Cap Price Program

oil cap price program
  • Price is locked at a ceiling but allows movement downward if market price declines
  • Performs well when market conditions move either up or down dramatically
  • Specific gallons required
  • Price protection fee required to create the ceiling price and to allow a lower price when the market declines


The Cap Price Program provides an opportunity to protect customers against unexpected increases OR decreases in market conditions. The Cap Program creates a ceiling price that will not be exceeded no matter how high oil prices increase, but it also allows the price to decrease when oil prices decline. Customers must specify the amount of gallons they want to protect during the program selection process. This program is beneficial to customers when market conditions increase or decrease in one way or the other during the course of the heating season. In order for Townsend Energy to secure the Cap Price for our customers, we are committed to purchasing oil futures contracts and oil options with our suppliers, thus the need to charge a price protection fee for this program.

Float Price Program

oil float price program
  • Price floats up and down based on current market conditions
  • Performs well in stable or declining market conditions
  • Most competitive offer
  • NO enrollment fee required
  • NO specific gallons required


The Float Price Program is a floating, or variable, price that changes with current market conditions. This program performs well when market conditions are stable or declining. Additional benefits to customers are that NO gallons need to be specified and there is NO enrollment fee. The Float Program does not perform well when oil prices increase dramatically.

Pre-Buy Price Program

pre-buy oil price program
  • Price is locked at a set price and does NOT move up and down with market conditions
  • Our lowest price protection program
  • One lump sum payment upon submission of contract
  • Performs well in a stable or increasing market conditions
  • Specific gallons required
  • NO enrollment fee required


The Pre-Buy Program is a locked in price that does NOT go up and does NOT go down with market conditions. The pre-buy price that you contract for will be the price you pay per gallon for a specific amount of gallons during the program selection process. This program provides protection against dramatic increases in oil prices and is beneficial when market conditions are stable or rising dramatically. The Pre-Buy Program is not beneficial when the market prices decrease because your price will not go down. This program is the LOWEST priced program because it requires the customer to pay for all of the oil purchased before the heating season in one lump sum. There is NO enrollment fee associated with this program. For our customers in New Hampshire our pre-buy price program is available May 1st through October 31st.

NOTE: When you commit to this program, Townsend Energy is simultaneously committing to you by purchasing the oil for you. We are not able to break this agreement with our suppliers. Be sure you understand that if market conditions decrease, you do not get a lower price.

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