What Happens When The Furnace Runs Out Of Oil?

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Most homeowners feel as though they are constantly tackling new chores. It often seems as though every time a single job is complete, two more arise to fill its place. When you aren’t dealing with leaky bathroom pipes or mending your fence, you’re probably replacing light bulbs or cleaning your bathroom.

One very important home maintenance task is to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of home heating oil in your tank. When homeowners choose C.O.D or will-call oil delivery services, they have to keep track of the oil levels in their tanks. They will need to call for service when their tanks are approximately 30 percent full. But what happens during times when you’re so busy that you accidentally let your heating oil tank run completely dry? What happens when furnace runs out of oil?

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Can My Home Heating System Get Damaged If I Run Out Of Heating Oil?

If you’ve ever let your heating oil tank become completely dry, you may be worried about the consequences. For instance, you may be concerned about damaging your heater if the tank runs empty. This is much like fuel injectors in autos are damaged when they run out of gas.

How Does Running Out Of Fuel Affect An Oil Furnace?

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The good news is that letting your fuel tank run empty won’t damage your furnace.

Even though this is good news, it’s obviously best to make sure that your heating oil tank stays filled. This will keep you from ever running out, particularly when the weather is at its coldest. Of course, your furnace won’t generate heat if it doesn’t have heating oil. Until your new order arrives, you and your entire household will be without heat. Thus, to prevent the interruption of your heat supply, it is important to ensure that you always have enough fuel.

Not having any fuel doesn’t mean that a furnace is damaged or broken. However, people tend to run out of heating oil right when they need it most. For instance, just as extremely cold temperatures arrive, your furnace will start using more heating oil. Your heating oil supply will dwindle more rapidly. This can be problematic in a broad range of ways including having a drafty house that makes you more prone to getting ill. This can actually be even more true for elderly adults, very small children, and those with compromised immune systems.

Notwithstanding these things, you still don’t have to worry about your furnace being damaged as the result of an empty heating oil tank. There aren’t any major safety issues to worry about either when the heating oil tank runs dry. There are, however, still a few other problems that can be caused by an empty fuel tank.

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Replacing The HVAC Filter & Bleeding The Line

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If the temperatures are especially cold, your water pipes might freeze. Burst pipes can lead to mold growth, water damages, and incredibly expensive repairs.

After you’ve replenished your oil supply, your furnace will need to be reset. Thus, you may want to take this opportunity to additionally replace its filter. When you run out of home heating oil, it may even be necessary to have the fuel line bled. When this is the case, have a licensed professional bleed your fuel line and get your furnace or boiler restarted.

Bleeding the line is something you might have to do if the contaminants that normally settle at the tank’s bottom find their way into the fuel lines as the heating oil runs low. These particulates should not be able to enter your actual heating system as they can lead to expensive furnace repair issues and blockages. This is why bleeding the line is sometimes important to do after having run out of fuel.

These services obviously aren’t provided free of charge and so, it makes good sense to look for the right HVAC contractor for the job. These appointments can be inconvenient, which is all the more reason to prevent the situation by simply keeping your fuel tank filled.

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When Should Your Order Fuel Oil

It is generally best to have home heating oil tanks refilled when they have reached the 25 to 30 percent full level. It is also a good idea to consider having recurring oil delivery set up (automatic oil deliveries) so that you’re never in danger of running out.

Finally, if your heating system needs to be professionally maintained, or if it’s been exhibiting signs of developing problems, you should contact a seasoned HVAC technician right away. HVAC contractors can visit your home, and they can make sure that your home heating equipment is working exactly as it should.

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