How Much Propane Will Use In The Summer?

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Propane is one of the better-known options out of a long list of methods for keeping a home warm in the months when the mercury drops down to frigid levels. Propane use is popular because it is affordable, efficient, and it has a reputation for being safe. Those, not well versed in the uses of propane in a home, may erroneously believe its usefulness ends with the end of the cold weather. It would be a mistake to stop purchasing and having propane delivered when the warm weather arrives. The truth is that the need for propane continues through the warmer season in many forms, both indoor and outdoor. A closer look will illustrate why having propane automatically delivered to your home during all seasons, including summer, is a wise choice.

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The Value Of Maintaining A Steady Supply Of Propane

During the warmer, sometime broiling summer months, your boiler or furnace will not be necessary. Therefore, you will not need propane for home heating. This may be so, but do not lose sight of the many other areas in your home that utilize propane. The clothes you wear will still need to be dried in that dryer; a cold shower may sound refreshing until you’ve tried one, after which you’ll be grateful for a functioning hot water heater; your gas stove top will still be used for meal preparation, and more. You’ll also take advantage of propane fuel for heaters for your pool and enjoy grilled foods for a gathering on your propane-style grill. All of this, as well as your comfort, will grind to a halt if you run out of propane. Ongoing and regular propane fuel deliveries remove the risk of discovering you have no fuel left.

How Much Propane Will You Need?

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A little knowledge about the amount of fuel that is needed for different appliances is useful.

  • A gas range, sixty-five thousand BTUs/hour, will use up approximately five to ten gallons in a month.
  • Although an efficient appliance, a tankless water heater, forty thousand BTUs/hour, can draw one and a half gallons in one day.
  • For the clothes you choose not to dry on the line, a dryer that runs on gas, thirty-five thousand BTUs/hour, uses a little less than a gallon a day.
  • A pool heater is surprising. Heating a pool with slightly more than twenty thousand gallons is an energy hog and can use a whopping 4 gallons in just one hour.
  • For those of you who enjoy a built-in grill that is fueled by propane, it also uses a hefty amount of gas. With four burners set on medium, it consumes three-quarters of a gallon in an hour.

Of course, you should keep your personal habits and use of these appliances in mind and adjust accordingly. Also, make note of how much propane your propane tank can actually hold.

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Summer’s The Time To Build Your Propane Reserve

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With the added cost of heating your home heated eliminated, summer is a good time to use that financial boost to fill your propane tank right up. In addition:

  • The companies that deliver propane year-round don’t want to store their fuel for long periods of time. In an effort to eliminate this stored fuel, they will lower their price to get rid of that fuel. Unfortunately, when the cold weather hits and there is a greater need, prices will climb back up. Fill your tank while the demand and cost are lower. When those propane prices go up, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Summer delivery charges are also lower. The roads, for the most part, are clear and dry, and more clients can be served more efficiently. This results in a saving to the company, which is usually passed on to the customer.
  • The production of propane is limited to the storage capacity of the companies served. As a result, production slows down with the demand, resulting in another price reduction. Purchasing extra fuel over the summer months is a win-win situation.
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Benefits Of Automatic Propane Fuel Delivery

With a phone call from you to your supplier, propane fuel can be delivered when your supply is getting low. You can, however, eliminate one more item on your to-do list and allow your fuel company to take over the hassle. There are several reasons that make it obvious that this is the way to go:

  • Delivery of propane fuel on a will-cal basis means that you will be paying whatever rate applies to the fuel’s cost at that time. When you sign up for automated delivery, your cost will freeze for the remainder of your contract. There would be no unpleasant surprises when the bill rolls around.
  • You never need to worry about miscalculating and running out of fuel in the coldest months. You no longer have to monitor the fuel level of your tank. Your fuel will be delivered when necessary, and you will be set for the winter.
  • Many companies that deliver fuel have diversified and are capable service providers. Bundles are often available in which the provider may offer a slightly lower HVAC cost to a regular customer.
  • The average homeowner does not have the skills and knowledge to accurately assess their fuel needs in different circumstances. A professional can look at your tank, the condition and age of the appliances it supplies, as well as how efficient they are. These things, as well as the weather, will impact how much propane you will be using. A professional knows how to take all of those factors into consideration.

Right now, get out there. Enjoy that carefree lifestyle that only summer can provide. First, however, build a healthy reserve in your propane tank while it will save you the most money. Once you’ve found a dependable lp delivery company to deliver your propane automatically, you can kick back and enjoy life with one less worry.

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