulnerable to the elements, and this can result in the line set corroding easier and quicker than it normally would. For instance, UV rays can affect the line set insulation as time passes.

This is where a line set cover comes in handy. It protects the line set, drain tube, and cable from element exposure. They are made to be resistant to even the harshest of weather so that your split system continues to function at optimum form.

Ductless Line Set Cover Components

fujitsu ductless hvac systemA line set cover has various parts that should be installed correctly so that it operates as it should. These are listed below:

  • Coupling/socket – is what you use to connect two split line pipes in a straight run.
  • End socket – seals the line set cover to the compressor.
  • Horizontal elbow – used to avoid turns and obstacles, such as windows, on the walls.
  • Split line tube – used for concealing and protecting the line set, drain tube, and connecting wire.
  • Vertical elbow – this is utilized when it is required to make turns like going around corners during installment.
  • Wall cover – covers up all holes and gaps around the line set’s wall penetration.
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Line Set Cover Features

A line set cover has many features that assist you in controlling your mini-split unit. They are as follows:

Versatile Design

A line set can affect the interior design of a room. However, a line set cover hides it from view. You can even paint over the line set so that it blends with the wall and is hardly noticeable at all. A few manufacturers also allow you to make custom wraps so that the line set cover is in line with the aesthetic of the room you will put it in. Line set covers can be used in residential and commercial settings so you can be sure that your home or office will look clean and professional.

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Convenient To Install & Maintain

Rest assured that line set covers follow the energy code requirements. They also have a layer of protective film that can be peeled off. This allows the cover to stay clean. At the same time, you won’t have a hard time cleaning it as well.


When you have more than one indoor air handler, you also have multiple line sets. Therefore, you will need to purchase line set covers that can accommodate a multi-zone system set up. Some line set covers come with quick snap features so that it won’t suddenly pop off.

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Line sets covers go through a stringent process to ensure their durability. They can withstand UV rays and protect the line set as they should. They also have a glossy finish with no-rust screws, so you can be sure that all parts of the line set cover will last.

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Fujitsu General’s Solution Partners: SlimDuct

When you are looking to cover up the line sets, Fujitsu General recommends its solution partner – SlimDuct. It is a heavy-duty and professional-grade line set cover made of weather-resistant PVC. It has been tested for over 2,000 hours to ensure that it is fire-resistant, UV stabilized, and more.
It comes in three colors and can be fitted in both commercial or residential settings. SlimDuct also has 78-inch duct lengths and 15 fittings, ensuring complete flexibility of the ductless installation. It can protect the line set, drain hose, and wiring from pet and pest damage, vandalism, and the weather. Its professional construction ensures that it is durable and will last you a very long time.

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Final Thoughts

After you have installed your mini-split system, make sure to install a line set cover as well. The cover will protect the line set from the damaging elements. It also ensures that your system remains clean and nice-looking. There won’t be wires hanging down your walls that can ruin your aesthetic.
Get in touch with a professional HVAC technician to help you find the line set cover that will fit with the system you have. They can also help you find additional ductless accessories that will optimize your system’s performance. They can also assist you in making sure that you achieve the aesthetic you want. Moreover, an expert can check and maintain your mini-split so that it is in excellent working condition. This way, you can enjoy year-round home comfort and energy-savings.

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