Automatic vs. Will Call: Which Propane Delivery Option Is Right for You?

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Many homes use propane for heating, cooking, and more. The propane tank is a vital component of this system and requires refilling before it runs out. Otherwise, you are left with an empty propane tank, no heat, and an emergency situation. Many who find themselves facing an empty tank tend to use will-call propane delivery. However, automatic propane deliveries might be a better option.

Automatic delivery takes the burden off your shoulders. Instead, your propane supplier tracks your fuel refill needs. Will-call delivery means you must monitor your fuel consumption and book a delivery, with enough time, when you need a refill. When choosing which fuel delivery option works best for you, there are a few considerations to make. Keep reading to explore automatic vs will call propane delivery.

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Automatic vs. Will-Call Propane Delivery: What To Consider

This article discusses the differences between these two fuel delivery options.

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How Automatic Propane Delivery Works

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Homeowners who select automatic propane delivery only need to sign up for this service with their preferred propane supplier. After doing so, they don’t have to think about their propane tank levels. Your propane supplier will take note of crucial information, such as your home’s propane consumption history and the region’s temperature patterns. They will combine this information with the current weather to accurately predict when and how much propane your home will need. 

Companies will have varying customizations, from options wherein delivery drivers call ahead to ensure someone will be home to guarantees of special delivery of more propane if necessary without additional fees. When you’ve signed up, the propane company will include your home in their delivery schedule so you can be sure that the tank is sufficiently refilled without running out. This option is most suitable for homeowners who require heating and hot water, have busy schedules, and own rental or vacation homes.

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Pros & Cons of Automatic Propane Delivery

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Automatic deliveries are convenient services that provide total peace of mind. You don’t need to shuffle to the tank in bad weather to check fuel levels, make many phone calls, or worry about running out of fuel. The biggest advantage for homeowners who sign up for automatic delivery is always getting priority service, even with high propane demand. 

Some contracts include HVAC services, which is advantageous as you can depend on one company for all your heating requirements. This is a convenient benefit for many, especially clients with old HVAC systems needing more frequent professional attention.

One con of automatic deliveries is that clients must sign a contract. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is if you haven’t worked with this company previously. Unfortunately, unless you are familiar with a supplier, you may be committed to working with a company that may not meet your needs.

Moreover, you must inform the company immediately if any drastic changes happen in your home. For instance, you may have cranked up your home heating or built a new addition, causing your home to use more propane. If you don’t let the company know, their computer estimations will be incorrect, and you may run out of fuel before their next scheduled delivery. Also, some automatic propane delivery contracts include HVAC service fees. This may not be the best option for homeowners who don’t want to pay for HVAC services they may not use.

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Cost Considerations for Automatic Propane Delivery

Signing up for automatic propane delivery may mean paying a larger fee upfront because a few companies may charge annually. However, this can also mean you’ll have bigger savings over time. You will never run out of propane, so you won’t have to worry about fees linked with tank depletion. Some companies also offer price protection, locking your fuel rate for a set period. This means that the price you pay for propane will not increase even if the fuel cost does. That’s a great way to manage your costs.

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How Will-Call Propane Delivery Works

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Will-call deliveries mean that all the responsibility of tank monitoring and scheduling deliveries falls on the homeowners. When the tank runs low, they will need to call their propane supplier to book a delivery. This requires knowing how to read the percentage gauge in a tank and checking it regularly.

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Pros & Cons Of Will-Call Propane Delivery

The advantages of will-call delivery are that you are in control of your propane system and only need to pay for the delivery when needed. This may not be the best option for some homeowners. Forgetting to monitor your propane levels comes with the risk of running low or out of propane. Running out of propane comes with several fees. 

Moreover, it isn’t always simple to schedule a delivery. Depending on the situation, the companies may not reach will-call clients for a few days after placing their order. These orders are also on a first-call, first-served basis. As a result, periods of high demand may have will-call customers waiting longer than expected. Will-call customers who need HVAC repairs or replacements may also have to find another HVAC service company if your propane supplier isn’t a full-service company. 

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Cost Considerations For Will-Call Propane Delivery

Many potential fees are linked with will-call deliveries, especially if the tank becomes depleted before the company arrives. Some companies will deliver in emergency situations, but they typically have extra fees for weekend, holiday, nighttime, or emergency weekday refills. If the tank is completely empty, HVAC technicians may have to conduct line bleeds, safety or pressure tests, or appliance pilot relighting. The fees for all these services can add up to a significant amount.

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Which Propane Delivery Option Is Best For You?

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The best way to decide which propane delivery option most suits you is to determine if you’re willing to take responsibility of monitoring your tank and scheduling a fuel delivery with enough time. Consider how crucial propane is to your home. Think about who will be affected if propane runs out entirely. Keep in mind that children and the elderly living in your home will be significantly affected if the fuel in your tank depletes completely. You should also consider how much time you have to spend frequently checking the tank and how likely you will remember to do this task.

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Primary Takeaways

If you depend on propane, automatic deliveries mean you don’t need to worry about running out or being blindsided by hefty fees. It is one less task to think about as you do your daily activities. On the other hand, will-call deliveries are an excellent choice for homeowners who don’t want additional fees associated with it since they don’t have to pay more than the necessary amount. You only need to remember to monitor your tank. If you don’t mind the risk of having a runout, you don’t need to subscribe to another service.

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Propane Delivery FAQS

Here are several of the frequently asked questions about propane delivery:

  1. How frequent are automatic deliveries? The answer relies on how quickly the household consumes propane, so the frequency varies for each customer.
  2. When should I call for more propane if I choose will-call delivery? Most companies recommend scheduling a propane delivery when the fuel level drops to 30%.
  3. How do I read my propane tank’s percentage gauge? Check under the propane tank’s lid for a speedometer-like round dial. The numbers on it indicate the propane percentage in the tank. For instance, the tank is at 30% capacity if the dial reads 30.
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Having propane delivered to your home means you need to set up an account or call whenever you need a refill. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and there are several considerations you need to think about before arriving at a final choice. Go for the route that will best suit your needs. If it isn’t working as you expected, you can always switch to the other option down the line.

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