How Bioheat® Heating Oil Accelerates Decarbonization Of U.S. Energy

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The Paris Agreement first came to light in 2015, and the world has been diligently working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ever since then. That time saw 192 countries and the European Union committing to lowering greenhouse gas emissions worldwide significantly. The goal is to ensure the global temperature increase does not reach 2 degrees Celsius, with a further objective of limiting the increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

This agreement became a framework the world is using, and it has created a shift in how the world works. The most significant change is to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

The decarbonization of U.S. energy is a crucial shift toward this 2050 goal. Read on to learn everything you need to know about decarbonization and how it can be achieved.

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What Is Decarbonization?

Decarbonization is to lower carbon dioxide emissions deliberately. It is done by using sources of power with low carbon outputs. This also leads to less greenhouse gas output as less amount is sent to the atmosphere.

To be more specific, decarbonization refers to limiting the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. This is achieved by burning fewer fossil fuels and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

Generally, decarbonization’s primary goal is to lessen how much CO2 output per unit is released when generating electricity. The best way to achieve this is to change our power generation and transportation ways on a global scale. These changes are crucial to achieving the Paris Agreement’s ultimate goal. If we do not intervene, the world will find it almost impossible to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air.

Why Is Decarbonization Important?

Decarbonization has become a priority because of the Paris Agreement. It encompassed the commitment made by 192 countries and the European Union to have net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

We are now faced with a climate emergency, so we must make the change. It is the Committee on Climate Change’s belief that it is possible to achieve net zero carbon emissions. Moreover, doing so is also economical and necessary.

Improved energy efficiency means reduced global temperatures and enhanced air quality. These will minimize the adverse effects of climate change. The belief of the Committee on Climate Change has certain truths. However, they are not necessarily trying to do anything with the best interests of homeowners in mind, at least from a financial viewpoint.

They seem too focused on electrification in cases of using fossil fuels for home heating. They fail to perceive that using a heating oil and soy blend called Bioheat® fuel can reduce carbon emissions right away. This means that each home using biofuel can lessen carbon emissions by approximately 15%. Homeowners do not have to wait for the year 2050 to start lowering their carbon emissions. They can start doing so as soon as homeowners switch to using Bioheat® heating oil.

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How Does It Work?

Decarbonization increases the use of low-carbon fuels for energy generation while reducing fossil fuel use until it is no longer used at all to produce energy. More specifically, the process of decarbonization needs the use of renewable energy sources, such as wind energy, solar power, biomass, and biofuels.

Ultimately, they attempt to limit how much carbon vehicles use by promoting the vast-scale use of electric cars and other cleaner fuel-burning technologies. This limits the transport sector’s carbon intensity as it works toward reaching the final target and goal of net-zero carbon emissions.

The Decarbonization Timeline

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The year 2022 saw over 150 governments from around the world submitting plans to reduce their carbon emissions. These plans need the reduction of carbon emissions to be reached by 2030.
The plan is to have the use of diesel fuels eliminated and banned by the year 2040. This will also result in the ban on using diesel cars as per the Paris Agreement made in 2015.

Today, there is a significant push toward having electric hybrid and fully electric vehicles. They are also developing new trucks, buses, and cars. This will help the governments who pledged in Paris to lower their carbon emissions and reduce the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

As previously mentioned several times, the goal is net zero carbon emissions by 2050. It is definitely possible to achieve if everyone around the globe works hard to reach this goal.

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How Bioheat® Heating Oil Accelerates The Decarbonization Of U.S. Energy

Now, let us take a closer peek at Bioheat® fuel. One of its best features is that this fuel can be used right at this moment. It is also environmentally friendlier and better in every aspect.
Bioheat® fuel is made of renewable sources, such as ultra-low sulfur heating fuel and biodiesel. It can be utilized for home heating with the fuel systems you currently have installed in your home. Therefore, homeowners do not have to spend more money to start using a home heating fuel that cuts down carbon emissions.

Currently, we are on the edge of eliminating carbon dioxide emissions by 14.6% with the use of B20 or a blend of 20% biodiesel. The aim is to have a usable version of 50% biodiesel called B50 by 2030. This biodiesel blend of home heating fuel will eliminate the need for 500 million gallons of heating oil. It also leads to the reduction of 4.29 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

Bioheat® heating oil will become more interesting in 2050. It is at this time that a usable version of 100% biodiesel called B100 will be in existence. This amazing home heating fuel reduces 8.59 million metric tons in carbon emissions and eliminates the need for 1 billion gallons of heating oil.

Bioheat® fuel oil creators clearly have an effective plan to speed up the decarbonization of U.S. Energy. They are also ahead of their plans as we are already using 20% biodiesel, which is slated for a larger rollout by 2023.

Only time will tell whether the Bioheat® fuel creators can achieve their dreams of decarbonizing U.S. energy. The good news is that they are already on track to surpass their goals by a wide margin.

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Crush Carbon Dioxide Emissions Immediately With Bioheat® Oil

Homeowners are ready to do what they can to reduce their role in the adverse impact of climate change and lessen their greenhouse gas emissions. If you want to be part of this right away, you can make these sweeping changes by using Bioheat® oil as your home heating fuel.

It is a green solution that reduces greenhouse emissions and helps homeowners achieve almost 15% less carbon output. These numbers will keep rising as the industry makes advancements and produces more effective and cleaner biodiesel fuels.

Switch to Bioheat® fuel today to start working against climate change and reduce your carbon emissions. Contact Townsend Energy BioPure™ heating oil, our version of Bioheat® oil,  to help you get started. As more homeowners use this fuel, greenhouse gas emissions and the damage it causes will begin dissipating and will soon become a thing of the past.

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