How Much Heating Oil Will I Use During Winter?

energy costsHow much heating oil will I use during winter? This question is one that continues to be asked by home and property owners across the nation.

While the winter season, on paper, is usually three months, the icy conditions and frigid temperatures can last a lot longer. The winter season can stretch into early April in certain parts of the country.

With this mind, how much heating oil is needed to effectively keep your loved ones and property warm during the colder months?

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Oil Delivery Near Me Somersworth NH: How To Determine How Much Oil You Will Use This Winter

heating oil delivery by townsend energyBy knowing how much heating oil you will use throughout the winter, you will be able to budget accordingly. In this article, we will discuss a few methods that you can use to determine your heating oil use.

How To Calculate Heating Oil Usage For The Winter

If you own a heating oil system, it is imperative to have enough fuel at all times. However, heating system maintenance and repairs are also essential to secure optimal functionality and performance. At the same token, it is equally as vital to understand the use of fuel oil, along with the appliances that burn it for warmth and comfort year round. Having a better comprehension is the only way to calculate how much fuel oil you will need for the colder months.

Here are some essentials to keep in mind when estimating your property’s average heating-oil consumption demands:

  • Manufacturer’s Plate: It is essential to find the manufacturer’s plate on the burner. The plate number features capacity specifications in gallons per hour. You can also find this information on the burner nozzle.
  • Average Oil Burning Furnaces: On average, oil-burning furnaces utilize between 0.8 and 1.7 gallons per hour. This, of course, is when they are in operation and heating homes and businesses seasonally or year round.
  • Understand Your Furnace: It is essential to know your furnace’s brand, design, and date of purchase. This will help you determine how much oil is necessary for your particular unit and heating system.
  • Average Heating Costs: One of the best ways to estimate the average monthly heating costs is by looking at your bills. You can divide a year of oil heating usage by 12, which gives you the average heating oil costs per month. Similarly, you can get the annual average by adding the number of gallons that you use per year — since you purchased the unit– and divide that total by the number of years you are examining.

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Understanding Oil Costs And Use

Supply and demand determine oil prices. With this in mind, prices can either rise or fall depending on the global market trends. This affects how much you will pay for the gallons of fuel that you need to heat your home yearly.

Furnace oil comes from crude oil and around 87% of fuel oil. The main sections of the country that use the most home oil are the Northeast and the Midwest. Oil is drilled from many sources, including Venezuela, Canada, the Virgin Islands, and the Middle East. The oil is transported via trucks, trains, pipelines, and barges stateside.

How Much Heating Oil Will I Need To Burn?

fuel delivery townsend energyMaking an exact prediction can be hard. However, with colder weather — your furnace is going to work a lot harder to secure a comfortable temperature. With this in mind, you will need sufficient heating oil to burn to keep your property nice, warm and toasty. As each home or office is different, so are the answers to questions like “how much heating oil will I need for the furnace?” or “how many gallons do I have to invest in each year?”

According to industry monitors and experts, 600 gallons of heating oil is what the average homeowner uses per season. If the temperatures in your area drop into single digits, about 10 gallons per day will be needed to heat your abode. Also, the following factors come into play for determining or estimating the efficiency of your furnace unit:

  • The overall condition of the furnace — and why tune-ups and maintenance are essential for preserving unit performance, functionality, and longevity.
  • The quality of the fuel used in your heating furnace.
  •  Your home or business property size.
  •  If the oil is or is not used to heat water.
  • How many occupants are in your home?
  • How old your property is, and whether this is a new furnace unit or one that is much older
  • If your windows, doors and other components are well-insulated or need insulation.

The best advice is to conserve as much heating oil as possible by improving your home’s energy efficiency. This brings down heating costs while ensuring the unit does not overrun and cause mechanical failure and issues. It’s not hard to estimate your monthly heating costs. However, it is essential to maintain your units, which plays a pivotal role in securing unit performance and overall longevity.

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