What Size Oil Tank Do I Need For My Home?

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More than six million American households depend on heating oil to power their home heating systems. If you are included in this number and are considering updating your system or installing a brand new one, the most vital decision you need to make is the oil tank size for your home.

Heating oil tanks are highly durable, but, like everything else, they will not last forever. You might have to replace your oil heating tank because it could be outdated and show wear and tear. It could also be because your home’s heating needs have changed. Whatever the reason, you have to consider a few aspects when it is time for an oil heating tank replacement. The most basic consideration is the heating oil tank size because its capacity will determine the total amount of space it can heat and for how long.

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What Size Oil Tank Do I Need For My Home?

This article includes a discussion of what to consider when selecting a heating oil tank size for your home.

Size Options For Fuel Oil Tanks

Before buying a new heating oil tank, determine the size of the tank you currently have. This will be helpful when you decide what tank size you need and what model sizes are available.
These two sets of numbers are essential when you are on the lookout for heating oil tank sizes:

  • The tank’s capacity in gallons
  • The tank’s dimensions: height, width, and depth

If you need a replacement for a relatively newer tank, look for the nameplate. Its capacity is typically listed in it. On the other hand, the capacity might not be shown if you have an older tank. Therefore, you have to estimate according to its dimensions.

Standard residential oil tanks have a 275-gallon capacity. These are usually found aboveground, like your basement or yard, and can come in a horizontal or vertical orientation. These typically have a dimension of 44 inches high by 60 inches wide and 27 inches deep. Bear in mind that heating oil tanks are available in many different sizes, such as 288, 340, 420, 518, 550, 555, or 675 gallons capacity. Several below-ground tanks can be considerably larger as well.

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Deciding What Oil Size Is Right For Your Home

When considering a new heating system installation, a general measurement used is that a 275-gallon heating oil tank is enough for a one or two-bedroom home. On the other hand, you will need somewhere between a 300 and 500-gallon oil tank for a three and four-bedroom home. If your home is bigger than this, multiply these estimates with how many rooms the house has.

Keep in mind that you need to consider other factors as well. For instance, your home might not be able to hold a larger size oil storage tank. There could also be statutory requirements if you want to have the tank installed outside.

Think About Your Fuel Oil Consumption Habits

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Your household’s oil consumption habits are another aspect that needs to be considered. For example, if your family is likely to grow soon, you might want to build extra capacity now, so you are prepared when new members arrive. You might also be retiring soon or have a few older family members in the house. If you or other household members are likely to spend more time at home, you have to consider these additional heating needs.

Think about emergencies as well. You might live in a place that receives bad weather, like snowstorms, a lot. This can keep your fuel supplier from refilling your tank promptly. Therefore, you need to create a safety margin to prepare you for these situations. For instance, add a 30% extra capacity.

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Use A Professional For The Oil Tank Installation

When you have decided on the heating oil needs of your family and the most suitable tank size, the next step is to call a professionally certified heating oil tank supplier to install the tank. An expert will ensure that you have chosen the correct oil tank size. They will also install it safely and professionally.

Professional heating oil tank installers will also make sure that the fuel tank is installed at an ideal location, adequately secured to a solid foundation, and easy to access. Having the tank in the ideal position is essential as it will prevent oil from leaking, which can be very dangerous. The heating oil tank installer will ensure that the tank is not exposed to any hazards caused by temperature drops that can freeze your heating oil system. They will also account for all the risks using industry-standard protocols.

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