Top 6 Benefits To Getting An Air Conditioner Tune-Up

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In a couple of months, it will be summer, so this is the ideal time to have a look at your air conditioner to see whether or not it’s working properly. As temperatures begin to rise, it is important that you have a functioning A/C unit. This way, you can get relief from the summer heat. These units are supposed to have yearly tune-ups to ensure that they are always working optimally. If your air conditioner hasn’t had its annual air conditioner tune-up scheduled, it is best to contact your local HVAC technician today to set an appointment. It is not wise to schedule a service appointment when your A/C has already broken down in the middle of summer. Naturally, it is better to avoid the inconveniences of having a malfunctioning cooling system during the hot summer days.

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Why An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Is Necessary

The following are some of the reasons why many homeowners schedule air conditioner maintenance before summer, and why you should consider doing the same.

Lower Cooling Costs

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One of the main reasons why homeowners install A/C systems is so that they will be as comfortable as possible indoors, even when it’s very hot outside. But, that comfort comes at a price. If your system is not serviced on a regular basis, the air conditioner is forced to work even harder just to give you the level of home comfort that you desire. A cooling system that works harder uses more energy. This translates to an increased energy bill. One of the benefits of air conditioner tune-ups is that they help your unit run at peak efficiency. If the unit is operating efficiently, less power is consumed.

Enhanced Comfort

When the A/C is serviced, the HVAC tech will make sure that he thoroughly examines the system. They will inspect the unit for any potential problems. He will also clean and lubricate the unit, as well as check to see if all the components of the unit are working properly. Air conditioner tune-ups are important because that is when issues are identified, including natural wear and tear and hot spots. Regular air conditioner maintenance is what keeps your machine running smoothly; giving you comfortable cool indoor temperatures at reasonable prices.

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Enhance The Quality Of Air Indoors

One of the things that you need to be aware of when it comes to air conditioners is their impact on your indoor air quality. Because your home is a sealed structure, particulates like pollen, pet dander, and dust will over time mix with the indoor air. If you have an HVAC unit that is not well-maintained, it will not be able to adequately filter these particulates. You will end up with poor indoor air quality because of the pollutants that are trapped inside your home. They will just be circulating inside your house. However, if you make sure that your machine gets frequent inspections and tune-ups, any issues with the air filters and ductwork will be fixed as soon as they are detected.


Less Expensive Air Conditioner Repairs

Your AC system is like any other machine. It is going to experience a breakdown at some point. Fortunately, routine air conditioner maintenance checks help keep your system in good shape. An air conditioner tune-up will lessen the risk of damage. A good example of this is the wear and tear that is typical with each summer that the unit works hard to keep your home cool. During an air conditioner tune-up, last summer’s strain on the machine is also assessed and fixed. An HVAC technician will address any issues before they turn into much larger and, consequently, costlier ones. This translates to a unit that does not need to be repaired as much and prevents you from avoid having to spend more.

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Prevent Potential A/C Malfunctions

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A/C tune-ups are essentially a form of preventative maintenance. Be sure to schedule one every spring. The best way to prevent costly air conditioner replacement and repair costs is to have it serviced on a regular basis. This way, the unit lasts longer.

In most cases, issues with the unit can be avoided if they are detected early. Any problems will be sorted out immediately. With regular air conditioner maintenance, small problems don’t have a chance to get worse (and costlier). Plus, the life expectancy of your unit can be increased through regular HVAC maintenance. You will not only save on repairs, but you will also avoid spending money on premature HVAC replacement.

Lengthen The Lifespan Of The Air Conditioner

Air conditioners that are tuned up on a regular basis can have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. As such, if you make certain that your system gets regular tune-ups, you may not have to think of getting it replaced until after about 10 years. Any HVAC expert will tell you that air conditioners that last long are the ones that get frequent checkups and yearly inspections. They work more efficiently and have fewer issues when compared with systems that are not well-maintained. If you want your air conditioner to perform well, ensure that it gets a tune-up at least once every year.

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Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

The reason why you should take the issue of pollutants seriously is that they can cause health problems. Take for instance pollen and dust. These pollutants are known to trigger respiratory diseases and allergies. Certain chemicals in the air may irritate the throat, nose, or eyes. And, they can also be the cause of fatigue, dizziness, and headaches. When the indoor air quality is poor, the risk of negative long-term effects on people that are considered to be at-risk like small children and the elderly increases.

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When your air conditioner is tuned up frequently, it will save you money. Because a unit that is not well-maintained can affect the health and comfort of your family, it is necessary to have the system checked. You can contact your local licensed HVAC contractors, like Townsend Energy, to talk about all your concerns. HVAC professionals are there to assist homeowners to understand how their units work and what they are required to have a unit that runs efficiently.

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