Top Signs It’s Time To Switch Propane Companies

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Propane delivery companies don’t always stay consistent. They may have been amazing in the beginning but they could gradually become unreliable. Others continue to serve well but raise their propane prices to unreasonable levels. You don’t have to put up with them. When it concerns propane suppliers, it is important to choose one that is reliable, trustworthy and offers various many advantages over its competitors.

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Signs That You Need to Switch to a Different Propane Delivery Company

Below are signs to move on to another propane delivery company:

1. Excessive Propane Delivery Fees

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Every business needs profits to continue operations but some propane companies can be excessive. They might increase the fees year after year for services like equipment maintenance and propane tank leasing. Despite offering low propane fuel prices, the service fees can still push the overall bill higher than what you can afford. You don’t need to stay in this situation.

Propane suppliers should allow their customers to use their own tanks instead of insisting on a lease. By owning the container, you don’t ever need to worry about rising rental fees. You only focus on equipment maintenance. When switching to another provider, there is no need to set up propane tank removal and make way for a replacement. If you can afford the upfront cost, then this is the way to go.

Check company policies since some of them engage in questionable practices such as charging excessive fees for tank removal and cancellation. These are designed to discourage their existing customers from leaving. Businesses that are confident in their performance will not resort to these tactics.

Consider moving to another propane provider if you discover hidden fees. Companies should practice transparency when it comes to their prices. They should provide an exhaustive list of charges to potential clients so that they can decide what to do. It isn’t right to draw customers with promises of low prices only to make them pay more later on.

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2. No Propane Fuel Discounts

In an ideal situation, propane delivery companies should provide their loyal customers with significant discounts on their purchases. This is a nice reward for continuing to buy heating fuel and get services from the company. It shows their appreciation for the choice to remain with them. Check the website or call them up to ask about this.

3. Propane Delivery Issues

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Propane tanks can run out of fuel just when you really need it. Delivery companies should understand the urgency of your requests. They must go to your home soon after you call so that you can resume related activities. Delays are inevitable in bad weather but they should be consistent most of the time. Switch if they always keep you waiting for an unreasonable period.

4. Slow Propane Fuel Delivery Response

The equipment may fail from time to time. This may leave the house cold until fixed. Good companies will not let the situation persist for long. They will provide immediate assistance to their customers by sending out skilled technicians. If your provider is sluggish, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

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5. Poor Communication

Good companies keep their lines of communication open. When you call them, they quickly respond and deal with your needs. You will not come across voicemail messages, busy signals, and infinite rings. When they pick up the phone, they will provide clear and consistent information about their services. Meanwhile, bad companies will often contradict themselves and offer vague explanations to existing or potential customers.

6. Inflexibility

Customers have different needs. The best companies understand this so they provide excellent results in different situations. They give customers various options for delivery, financing, and tank size. Others only have a single package available but this may not match the requirements of many homeowners.

7. Limited Services

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Companies that can only deliver propane and nothing else are too limited in scope. People who need HVAC services or other fuels will have to go to a separate business to take care of related issues. This complicates matters and slows things down. If you need multiple fuels and services, then it is more convenient to find a company that can do it all. You may even get a discount for availing several services from them.

8. Acquisitions

Management has a big effect on company operations. If your provider gets bought by another business, then things can quickly change and not always for the better. Watch closely after an acquisition to see how the new management runs things. If they suddenly charge higher or respond slower, then that’s your cue to switch.

9. No Upkeep

Propane providers should make it a point to maintain their fuel tanks. Failure to do so will lead to problems down the road. Bad tanks can compromise household safety. They can even end up causing property damage. It’s best to let the same company take care of the refills and the upkeep.

Aside from maintaining the tank, the company should also have the expertise to take care of propane-dependent equipment such as HVAC systems, water heaters, home appliances, fuel lines, and so on.

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10. Office Closure

Large companies have several locations across a region. If one of their branches closes, then the remaining ones can continue to serve the area. However, this is not an ideal scenario since the office that will take over is probably much farther. They might not respond as fast as before. They might also hesitate about filling up small tanks and offering low-cost services.

11. Intimidation

Customers have the right to raise their concerns about the company. These should be addressed accordingly and not swept under a rug. Companies should not try to intimidate their customers with threats of tank removal or service suspension. If you encounter these types of pressure, then consider switching as soon as you can. You can surely find better providers.



Problematic companies are easy to spot if you open your eyes to the signs above. If you see any of these, then consider switching to Townsend Energy. Our years of experience serving New England ensures reliable solutions and timely deliveries.

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