Why Choose Buderus Boilers?

There are several reasons why we heartily recommend Buderus.

New Buderus boilers can reduce a home’s fuel consumption by 30 percent. These systems are extremely easy to service. The oil and gas boilers can be vented through a chimney or through a sidewall vent allowing for complete flexibility in the installation process.

Additionally, the heat exchanger uses a “three-pass” design that maximizes the heat transfer to the indoor space and minimizes heat waste. And, the cast iron boiler body is designed to resist corrosion, by being encased in three inches of insulation on every side, including the bottom.

Buderus Boilers Also Feature:

  • EnergyStar Compliant
  • Great Fuel Economy
  • Comfortable Room and Water Temps
  • Highest Efficiency Ratings
  • Whisper-Quiet
  • Built to Last
  • Temperature Cycling Lowered

Townsend Energy Installs Gas & Oil Buderus Boilers

When it’s cold outside, your home should be warm and comfortable. A new Buderus boiler system is energy efficient, saves money over traditional or older boiler systems, and can be retrofitted through your existing chimney or the a wall vent. Your heating equipment shouldn’t have to cost a fortune and at Townsend Energy, we ensure that you maintain your home comfort at a reasonable cost.

Bosch recommends that you have a qualified Certified Technician to install and help maintain your home's heating system and boiler in tip-top shape. Townsend Energy, an Accredited Bosch Contractor, is the perfect choice for installing a new Buderus boiler, whether it’s an oil or gas heating system.
Below are the model options for both oil and gas non-condensing boilers available in New England.

Oil Boilers

buderus g115ws oil boiler replacement

When it comes to reliability and efficiency, look no further than our Buderus Oil Boilers for your home heating needs. These boilers are designed to deliver more heat from your oil, saving money.

Gas Boilers

buderus gas boiler replacement

If you have natural gas feeding your home heating system, then our Buderus Gas Boilers are for you. Reliable, durable, quiet, efficient, with low operating costs.

Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation, in-home consultation. We look forward to serving you!

Townsend Energy And Buderus Is A Winning Combination With Respect To Energy Efficiency In Your Home

Bosch Energy Efficiency

When the heating system in your home ages, the energy efficiency levels decrease. Boilers older than 15 years suffer from inefficient operation.

Modern Buderus boilers are well insulated, compact, made with central waterways that have a good baffle design. These advances in boiler technology help heating systems obtain energy efficiencies as high as 92%.

Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation quote on a new Buderus heating system for your home. Once a new system is installed, you will immediately see savings in your energy bills!

Reliability of Buderus Heating Systems

Buderus has been around for around 200 years, and there is a reason why. With reliability and sound craftsmanship, Buderus has the tenure that you can trust with your home boiler needs.

Since 1825, Buderus has been the worlds leader in heating technologies.  Producing the world’s first low-temperature hydronic heating system. Today, their products are known as the standard in the world in high-efficiency, low emission heating. All Buderus products are made to meet strict environmental and safety regulations. With regular or annual maintenance, Buderus boilers will deliver the highest efficiencies over the course of the lifespan of operation.

In 2008 Buderus joined as a member of the Bosch Group Brands with products that are designed to enhance efficiency, reliability and are safe for the environment. Bosch Thermotechnology offers many exceptional products designed to help your home heating needs, now and in the future. Read more.

Buderus Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to replace a boiler?

$10,000 - $18,000 but varies based on many parameters. You have to factor in the cost of the new boiler, parts or materials being used, and the cost of labor. Make sure you are using an Accredited Contractor to replace your heating system so you can minimize costs in the future. An Accredited Contractor or HVAC Specialist will check for leaks, test soil, or may move the location of your boiler. Labor costs can be between $100-$200 per hour as well. Set up a free no-obligation consultation with us at Townsend Energy so we can help get you the boiler suited for your home heating needs.

How long does it take to replace a boiler?

Can take 1 day or multiple days depending on each circumstance. The boiler may need to be removed, testing may need to be done, or parts may need to be ordered. The way we see it, is making sure the boiler is installed properly and working efficiently. Having a consultation can give you more of an exact time frame to get the job done.

How often should a boiler be replaced?

15 years +/- is the average time when a boiler needs to be replaced. Factors such as where you live, annual maintenance, and water quality can make the 15 year average fluctuate. Don't wait till there are breakdowns or you could be without heat when it's cold out.

Why Buderus Boilers Are Energy Efficient?

For example, the boiler may have poor insulation, might not have a central waterway, or the large baffles can get distorted.

A baffle slows down the hot gases to help with a greater transfer of heat to water ratio. When a baffle is distorted, it will allow gases to escape on the side of the heat exchanger. This will make the boiler run at 60-70% efficiency. Usually, the hot gases follow through the baffle to keep the boiler running at peak performance, saving you money.

With Buderus, we know that it is important to have your costs kept low all while running with energy efficiency. As well as to have low emissions with exceptional lasting performance. It’s one of the many reasons Townsend Energy offers Buderus Boilers.

How do I know if my boiler needs replacing?

The ways to know if your boiler needs to be replaced are frequent breakdowns, not working as well as it had in the past, seeing a big increase in your energy bills, or having issues with your water not getting as hot as it used to. Best thing to do is to have an Accredited Contractor or HVAC Specialist take a look at your boiler to assess the situation.

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Accredited Bosch Contractor

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We replaced the Jillett family’s old boiler heating system with a new Buderus G115/5 forced hot water boiler as well as a Buderus Logamatic control system. Click The button below to read the full case study of this project.

Buderus Boiler Installation Rowley MA

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