Townsend Energy Receives Tank Utility Award

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Every company is quite naturally pleased when it is recognized as a leader in its particular industry. That is why Townsend Energy is happy to announce that they were among the 10 nationwide winners of the 2020 edition of the Operational Excellence Awards, sponsored by Tank Utility. What this award encompasses is the ability of a given company to perform at the highest possible level of efficiency in the delivery of propane and heating oil fuel to its local customers. Essentially, the recipients of this award were able to succeed in fuel delivery efficiency when refilling their customers’ fuel storage tank.

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What Is Tank Utility?

Townsend Energy was able to deliver more propane and heating oil in fewer trips, thanks to modern technology. This technology allows fuel suppliers to monitor their customers’ usage and remaining fuel. The app they use is made by Tank Utility. It allows for effective management of delivery routes. Every daily delivery route is structured to avoid servicing tanks that do not need any significant amount of fuel. This way, they could prioritize those that were low on oil or propane.


How Were Delivery Routes Planned Before The Use Of Tank Utility?

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Prior to the development of an effective tank monitoring app, delivery routes were scheduled on a simple geographical basis. This was how fuel suppliers could ensure that every customer in a given area would not run out of fuel. Naturally, this led to a lot of non-revenue-producing miles on the truck fleet. More importantly, it also led to placing more fuel delivery trucks on the road. Townsend Energy promotes the use of more environmentally friendly products and procedures. Therefore, by using Tank Utility, we could take a more environmentally conscious approach. We would only need to place trucks on the road when it was necessary. This process helps cuts down on emissions.

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How Does Tank Utility Work?

By installing a monitoring app on customer tanks, it becomes possible to see when exactly a customer needs a visit and how much propane or oil that customer needs to receive. Since the amount carried on any one truck is a fixed supply, it has always been a problem, particularly in the winter months. It was not uncommon for a delivery driver to run out of fuel before refilling all of the tanks in their route. This creates costly return visits that cramp an always-tight schedule.

More efficient delivery scheduling leads to lower overall operating costs and also to lower per-gallon prices to the ultimate beneficiary, the homeowner. Everybody wins with improved tank monitoring.


Residential Fuel Tank Replacements

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Of course, delivering fuel is only half the battle. Making sure that fuel is being held in a fully-secure storage tank is another part of being in the propane and home heating oil business. Like anything else made of metal, heating oil and propane tanks wear out over time. Fittings and hoses can decay. The tank itself can develop pinhole leaks after fighting off rust for many years.

If these leaks are small, they may go unnoticed for a long time. However, they still cost money as valuable fuel escapes into the atmosphere or leaks out onto the ground. Nor do small leaks ever go away. The seepage becomes greater. The whiff of oil or gas or the damp spot underneath your tank only increases with time.

Even if none of these things occur, simple metal fatigue over time can still cause an apparently sound-looking tank to fail without any warning whatsoever. The first thing you notice is that your house is cold and the heater isn’t running. The next thing you realize is that all the fuel you just bought is either evaporated into thin air or forming a leak in your basement. In both cases, the pain of having to buy a new replacement fuel tank is going to be compounded by also having to replace all the fuel that got wasted when your old tank called it a career.

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Tank Age

As a general rule, if your tank is more than 30 years old, it is time to seriously consider a replacement while it is still convenient to do so. Of course, there is never a perfectly fabulous time to do this but having to sit in a freezing house while the operation is performed is a lot less convenient than scheduling it for a time when the weather is warm.

Tank Inspections

Townsend Energy can perform a comprehensive check on your fuel storage tank so that you can have complete peace of mind. This way you can rest assured that you are going to be safe and warm with no worries about unanticipated accidents. If it turns out that tank replacement is in order, Townsend Energy is a full-service fuel supplier and HVAC company that can help you to choose the right solution for your fuel tank needs.

We carry a full line of the most durable and safe double-wall oil storage tanks and the most reliable propane tanks to replace your old unit. Not only will these give you decades of trouble-free service but some of our oil tanks come with a 2-million-dollar cleanup warranty in case anything ever does go wrong with your new tank.

No matter what fuel you use to heat your house, we have everything you need to maximize your fuel efficiency. We can ensure your family’s safety and keep your home comfortable for many years to come. We are dedicated and professional and you can count on us in good times and bad.


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Townsend Energy is proud to be a trusted, affordable propane and heating oil supplier in the area. We offer different delivery plans and financing options. This way, you can customize your fuel deliveries by choosing which option works best for you. By working with us, you can expect affordable propane and oil prices and fast and reliable fuel deliveries.

Also, when you need maintenance service or repair for your home heating system, our professionally certified technicians can help you. We offer services including fuel tank upgrades, heating system repairs, boiler and furnace replacements, and more. Call Townsend Energy today to schedule your appointment. We offer free, in-home estimates. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we back the work that we perform with a guarantee.

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