Signs Your Thermostat Is Ready For A Replacement

thermostatThe thermostat has a massive influence on HVAC system performance. If it’s in good shape, then the household can expect steady and reliable environmental control.

If your thermostat is broken, then the family may experience discomfort until the issue gets fixed. For example, it can be particularly distressing at the peak of summer when temperatures are at their extremes. Without a functioning thermostat to regulate the air conditioner, heat can build up around the house and make it unbearable. Be on high alert for signs that your thermostat is ready for replacement.

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Signs You Need A Thermostat Replacement Strafford NH

In this article, we will discuss some tell-tale signs that your thermostat is due for a replacement.

1. Uneven Cooling Or Heating Around The House

If you have a centralized HVAC system, then the temperature around the various rooms in the house should be uniform. The thermostat is key to making sure that it stays that way throughout the day. It must adjust the periods when the units turn on and off to make sure that there is enough cooling or heating for the interior space. Unfortunately, a broken thermostat may not be able to function correctly. It could turn off prematurely, thus reducing the ability of the system to distribute well-conditioned air across the space. Rooms that are far away from the central unit will suffer the most.

2. Inability To Cycle Your HVAC System On Or Off

broken thermostatHVAC systems operate on a feedback loop. They sense what the current room temperature is and provide the necessary stimulus to reach the desired thermostat settings. They will automatically turn off once the goal is achieved and turn on again when necessary. However, in some cases, the system might refuse to turn on or off to complete a cycle. It might simply persist in one state. This situation will make the house either too cold or too hot in the process. A malfunctioning thermostat often causes this type of condition. Be sure to have the experienced HVAC technicians at Townsend Energy check the situation right away.

3. Problems With The Thermostat’s Display

Thermostats have displays that allow users to make system adjustments more effectively. Thanks to these screens, they will be able to see the current temperature and adjust the settings on the fly. With programmable thermostats, they can also set different temperatures for different periods for greater efficiency. If the display does not work, then it would be challenging to use the system. The thermostat might not be receiving power as evidenced by the indicator light. It might also fail to light up or respond to commands. Clearly, something must be done quickly to address this.

4. The HVAC System Does Not Start

The home will be extremely vulnerable if the HVAC system refuses to start. There is a long list of things that might cause this problem, including clogged air filters, refrigerant leaks, broken compressor, and a bad thermostat. If the unit is opened up, the technicians may find that the thermostat has wiring issues that are interfering with the connection to the rest of the system. It could also have malfunctioning sensors which are misreading the indoor temperature. Thus, the HVAC system is not able to provide the necessary cooling or heating.

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5. Fresh Batteries Do Not Solve Your Thermostat Issues

Thermostat issues are not rare. Odd behaviors may be exhibited from time to time. Manufacturers often recommend that users replace the battery as one of the steps during troubleshooting. After all, old batteries that are low on energy may not be supplying enough power for the circuits. It is a quick fix that almost any homeowner can perform on their own. Try to do this first and observe what happens. If the problem goes away, then you have saved a significant amount of time and money. If not, then do not delay in calling for professional help.

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