Top Signs It’s Time To Switch Propane Companies

clock with time to change depicting switching propane suppliers

Propane delivery companies don’t always stay consistent. They may have been amazing at some point but they can gradually become unreliable. Others continue to serve well but may raise their propane prices to unreasonable levels. This article discusses the top signs when it is time to switch to another propane delivery company.

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Townsend Energy Receives Tank Utility Award

image fo a fuel tank award

Every company is quite naturally pleased when it is recognized as a leader in its particular industry. That is why Townsend Energy is happy to announce that they were among the 10 nationwide winners of the 2020 edition of the Operational Excellence Awards, sponsored by Tank Utility. Click here to read more.

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Facts About Propane And Its Versatility In Residential Homes

happy family at home

Propane is an energy source with a growing number of applications. With abundant propane supplies and affordable propane prices, it is likely to increase in popularity in the years ahead. It is already being used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. In this article, we discuss the many uses of propane gas in residential applications. 

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Building With Propane

building with propane

Today’s homeowners—and builders alike—are looking for an efficient and environmentally energy source to heat the home, as well as fuel many other indoor and outdoor amenities. Propane is the perfect choice for today’s environmentally friendly, budget conscious consumer…

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Benefits Of Propane

propane heat

Did you know that propane appliances are significantly more energy-efficient and faster heating than electric appliances? Every time you replace an electric appliance with a propane one, you could save up to 50% – or more – on the energy, you use to run that appliance…

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