Accessory Parts For Buderus Boilers

Convenient Logamatic Control

buderus logamatic control

The Buderus Logamatic control is the system’s brain. It can use both indoor and outdoor sensors to dynamically and automatically adjust the boiler water temperature according to how the weather is outside.

When it is frigid, the boiler water is at its hottest. In moderately cold weather, the boiler water temperature is moderated so that comfort is consistent, making every room is comfortable and warm.

The Logamatic has 16 standard functions that feature simple day temperature settings with manual day/night override buttons, LED display for system status, summer mode indicator light, automatic summer/winter changeover, vacation mode, and a “Boost” function for faster response during early morning operation.

By adding a Buderus Logamatic control, you will have a comfortable home and the best fuel savings. It is available for the boiler models G115WS, G215, G315, GA124, G234X, and G334X that we offer. So whether you go with a gas or oil boiler replacement, the Logamatic control is recommended for you.

Domestic Hot Water Tanks

Buderus oil and gas hot water tanks

Need a domestic hot water tank? Try combining your Buderus boiler with a Buderus indirect hot water tank. A Buderus tank is so well insulated that it loses less than heat per hour than your average water tank and on average normal domestic hot water tanks lose up to 30% of the heat.

These tanks can be bought in either the vertical or horizontal to fit your home and installs right under the boiler. These hot water tanks can help recover water at a higher rate than your standard tank or tankless coil models.

While a Buderus boiler works great with any hot water tank—you can be sure of increased boiler efficiency, system longevity, and minimize service calls when you insist on a Buderus tank and boiler. 

Townsend Energy And Buderus Has Your Optional Accessories

Not Sure What Burner To Use?

We recommend using a Riello Burner or a Carlin Burner for a Buderus Boiler. Here is some information:

Riello Burner

Riello burner

With over 90 years of experience with great successes and innovations, Riello is an expert in manufacturing excellent burners for your home heating needs. Riello high-efficiency burners give you low energy consumption, a quiet design, worry-free performance, and they’re the most reliable burners on the market.

  • High-Quality Design
  • Easy to Install
  • Quiet Design

Carlin Burner

carlin burner

Carlin Combustion Technology, Inc. is one of the industry’s technological leaders in oil and gas, for residential burners, controls, and ignitors. These burners combine proven durability and reliability with Carlin’s state-of-the-art controls and high-efficiency components.

  • Ultra Comfort Features
  • Reliability
  • Unmatched in Performance
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