Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Propane Delivery Service

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If you’re unhappy with your current propane supplier, there’s absolutely no good reason to stay with this company. There’s no need to deal with late propane delivery, hidden fees, substandard service, poor communication, unprofessional behavior, or excessively high prices. You have the right to choose a propane company that honors you as a valuable customer. There are many propane delivery services available if you only look for them. Be sure to perform the necessary research to find the right one. You should never hesitate to give prospective propane companies a call to ask them questions.

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Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Propane Provider

This article will go over some of the top questions to ask when shopping for the best propane delivery company near you.

1. What Propane Delivery Payment Methods Do You Accept?

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It’s hard enough to earn all of the money that you need for your monthly bills. It shouldn’t be an additional burden to pay this money out. Ask propane companies which payment methods they’re willing and able to accept. Are these payment methods convenient? Do you need access to other ways? For instance, some companies require their customers to mail in checks. Others take payments online so that their clients can settle their accounts with just a few clicks.

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2. Do You Offer Automatic Propane Delivery Or Will-Call?

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There are some propane suppliers that only make deliveries when consumers call and submit requests. With these, you’ll have to monitor your propane tank all of the time to make sure that you never run out of heating fuel. When your fuel level reaches just 30 percent of the tank’s capacity, call your propane supplier to set up an appointment.

Alternatively, you can work with propane companies that are able to monitor your ongoing fuel use and schedule your refills automatically. You won’t have to worry about having an empty tank again. Will-call service works well for some households while automatic delivery services are better for others. Call Townsend Energy now to find out more about our delivery and financing options and to find a plan that works right for you.

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3. Do You Lease Propane Tanks?

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It costs a lot of money to buy a propane tank. You can buy a brand new tank for reliability or you can purchase a used one and save some cash. The larger the tank is, the more that it will likely cost. Of course, purchasing a propane tank, whether new or used, is not an investment that everyone wants to make. Depending upon what your circumstances are, it may be better for you to lease or rent your tank from a reputable propane supplier instead. It’s less costly to lease a tank given that you’ll only be paying a relatively nominal fee once each month. This is also the least stressful option given that your propane supplier will handle all tank maintenance.

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4. What Does It Cost To Terminate A Propane Contract?

When consumers lease their propane tanks, these tanks are reclaimed by their providers when their contracts end. It’s actually wise to think about the end of a propane lease contract before you enter into one of these agreements. You want to know what you’ll be charged in terms of termination fees. You may even pay separate fees for tank removal. Keep note of these fees so that you aren’t taken by surprise further down the road.

5. Do New Customers Have Access To Any Promotional Propane Delivery Offers?

You should also ask prospective companies about any promotional offers that are available to new customers. It might be that you’re able to get a discount on propane throughout your first several months of delivery, or you may be able to have other fees waived if you’re willing to sign at a specific time. Many other perks are often available for consumers who are willing to take on long-term contracts. Initial transfers are often costly so any measures that will help limit your spending are worthwhile.

6. Is It Possible To Purchase Propane At A Fixed Price?

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Market sentiments, demand, and supply are among some of the top factors that cause changes in propane pricing. Price changes can make it difficult to budget for your propane needs throughout the year. The amount of money that you set aside for this essential resource may no longer be enough and you could wind up struggling to stay on top of your propane bills. See whether a propane supplier has any program that will allow you to purchase your propane ahead of time at a fixed price. This will eliminate any concerns about market volatility.

7. Do You Have A Good Propane Delivery Safety Record?

When handled correctly, propane is ultimately safe. However, when handled by personnel who are negligent or incompetent, it can indeed be dangerous. Check the safety records of any delivery service you’re considering. Be cognizant of any companies that have been involved in major accidents and take those with accident-free histories.

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8. Are There Other Services That You Provide?

Being able to deal with just one company for all of your propane needs would certainly be nice. There are some companies that maintain propane heating equipment, inspect gas lines, and provide emergency propane delivery services. If these are things that you might need, choose a company that can handle it all.


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