Why Bio Fuel, Wind, & Solar Energy Can Lead To Sustainable Energy Use

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The United States needs to utilize sustainable energy sources to reduce its carbon footprint. After all, sustainable energy utilization is a major goal for the sake of the environment’s preservation and protection.

Many startups and scientists from all over the world focus on this pressing issue. Renewable energy sources like the sun, water, wind, and biofuel help create clean and green energy that is naturally and consistently replenished.

Read on as we explore the following topics in this article:

  • What is sustainable energy?
  • Three types of sustainable energy sources
  • How Townsend Energy is leading the charge in the heating industry
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What is Sustainable Energy?

Sustainable energy is an energy source that’s able to meet our current energy requirements. It can do so without compromising future generations. These sources are taken from an energy source that continuously provides energy without being depleted.

Sustainable energy sources are abundant and can power, cool, and heat homes. It doesn’t matter what type of sustainable energy you use, as the goal is achieving carbon neutrality while still receiving the comfort level we are used to.

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Energy Sources That Are Considered Sustainable

It is necessary to have a plan to move away from traditional fuel sources and use sustainable energy sources instead. This way, the Earth is protected from climate change and other potential environmental problems.

Here are three sustainable energy sources that leave a low carbon footprint:

Bio Heating Oil

BioPure Heating Oil

Bio heating is a mixture of #2 heating oil and biodiesel. Biodiesel is derived from soy plant products. Townsend Energy currently offers a B20 blend, which is composed of 20% biodiesel. It might not be a hundred percent sustainable today, but significant strides will surely happen soon. The entire oil industry will, sooner or later, move towards a 100% soy-based biodiesel product.

When a B100 blend, or 100% soy-based biodiesel, is utilized, we will have a 100% bio heating oil mixture. Once it happens, BioPure™ Heating Oil will absolutely be a sustainable fuel heating product.

The industry targets to achieve this by 2050. Townsend Energy is well ahead of this schedule. We are looking forward to the time we can proudly announce that our company delivers a sustainable, eco-friendly, and carbon-neutral fuel source.

Even better is that our clients don’t need to replace their heating system equipment. Our bio blends are created to work with your existing boiler or furnace. Hence, no costly conversion cost or electrical upgrades are needed. You will also still receive the same heating comfort level you are accustomed to while using our more environmentally-friendly fuel.

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Solar energy uses solar photovoltaic cells mounted on the roof of your home. These cells gather sunlight and convert it into electricity. This power is then stored in a bank of batteries. Improvements to this technology have made it more affordable, and it should become even more affordable as time passes.

If you use a boiler or furnace instead of a heat pump to heat your home, you will need an expensive system upgrade. Otherwise, solar energy solutions won’t work.

Therefore, if you use oil (biofuel), natural gas, or propane for your home heating, you need to replace your existing heating unit with an electric heat pump so that it can be 100% solar powered. The conversion and solar panel installation costs can be a significant amount. Moreover, highly frigid temperatures can mean that the electric heat pumps won’t work as well as traditional fuel furnaces and boilers. Your home will require an additional heat source.

Solar is a sustainable energy source that can be used in your home today as long as you are ready to make a considerable financial investment.

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Hydro Electric

Hydroelectric power station and sustainable energy sources

Hydroelectricity isn’t a sustainable source that can be installed in each home. Instead, it is harvested at the utility company’s level. There isn’t a lot you can do when it comes to dictating the use of hydroelectric within your home aside from being aware of what your current utility company is doing.

If you live in a region that utilizes hydroelectricity, it is likely that it only makes up a relatively small percent of the total power generated for the utility company.

Just like with solar energy, if you are using propane, natural gas, or oil for home heating, you will require a complete equipment replacement to convert to electricity so you can use hydroelectric sustainable energy.

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Townsend Energy Is Leading The Change To Reduce Carbon Footprints & Deliver Sustainable Fuel Sources To Our Clients

te logoYou help reduce carbon emissions when you use our bio blend. Moreover, we are continuously improving our blends, so your heating fuel is becoming closer to achieving 100% sustainable energy without additional equipment costs. You also don’t need to make any special changes to your home.

Townsend Energy is currently ahead of schedule, and we plan to deliver a 100% biofuel before the industry and government target date of 2050.

Benefits of Continued Use Of Our BioFuel Solution To Heat Your Home:

Some of the advantages you’ll receive when you use our biofuel solution for home heating are:

  • Your heating system will have increased efficiency.
  • You don’t need to upgrade to expensive heating equipment.
  • There is no added cost to you.
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