Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning systems are essential to our everyday lives. Unfortunately, we still end up taking it for granted. They are part of our homes, and we rely on them to keep us cool on hot days. When an air conditioner problem crops up, we call licensed HVAC professionals to help us. Air conditioning has come a long way from what it used to be. It is a testament to our ingenuity in our quest to achieve optimal home comfort levels.

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Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

If you are wondering how the air conditioner was developed, we have listed a few air conditioning fun facts below:

Ice Was Used To Keep People Cool

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Ice had always been used to keep ourselves cool. For instance, Egyptians used to fill shallow trays with water and place these on straw beds overnight to freeze. This way, the solid ice will be ready for use when morning arrives.

Rich Romans and Greeks also imported ice. The ice was utilized in their homes so that they can enjoy cool showers or keep their homes cool. Ancient Iran also collected ice from the nearby mountains during the winter and put them in an underground storage. The people had built windcatchers connected to these storages so that when the wind blew, cold air was carried throughout their homes.

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The Ancient Egyptians Knew How To Keep Cool

Egypt does not have a cool climate, so they have found ways to keep cool. One of the things ancient Egyptians used to do was soak reeds in water. They would hang them over their windows so that the wind that passed through the soaked reeds will cool the rooms. This was one of the earliest types of evaporative cooling.

The Roman Aqueducts Did More Than Just Bring Water To The Cities

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The Roman aqueducts were an advanced engineering feat for its time. It was a complex and extensive network that covered a lot of areas. Some of its parts can still be seen in Greece, France, North Africa, Spain, and Turkey today. It was considered an engineering feat for the period during which they were built. The aqueducts were connected to a fresh water source that brought water to the cities to be used by the people. The water was utilized for bathing, drinking, and irrigation. It was also used to let water flow through the walls of houses and other buildings to keep these spaces cool.

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The “Summer Blockbuster” Became A Thing Because Of Air Conditioning

The early 1900s saw a decline in movie ticket sales during the summer because it was too hot to go to the theaters. Theater owners resolved this by installing ACs to entice more people to watch movies. It became a hit. More people came to the theaters during summer because it was also a way to keep themselves cool as many did not have air conditioners at home. Therefore, film production companies decided to showcase their most essential films during the summer to maximize profits.

Carrier’s Founder Invented The Modern Air Conditioner System

In 1902, an engineer named Willis Haviland Carrier invented the first electrical-powered air conditioning system. The system was first used as a cooling solution for a printing company. The hot weather also meant that there was high humidity, and this condition caused the paper to warp. This resulted in a problem for the printing company as ink is hard to apply on warped paper. Carrier invented an AC system that cleaned the air and controlled humidity, temperature, air circulation, and ventilation. A year later, the New York Stock Exchange Building became one of the first places installed with the system.


ACs Stopped The Mandatory Summer Vacations For Workers

As there were no air conditioners then, offices, schools, and other businesses were forced to close during the summer because no one could stand the heat. People left school and work and took summer vacations for a month or more during this time. Today, summer vacation is optional. However, some places in Europe still have workers taking time off during the summer because they still have no air conditioners in the workplace.

The First Residential Cooling System Cost As Much As A House

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Although the first air conditioning system was invented in 1902, it was primarily used for industrial structures. The first ACs for residential facilities only came to use 12 years later. They measured at 20′ x 6′ x 7′, which meant they were huge and expensive. As a result, only the wealthy could afford to have them in their homes as they came with a $10,000 to $50,000 price tag at the time. When adjusted for inflation, one system costs around $120,000 to $600,000.

Without Air Conditioning Systems, Some U.S. States Would Have Very Low Populations

Some U.S. states have higher temperatures than others, such as Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Texas. Without air conditioning, these places would most likely have fewer residents because people would not be able to stand the heat for too long.

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We Are Not As Heat-Tolerant As We Used To Be

Some scientists state that air conditioners have reduced the natural tolerance of humans to high temperatures. Many of us cannot stand the heat anymore because we have acclimated to cooler environments.

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