What Is Renewable Energy?

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Due to the adverse environmental effects such as global warming and pollution that come with non-renewable energy, governments across the world are rapidly embracing the use of renewable energy sources, which are generally affordable, sustainable, and friendly to the environment. Here’s a detailed look at renewable energy and its many benefits.

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An Overview Of Renewable Energy

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), renewable energy is the type of energy that comes from natural processes or sources that are continuously replenished, guaranteeing a constant supply.1 In other words, renewable energy sources do not run out regardless of how much energy is generated from them.

There are various examples of renewable energy sources some of which include sunlight, geothermal energy, wind, and biomass. While renewable energy is reliable in terms of cost and safety, some sources of renewable energy sometimes depend on weather patterns and timings, making some aspects of these energy sources somewhat unreliable.

For instance, solar energy is most abundant on sunny days and lowest at night and cloudy days. This essentially means you’ll generate more solar energy when the sun shines brightest. However, you will not generate energy on cloudy days, leading to the challenge of where to source energy during the fall and winter, which is characteristically cloudy. Furthermore, the cost to convert to solar energy is astronomical and, therefore, impractical to the average homeowner. For those who currently utilize heating oil at home as their source of heat, there is a solution- BioPure™ heating oil, a liquid renewable fuel.

BioPure™ Heating Oil: A Liquid Renewable Fuel

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Produced from organic sources and recycled products, BioPure™ heating oil is both nontoxic and biodegradable. It is widely used in heating systems that require oil fuel. One major advantage of biofuel heating is that it is nonexplosive in liquid form, and hence, it guarantees safety in your home. With that in mind, this source of renewable energy offers the following benefits:

BioPure™ Heating Oil Is Clean

When using a biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating oil blend, there is a reduction in the generation of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. Such gases are harmful to the environment and may cause effects such as global warming. They can also be harmful to human beings when inhaled. Thankfully, this renewable energy and its combustion are clean and hence, safer for the environment. By utilizing BioPure™ heating oil in your home, you can help reduce your carbon footprint.

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BioPure™ Heating Oil Is Inexhaustible

Because renewable energy constantly replenishes itself, biodiesel is virtually inexhaustible. This makes this renewable energy source both reliable and sustainable for long-term usage.

Reduces The Pollution To The Environment

Since the usage of BioPure™ fuel reduces the release of greenhouse gases, this energy is safe for the environment, especially when compared to natural gas and propane. BioPure™ also reduces the production of soot-like other fuels, and this makes it even more eco-friendly. For this reason, the use of BioPure™ helps conserve the environment and helps prevent global warming.

BioPure™ Fuel Is Nontoxic

Typically, renewable energy does not emit poisonous gases to the atmosphere during combustion. For instance, BioPure™ heating oil contains low amounts of sulfur, which greatly reduces its toxicity. Moreover, the safety measures in the heating equipment also ensure that the waste gases do not leak into the atmosphere and pose a risk to you and your family.

BioPure™ Fuel Is Affordable

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Currently, there are multiple sources of energy, with more people embracing renewable sources such as BioPure™ fuel. The competition in the energy industry is now stiff, and this has played a great role in lowering the cost of renewable energy, as reported by Forbes.2

However, the cost to convert to some renewable energy source seems out of reach to many. For example, cost to install solar panels on a home that is approximately 1,500 square feet is $18,500 for a 6kW solar panel system.3 However, the cost to utilize BioPure™ heating oil does not pose these additional expenses. BioPure™ is available now for those who currently have a heating oil system in place. The homeowner does not have to make any modifications to their existing heating equipment, nor do they have to pay more than what they typically paid for per gallon of #2 home heating oil to make their home more environmentally friendly. It’s a win-win situation for the oilheat consumer.

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Promotes Energy Dependence

BioPure™ heating oil is made from biodiesel, a fuel made out of plant and animal oils. These ingredients are domestically sourced and they are not imported from other countries. For this reason, U.S. farmers will benefit from the higher demand. Furthermore, this also helps generate more jobs within the United States.

In various places, local governments are offering incentives to help promote the use of biodiesel. There are tax credits, rebates, and additional perks for those who opt to use BioPure™ fuel. For more information, contact Townsend Energy.


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BioPure™ fuel is efficient in terms of performance. For instance, BioPure™ heating oil offers a cleaner burn, meaning that it lowers build-up in your heating system. As a result, it reduces the amount of cleanings that your system would require otherwise. However, we still recommend that you schedule an annual heating system inspection to ensure that your unit is functioning at peak performance levels.

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Apart from the safety to your health, BioPure™ heating oil is non-flammable in liquid form and must be heated to high temperatures to evaporate before burning. This enhances safety in such a way that it prevents explosions in case your oil comes in contact with a spark. However, handling high voltages generated from solar panels requires care and precautionary measures to avoid electrocution. This makes BioPure™ a much safer option for your home.


These are some of the advantages of using renewable energy when it concerns home heating. BioPure™ is a liquid renewable fuel that offers many benefits. It is safe, clean, sustainable, efficient, dependable, and economical. Contact Townsend Energy today and order your BioPure™ heating oil for an eco-friendly home.

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