5 Types Of Renewable Energy Sources: The Future Of Energy

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Our need for renewable energy sources has never been greater. Environmental scientists recognize that fossil fuels including natural gas, coal, and oil clearly meet our energy needs. But these finite resources are only available in limited supply.

And we are using these renewable resources more rapidly than ever. The demand for energy will always exist, yet we’ll never have enough fossil fuels to meet our current and future needs over the long term.

Renewable energy sources are the future of energy. Not only will they diminish our dependence on foreign oil, which is about 50% at this point. But they will allow us to continue to exist in the future with the same level of safety and comfort that we currently possess.

We’ll take a closer look at 5 green energy sources in greater detail below. They include the following:

  • Bioenergy
  • Hydropower
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy

Keep reading to learn more about these valuable renewable energy sources.

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Bioenergy: The Fastest & Most Cost-Effective Way To Achieve Carbon Neutrality

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Bioenergy is made from organic matter called biomass. This renewable energy source mainly consists of plants and plant matter including trees and other plant sources. Some industries produce an excess amount of residual or unused biomass, which are also effective bioenergy renewable fuel sources too.

Our focus is on delivering clean BioPure™ Bioheat® heating oil to our valued customers. Liquid biofuel is transforming our industry, and by 2050 or earlier, we will have achieved carbon neutrality with net-zero emissions.

At the moment, biomass makes up roughly 5% of the energy in use in the United States. As more and more homeowners switch to biofuels, we’ll achieve even greater results as we begin lowering our carbon footprint across the country.

Liquid biofuels are easy to transport, have a very high energy density, and work with your existing heating system. So, there’s no need to pay HVAC technicians a small fortune to remove and replace your existing heating system.

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Hydropower: The US’s Largest Source Of Renewable Energy

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In the United States, 10% of the power produced in this country comes from hydropower, a renewable energy source. At the moment, our existing hydropower capacity exceeds 77,000 MW. There are hydropower plants specifically designed to convert the energy produced by flowing water into hydropower. Most commonly, we produce hydropower by damming rivers.

Unfortunately, this type of renewable energy isn’t all sunshine and rainbows for the environment.

In fact, creating hydropower has a deleterious impact on wildlife habitats, the fish population, and the river itself.

By damming a river, the water source is being diverted to flow toward the direction of the hydropower plant. In an effort to mimic the way that a river naturally flows, this has a positive impact on the overall wildlife habitat, but it creates less power output over the long run.

Plus, this diversion has a negative impact on the life and health of the fish that live in the river. We know that our fish population is seriously depleted as it is, and this harmful system is having a horrible impact on our fish populations, which are already suffering.

Focusing on heating our homes with BioPure™ Bioheat® heating oil is a much safer and more natural way to fuel our heating systems. Using plant resources and plant byproducts to heat your home is ideal because it doesn’t damage the environment, it doesn’t kill helpless fish, and it cuts down on carbon emissions all at the same time.

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Geothermal Energy: A Limited Viable Geothermal Energy Resource

The good thing about geothermal energy is that it can be implemented on a large scale and it’s cost-effective. It’s one natural resource currently used for baseload power production. On the surface, this is a fantastic way to generate enough energy to power the United States. Unfortunately, there is a catch.

Even though geothermal energy is a renewable energy source, there are only a minimal amount of viable geothermal resources, so our options are very limited.

What is geothermal energy?

Its energy is created from steam or hot water. This water is taken from wells, and it is used to heat homes and produce electricity. The sad truth is this natural resource will never provide enough energy to meet the massive demands of the United States.

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Solar Energy: Tapping Into The Awesome Power Of The Sun

solar power

Solar power is an infinite resource provided by our sun. We’ve discovered ways to harness this energy-producing star to produce light, heat, and electrical power in the US.
This isn’t anything new. Before we invented electricity, people used the light and heat from the sun to brighten and warm their homes for many centuries. In today’s modern world, we passively harness the power of this renewable energy source and store it in solar cells to use later.

And there’s the rub.

Solar energy generating systems including solar panels, solar cells, and solar heating systems are all very costly expenses. As an example, solar water heater costs can range from $2500-$5500 and that isn’t even necessarily counting installation fees.

Add all of these expenses up and you’ll see that heating your home with solar isn’t a viable option for many homeowners because it’s too expensive.
Instead, consider switching to environmentally friendly BioPure™ Bioheat® heating oil in Northeastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Maine. It’s a cost-effective liquid renewable fuel that you can use in your existing heating system.

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Wind Energy: Harnessing Wind Power With Windmills

As you drive across the United States, you’ll definitely come across windmills along your travels. Wind turbines are used to harness the power of wind energy quite effectively.
These turbines directly pump wind energy into the utility grid on a large scale. In fact, since 1990, the use of wind energy has grown quicker than any of the other renewable energy sources mentioned today.

Unfortunately, wind energy isn’t the perfect solution to our energy problems either. It’s great in windy areas in the US, but it definitely has its downsides.

Take the great state of Texas as an example. Over 100 people died in Texas this winter in 2021 because the wind turbines froze and they were incapable of producing enough energy to heat and power homes in this enormous state.

We have to learn from our mistakes because this problem should never happen again. And it won’t because we are now paying more attention than ever before.

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Clearly, the US is working diligently to develop the use of renewable energy sources to help preserve and protect the environment. Most of these natural resources aren’t capable of meeting our energy needs and demands.

Bioenergy is the area being most overlooked, and it’s unfortunate because it’s the quickest and most cost-effective way to help us achieve our goals of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.
Are you ready to help the cause and do your part to protect the planet? Begin using cleaner and incredibly efficient biofuels like BioPure™ Bioheat® heating oil. Please contact Townsend Energy to make a difference in New England right away.

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