What Is A Standby Generator?

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Power outages can occur even in developed nations like the United States. Every week, approximately 3.5 Americans experience power loss in their homes. According to the New York Times, it is common for consumers to experience approximately five power outages annually. The duration of these events is largely determined by their underlying causes and the responsiveness of utility service providers. Most people are unable to get anything done until their home power is restored. Others rely on standby generators. For those who have never heard of or used standby generators before, we’re answering the common question, “What is a standby generator?”.

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What a Standby Generator Is

A standby generator will immediately leap into action any time that your home loses its regular power supply. Having one of these appliances makes it possible for families to continue living normally during blackouts. There are also large-sized standby generators that are used commercially or in industrial applications. The weight and overall size of these generators make it necessary for them to install on top of concrete pads on the exterior of homes and facilities. These appliances are intended for back up use only, such as when disaster strikes or power outages occur, rather than as a main source of energy. However, when needed, most can run for days.

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How Backup Generators Work

Whole-house backup generators are fuel-powered. Most use natural gas or propane, so choose yours according to the type of fuel you have access to. Generators convert mechanical energy into electricity or electrical energy with an output that’s relative to their size. Choose an option with the right wattage according to the number of household appliances you’ll need to power. HVAC equipment usually consumes the most energy. It is best to get help from an expert when choosing a standby generator for your home and connecting it to the existing wiring system.


What You Can Expect After Having a Whole-House Generator Put In

1. Auto Detection of Power Outages

Whole-house generators can be programmed to identify power outages and then instantly start up if they are paired with automatic transfer switches. This takes just seconds to initiate the transfer of power. This is a vital feature given that power outages are typically followed by periods of absolute confusion and darkness. During a strong storm, walking outside to manually activate a backup generally isn’t likely to be a feasible choice. With automatic blackout detection, you can avoid this task entirely and the order will be restored to your home right away.

2. Sufficient Energy for Powering the Entire Home

image of an electrical storm depicting power outage and standby generator

Unlike a small-sized, portable generator, whole-house generators are capable of producing sufficient energy for powering up every appliance in your home. There’s no worry about turning on every light or watching TV. You can rest assured that your cooling system and other power-hungry devices and appliances will have what they need to run reliably. Be sure to talk to an expert about investing in the proper backup generator size to power all of the appliances that you need.

3. On-Demand Fuel for Continuous Functioning

Given that the fuel for your generator will be coming from gas lines, you don’t have to store your fuel in the building interior. A lot of homes have outside propane tanks that can power standby generators. If your home uses natural gas, you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel for your generator if your gas lines are functioning. The generator will use the fuel that it needs to remain in operation.

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4. Corrosion-Resistance

Generators are designed to stand up to the ravages of time. Many of these appliances have multi-year warranties that provide homeowners with confidence when making these purchases. If you are worried about corrosion, consider stainless steel options given that these last quite a bit longer than carbon steel or aluminum units.

5. Significant Noise

Standby generators have a number of moving parts and thus, they are going to make quite a bit of noise when in use. As such, you have to choose the right place to install them with respect to your home. Vibration can be minimized by installing your generator on top of a stable foundation. You additionally want to make sure that this unit is sufficiently far away from bedrooms so that sleep disruptions don’t occur.


Reasons Why Having a Standby Generator in Your Home Is So Beneficial

1. Assured Home Comfort

Severe weather and multiple blackouts throughout the year can make you and everyone else in your home uncomfortable. In summer, you’ll be subject to scorching temperatures and you’ll be incredibly cold during winter. Small children and aging adults are vulnerable to temperature extremes. They can get seriously ill. With a standby generator in your home, you won’t suffer at all because you can use your HVAC system for warmth or cooling as needed.

2. Prevent Pipe Ruptures

Without heat in the winter, the pipes in your home can freeze and burst. This creates the need for high-cost repairs. To prevent this, you want to keep your home sufficiently warm during the coldest part of the year. Generators can accomplish these when blackouts occur so that you don’t have to worry about frozen and ruptured pipes.

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3. Adequate Lighting for Security and Safety

Moving around in the dark is a real challenge. Accidents can easily occur. It can also be scary at night when there are no lights available. Anyone can sneak into your home unnoticed. Generators will give you access to reliable lighting for peace of mind, safety, and security.

4. Preserve Your Perishable Foods

image of a homeowner using fridge during a power outage with backup generator

Perishable foods including fish, meat, and dairy will quickly spoil if they aren’t kept cool. Food spoilage has a very high likelihood of occurring during extended blackouts. Generators can solve the problem by allowing you to keep your edibles fresh. There is no fear of food waste when you have one of these appliances.

5. Work From Home Uninterrupted

More people are choosing to work from home and thus, it is critical for these individuals to have running lights and functional computers. You can enjoy constant productivity and connectivity when you have a standby generator. Working remotely is a viable option with a generator even if you live in an area that has an unreliable power grid.

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6. Reliable Power for Home Medical Equipment

A lot of people are reliant upon electrically powered medical equipment. Standby generators ensure that medical equipment will continue to function as it should, even when the normal power supply is off.



Living without the comfort and convenience of modern gadgets and appliances is never easy. Blackouts can leave people vulnerable to the natural elements, unable to get important work done, and sidelined in their normal routines. When you need an emergency power supply, your standby generator will kick in. You can have your entire home back to normal in virtually no time. Just be sure to buy the right unit for your home and to have a professional handle the installation process.

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