What Are The Advantages Of Ductless HVAC Systems?

advantages of ductless hvac systemsWe are in an age when we’re able to create the perfect indoor environments for supporting and catering to our preferences. However, the ductless heating and cooling system is by far one of the best technologies that we’ve invented.

Reliably efficient and totally customizable, mini-split ductless systems are making the home a safe and comfortable place all throughout the year.

Many experts believe that ductless mini-split systems are the ideal options for both commercial buildings and personal residences. Ductless HVAC allows these structures to have efficient heating and cooling throughout, without the need for large air ducts. These systems are much more efficient than other heating and cooling options and allow for multi-zone or multi-room cooling and heating comfort.

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The Benefits Of Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems

This article will talk about ductless HVAC systems, what these are, and the many benefits they can supply.

What Are Mini-Split Ductless Cooling And Heating Solutions?

Ductless mini-split heating and air conditioners are commonly installed in commercial and residential properties to heat and cool various rooms. When buildings lack installed ductwork, mini-split ductless HVAC designs can be used to provide effective cooling and heating. They are very effective in small-sized apartments as well, where it is virtually impossible to install or extend ductwork. They work as a supplemental HVAC solution in rooms that have temperature issues. Moreover, many homeowners have had these systems installed in finished basements and attics, sunrooms, sheds, and garages, among other spaces.

The two primary components of a ductless HVAC system are the indoor air handler and the outside compressor. Given the way in which these systems are designed, it is not necessary to make any significant wall or ceiling changes to install them. This is very appealing to people who aren’t interested in tackling major construction projects such as tearing down actual walls and ceilings to put ductwork for an HVAC system in. Ductless systems that are made by Fujitsu, for instance, can be installed in homes or commercial buildings with only very nominal changes made.

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Ductless Heating & Cooling: Multi-Zone Vs. Single-Zone

fujitsu general ductless hvac systemSingle-zone ductless heating and cooling can heat or cool just one room or area within the building. If you already own central HVAC and want to provide conditioned air to another room or area of the building, consider installing a mini-split single-zone HVAC system. This will allow you to target that specific area. Ductless multi-zone systems allow you to connect multiple indoor air handlers to a single outdoor compressor. This way, you’re able to heat and cool several zones indoors.

Depending upon your heating or cooling needs, either multi-zone or single-zone HVACs will work for your property.

If you are interested in moderating the temperature of just one enclosed area like an enclosed porch or patio, or a garage, your best option is a single-zone system.

If you require cooling and heating for many areas throughout the home, the right choice is the ductless multi-zone option. They also work well for those who want to customize the comfort levels in every zone or room.

Speak with your HVAC company, such as Townsend Energy, about what your building requires so that you can consider each of your options. This way, you can find a highly informed and needs-specific solution.

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What You Can Expect When Using A Mini-Split Ductless Solution

Increased Overall Efficiency

One characteristic that sets mini-split ductless systems apart is their very high level of overall energy efficiency. Also, the fact that they have no ductwork further makes this them even more energy efficient. According to estimates, between 15 and 30 percent of energy gets lost throughout the ductwork when central systems are in use. This inefficiency is quite expensive. In short, it means that you are spending a lot of money on energy that you aren’t using. It also has a negative impact on the environment.

Mini-splits don’t need ductwork to disburse warm or cooled air. Due to this fact, there is no wasted energy or money. You can also turn them off in rooms that aren’t in use so you won’t have to pay to cool or heat an area when no one is in it. You can save even more when choosing a ductless design that has a good Energy Star rating. Many top-rated models can dramatically reduce your home cooling and heating costs. Moreover, there can even be several federal tax credits and utility incentives that you can take advantage of if qualified.

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Ease Of Installation

ductless installationHVAC technicians can tell you that installing new ductwork post-construction is difficult and complex. Given that mini-splits are entirely ductless, installing them is both quick and easy in normal setups. Your technician will only need to drill a hole that measures three inches in diameter to pass the conduit through. This is mostly a non-invasive effort, and it doesn’t require a lot of time, especially in comparison to the installation of other system types.

Options For Placement

When installing a new heating or cooling system, the primary concern that a lot of people have is where their units will be located. With a window AC system, you will need to cut a fairly large wall hole. Otherwise, you will have to devote a window sill that’s perfectly fit to the unit so that air leakage doesn’t occur. There is also the concern about where the electrical outlets are. This can be limiting in terms of where units can be placed.

Conversely, ductless mini-splits are incredibly flexible in these respects. There are more options for placement. There are several options that you can choose. Placement depends on various design considerations, the needs of the property, and the building’s structural limitation. Ductless designs can be installed as floor units, walls, or ceilings. With mini-split ductless designs, you can work with the existing layout and style of the targeted area or room. These systems are much less conspicuous and can be installed in out-of-the-way locations.


Zoned Or Targeted Heating

Even though other types of HVAC systems are capable of creating comfortable temperatures in a room, they do not provide the same zoning capabilities of a ductless mini-spit. The configuration of ductless systems offers a high level of efficiency and low operational costs. The separate air handling units can be placed in each targeted area or room. These separate units can be adjusted and turned off and on, according to temperature settings that are wholly independent of the other air handlers. This allows people to only heat and cool rooms that they are actually using, while leaving spaces that are unoccupied alone. This provides massive energy savings.

A ductless mini-split additionally provides better temperature control in individual rooms. In homes and commercial buildings in which occupants have vastly different temperature requirements, a ductless system is going to be superior to other system types. Given that zoned areas can be established, it’s possible to customize temperatures according to the requirements and needs of the people who will be using these spaces.

Improved Safety

Given that ductless mini-splits only require a very small wall hole, there isn’t the added concerns that come with larger holes. Large holes, common with window units, can be easily used as an egress for mice, snakes, and many other small creatures. There is also a far lesser risk of losing cooled or heating air. Window units can be removed by thieves as an entry point into the home.

Better Air Quality

indoor air quality and ductless hvacOne major benefit provided by ductless mini-splits is that they have a high likelihood of improving indoor air quality. This aspect is especially true, especially when you compare them to central HVAC systems that require ducts. Pollen, dust, dirt, mold, and VOCs can get trapped in air ducts. As time goes on, the air passing through duct systems becomes polluted, which in turn reduces the quality of the air that people are breathing indoors.

More important, it is important that you regularly maintain, inspect, and clean ductwork. Sadly, this is something that a lot of homeowners fail to do given that ducts are hidden away. Mini-splits, however, don’t have ductwork that collects pollutants. They help keep the air clean and safe via multi-stage filtration that keeps allergens, harmful microorganism and particulates from accumulating indoors.

Easily Customized

Everyone wants equipment and appliances that cater to their needs, and this is exactly what a mini-split ductless HVAC system can do. Fujitsu systems, for instance, provide a variety of features such as timers and sleep functions. These simple and entirely customizable additions improve both function and comfort, while also saving energy.

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Safety and comfort are non-negotiable features for every home. With such a broad range of options in appliance design and technology, homeowners can pick the most reliable and best HVAC systems for their living environments. Fujitsu mini-splits are unrivaled in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall home comfort. Best of all, with increasingly innovative technologies, these solutions are continually becoming more efficient.

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