Net Zero Emissions: What You Need To Know

carbon neutrality and net zero emissionsTownsend Energy acknowledges the effect carbon-based fuels bring to our environment. We have been taking the lead in the heating oil industry through the development of a carbon fuel alternative called BioPure™ Heating Oil. These fuels with low carbon emissions are delivered to our clients. The good news is that the heating oil industry has mandated the necessary changes to help minimize climate change by working hard to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Moreover, the industry has created the Providence Resolution.

Climate change is happening, and it cannot be denied. The impact can be seen in the melting polar ice caps, increased sea level, heavier rains, changing weather patterns, and rising global temperatures. Governments worldwide are finally making solid strides to reduce the dangers it brings. The signatories of the 2015 Paris Agreement had committed to reach these net-zero targets so that the rise in global temperatures and future catastrophes are prevented.
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Net Zero & Global Carbon Emissions

Human activities since the Industrial Revolution have caused a spike in greenhouse gasses. We have been utilizing fuels that release huge amounts of carbon dioxide for almost 300 years. These developments were created at the cost of destroying our environments. Experts are now urging everyone to help reach the “net zero” goal to stop global emissions. It won’t happen overnight, but it is possible to gradually reduce greenhouse gasses until the global emissions released into the atmosphere drops to zero. The reduction isn’t the same across sources. However, compensation techniques help reach the results we want within several decades.

How Can A Net Zero Target Be Achieved?

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Homeowners and businesses can carry out several climate action methods to reach the net-zero target. One example of such a strategy is to shift energy sources away from fossil fuels and encourage a low-carbon economy. This way, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. Modifying the industrial and agricultural processes also produces the same results. For instance, changing the cattle’s diet allows farmers to reduce their methane output by as much as 40%. Carbon dioxide can also be eliminated from exhaust gasses through the use of scrubbing equipment in industrial plants.

Carbon offsetting is another method. Businesses and governments can make up for unavoidable residual carbon dioxide emissions by compensating somewhere else. This could be done voluntarily due to social responsibility or to comply with regulations. For instance, some projects zero in on soil management and protecting existing forests. On the other hand, some projects plant more trees on lands that used to be forested. Keep in mind that trees take in the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and release oxygen in return. Therefore, trees help reach the net-zero target. Some projects fund an energy demand reduction by increasing the efficiency of machines and buildings.

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What The Heating Oil Industry Is DoingTo Reverse Greenhouse Gasses & The Climate Crisis

Statistics show that the United States has 8.5 million homes occupied by 20 million people who rely on heating oil. They use about 7 billion gallons of fuel per year. Heating oil users don’t need to worry about how the fuel impacts the environment. Furnaces offer high efficiency while also having low levels of carbon emissions. The heating oil industry has also been doing its part in the global initiative to achieve net-zero emissions. Fuel modification is what leaders are hoping for to accomplish this net-zero status. This can be achieved by minimizing sulfur in heating oil every year and increasing the biodiesel content percentage. These methods can actively assist in achieving net-zero targets to attain clean energy.

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What Is Biofuel?

Biofuel is an eco-friendly and non-toxic renewable energy source for products made of petroleum. Biofuel is created using clean energy sources like soybean oil, used cooking oil, animal fats, and other agricultural by-products. They undergo a refinement process, so we get clean-burning fuels that pass the highest standards. ULSHO and biofuel are blended in different ratios to achieve environmental benefits.

Townsend Energy takes the climate crisis seriously. We are actively involved in climate action. We deliver BioPure™ Heating Oil to our customers in New England. BioPure™ Heating Oil reduces the fuel’s sulfur content by 99%. This ULSHO blend is sustainable and economical. Even better is that they are compatible with your current oil-powered heating systems, so homeowners do not need to modify their existing systems. Take climate action now and call Townsend Energy to learn more about this fuel.

What Are The Benefits Of Reduced Sulfur Content?

The heating oil industry makes determined efforts against climate change. Many ideas have popped up on how heating oil as fuel can be improved for home comfort and carbon capture. One of the most successful improvements is the removal of sulfur from the liquid. The reformulation of heating oil to generate ultra-low sulfur variants means a cleaner burn. Only 15 parts per million are better for the operation of the system. To compare, low-sulfur heating oil has 500 parts per million while conventional heating oil has about 4,000 parts per million. According to studies, the change accounts for 70% reduced emissions than the standard level, which was already low from the start. Today, it is almost down to zero.

Decreasing the sulfur amount in the fuel also limits its accumulation inside the heating system. Keep in mind that this substance can damage the components and cause severe problems. Reducing the sulfur helps extend the unit’s lifespan, lower maintenance costs, and minimize system issues. These benefits can be obtained without the need for component upgrades or other system modifications.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We need to focus on the target goals of net-zero emissions to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions. The oil industry is a hundred percent committed to net-zero targets to limit global warming.

Greenhouse Gasses

The definition of net-zero emissions is that all man-made greenhouse gas emissions are removed from the Earth’s atmosphere. This is done through emissions reduction measures like finding and using suitable alternative fuels.

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Global Warming

Most can agree that global warming is a climate crisis that has become a current severe problem. Therefore, it is crucial to make efforts on implementing renewable energy to limit global warming and have net-zero emissions.

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A revolution is happening in the home heating industry. People want to be more environmentally friendly without sacrificing their comforts or budget. Fortunately, the industry has made viable solutions. Introducing ultra-low sulfur heating oil and the rise of renewable biofuel mean there are lower carbon emissions. Homeowners don’t have to worry about their furnaces producing greenhouse gasses. As a matter of fact, they can be sure of their significant contribution to the net-zero goal.

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