HVAC Tips: Reasons For Air Conditioner Leaks

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Faulty HVAC systems require the services of professional HVAC technicians. To service it correctly, you need to learn more about the HVAC contractors that currently offer these heating and cooling services in your area. They need to be reliable, and their services need to be honestly priced.

AC systems are the perfect solution for dealing with the excessively high temperatures of summer. As such, making sure that your cooling system is in excellent condition is always a top priority. When it comes to your heating and cooling system, you want to work with a contractor or Danvers HVAC company that is known for providing superior services. Your provider should have a licensed team of local HVAC technicians that have multiple years of experience in this industry.

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Air conditioner leaks are among the most common concerns that our residential customers have. When home cooling system leaks occur, water can form puddles on the ground and cause many other issues. Let’s learn more about the reasons why HVAC leakage occurs in the home, and take a look at some of the possible solutions you can try.

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Common Causes Of Danvers Air Conditioner Water Leaks

Below we will discuss some of the common reasons your air conditioner may be leaking. It is important to note that only a licensed HVAC technician can adequately diagnose why any air conditioner has an issue, including an AC leak.

A Blocked Air Conditioner Drain Line

When it comes to home cooling systems, there is some accumulation of moisture. This moisture is merely a side effect of the unit’s cool condenser coils interacting with the warm and humid air. Each AC unit has a drain line that travels down from the coils to the exterior of the home where it deposits the water. This pipe is designed to prevent leaks given that it’s continually expelling the moisture that the unit collects. However, dust and dirt can start to build up along the drain pipe’s walls, creating an ideal environment for mold and mildew growth. All things that can eventually result in a complete blockage, thereby causing built-up water to start leaking out into places where it really shouldn’t be.

Fortunately, this is something that a seasoned heating and cooling technician can quickly correct. Your provider can eliminate the drain line blockage to ensure that water can freely flow through this line. Special tools make it possible for HVAC techs to thoroughly remove the dirt that has accumulated in these spaces in almost no time at all.

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A Damaged Drain Pain

There’s also the possibility that the drain pan, which is responsible for collecting the moisture that drips down the system’s coils, has sustained some manner of damage.

Corrosion is a standard issue that often leads to holes at the base of the drain pan. Water can start running through these holes to create leaks.

If your home HVAC system is ten years old or older, you should be especially vigilant about checking your drain pan on a regular basis. If you suspect that holes in your drain pan are an issue, be sure to call a licensed professional to confirm your suspicions. In this case, your technician might need to install a new pan to resolve the problem.


A Broken Pump

Broken condensate pumps can also be responsible for home cooling system leaks. Get in touch with an HVAC company to have this vital component replaced or repaired right away.

The Air Filter Is Blocked

Filters exist to trap dirt so that clean air can pass through the cooling system and get circulated throughout the home. As time passes, however, layers of dirt and other debris can become so thick that the air can no longer pass through. If it isn’t possible for warm air to make its way to the evaporator coils, ice will begin to form on the surface. As the ice starts melting, the resulting water will drop down into the drain pan and start leaking out of the air conditioner.

This situation is one that you can easily prevent. You simply need to clean or replace your cooling system filter in a timely fashion. Make a point of inspecting this component monthly and replace it as needed. The schedule that the system manufacturer has recommended for filter changes is an excellent guide. However, your home AC system may need to have its filter changed more frequently if the indoor or outdoor environment is excessively dusty and dry. Households with furry pets often require frequent filter changes as well.

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Refrigerant Levels Have Become Too Low

The effects of low refrigerant are a lot like having a dirty air filter. The temperature of the evaporator coil will become exceedingly low, thereby leading to the formation of ice. Once this ice melts, the water will travel down into the drain pan in amounts that exceed the pan’s storage capacity. The overflow will create leaks inside of the home that manifests as puddles on your floors.

There are several ways to determine whether or not this is the source of your leak. When cooling systems have low levels of refrigerant, they can also struggle to keep indoor environments at acceptably cool temperatures. Listen carefully for hissing noises that are caused by AC refrigerant leaks. You will need to call an HVAC tech to trace any refrigerant leak you find and then seal it. In some instances, these types of leaks make it necessary for homeowners to replace their AC systems entirely. Don’t wait for this issue to spiral out of control before choosing to take action. Get in touch with a licensed HVAC technician as soon as you possibly can.

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Finding An HVAC Contractor

Use your computer to search for “top HVAC companies near me” or for “home HVAC contractors nearby.” Using the web to search for a home cooling system provider is the easiest and quickest way to identify the top companies within your area. Spend some time researching each of the businesses that you find by reading through local HVAC contractor reviews and ratings.

By doing this search, you will find out a lot of helpful information. You can find out about the type and level of services that these entities supply. Also, customer reviews can help you know more about the quality of workmanship and services that each company offers. Additionally, they will tell you how well the work performed by these companies is likely to hold up. Given that you’ll probably have to pay a considerable amount of money for home HVAC repairs and installation services, you always want to hire the very best professionals for these jobs.

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Just as we’ve discussed, the causes of home cooling system leaks include dirty air filters, damaged drain pans, and low levels of refrigerant. Also, damaged condensate pumps and blocked drain lines can cause AC leaks. It isn’t normal to have your cooling system leak large amounts of water. Make sure to get immediate repairs from a trusted, local HVAC technician.

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