What Is A Carbon Footprint?

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All of us have heard the term “carbon footprint” at one point or another. However, do you really know what is a carbon footprint? It is the measure of carbon dioxide or CO2 that is released when fossil fuels are burned for fuel or energy. This can be applied to a variety of daily activities including cooking, heating, using electricity, driving, and many other practices that produce carbon emissions. Nevertheless, no matter how important these operations may be to our modern society, they still present a problem when these gasses are released and trapped in the atmosphere.

Science has shown that this leads directly to global warming and climate change.

The good news is that Townsend Energy offers highly effective solutions that help slow down the negative effect of carbon emissions. We provide intelligent fuel sources and applications that reduce carbon footprints. Most people are fully aware that daily activities contribute to global warming on a massive scale. The big question will be finding a way to attenuate the carbon footprint without sacrificing the convenience of our modern lives.

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How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In the following article, we will take a closer look at how some of these approaches to daily activities can make for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Biopure™ Heating Oil

biopure home heating oilAll across the eastern United States, homes and businesses of all types use heating oil for beating back the heat of the winter. As a matter of fact, many use this source of fuel during the summer to heat water for daily living. While the fuel used today is far superior to what was used in the past, it is still a source of significant carbon emissions that must be controlled.

On a positive note, once the Providence Resolution is fully implemented, there will be some great changes in heating oil and its impact on the environment. Townsend Energy is proud to be one of the heating oil companies at the cutting edge of this implementation. We lead the way with intelligent solutions that will bring about the needed changes that this industry will eventually have to implement.

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What Is The Providence Resolution?

Adopted in 2019, the Providence Resolution states that the entire oil heating industry will be carbon neutral as of 2050. This means that by this time, there will be no carbon emissions and we will have achieved full carbon neutrality. It is good to know that the heating oil industry will do all it can to bring about this important change.

Townsend Energy customers are already benefiting from the changes that will be brought about soon as they make use of our top-of-the-line Biopure™ heating oil. We have taken the upcoming changes very seriously and are the local leaders in providing low-emission fuels at no extra cost to our valued clients.

If you are a homeowner In New England, Townsend Energy has the solution you need to advance with the times. Do your part by using our home heating oil to reduce negative carbon emissions.

The use of these bio-friendly fuels will be a major benefit to reversing the negative impact human activity is having on the world. The best news is that you will not have to upgrade your current heating systems as the oil we provide is fully compatible with your systems. Call us today to make a progressive decision and begin your way to a healthier world.


Bike/Walk More And Drive Less

We all love the convenience of taking our car from here to there, but the truth is that many of the destinations we have are well within walking distance. If they are beyond walking distance a bike may take you there in time.

Instead of grabbing the keys and hopping in the car, consider how your choice of transportation can contribute to the growing problem with carbon emissions. Not only will walking or biking help to lower the greenhouse gases in the environment, but this healthy practice can also allow you to get some healthy exercise. You can also consider taking public transportation or carpooling. These methods also reduce the carbon footprint.

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Eat Local

eat local to reduce carbon footprintAnother great way to reduce carbon emissions is to only consume food that is produced and grown locally. If you are buying food that farmers grow in your local area, you are not converting your valuable resources in the delivery system that brings food to your table from the other side of the country or planet.

Another great idea will be to implement a “meatless Monday” in which you savor the flavor and health benefits of a vegetarian diet. Plant-based meals also require far fewer carbon emissions to produce. You can take this to another level by implementing a compost system in which you save all the veggie scraps instead of taking them to a trash dump. Furthermore, don’t forget to bring your reusable bags when you are heading out to the farmer’s market to collect your shopping.


Conserve Water

Water conservation is the art and science that will lead our civilization to the future. Water is a limited resource and conserving all we can is the way we will limit the effects of climate change. Here are some things you can practice today:

  • Shut off the water while you are lathering hands and brushing teeth.
  • Be on the lookout for leaks and address them immediately
  • Do not use the toilet as a disposal
  • Use a reusable water bottle rather than buying bottled water
  • Deep soak your lawn twice a week rather than watering it every day.
  • Use the washing machine and dryer system only when you have accumulated full loads.
  • Be sure to use cold water whenever possible to wash laundry


Use Less Electricity

Another good way to reduce your carbon footprint will be to use less electricity. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways, including:

  • Shut off lights when leaving the room
  • Use only energy-efficient appliances
  • Insulate the home properly
  • Tune-up the HVAC system
  • Have a professional energy audit performed in your home
  • Buy a programmable thermostat and learn how to use it for optimal energy savings
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Practice The 5 R’s

Practicing the 5 “R’s” is another great way to begin reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Refuse: the first “R” is all about avoiding the use of products that you don’t need. This can include using natural cleaning agents as opposed to chemically-based options.
  • Reduce: donate the items you are no longer using and only buy things you actually require.
  • Reuse: try to use items and buy products that can be reused and repurposed as opposed to those that will end up in the landfill.
  • Recycle: consider proper recycling practices
  • Rot: make sure you throw veggie waste in a compost bin that will allow you to keep a healthy garden and reduce what goes into the landfill.



Probably the best news about this intelligent plan to reduce your carbon footprint is that it is easy on the wallet as well. So not only will you be taking advantage of cash-saving practice you will be saving the planet as well. As you can see from the suggestions above, these tips are easy to practice and the benefits are multiple. It only takes a bit of attention and care to apply these practices.

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