Our furnace repair technicians in Danvers MA focus on getting your gas, electric, propane or oil furnace working efficiently and comfortably.

We service, repair and tune-up all brands of furnace heating equipment. We also sell and install the best furnace brands, if your Danvers home needs a heating system upgrade. Need an emergency heater repair? No worries, we can dispatch a service technician to your property, 24/7. Call us now to get your furnace repair. Danvers MA residents trust and depend on Townsend Energy for all their heating needs!

Our expert furnace repair team utilize the best tools in the latest training to service, repair and replace your heating equipment.

Furnace Repair Services:

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  • Emergency Furnace Repairs In Danvers MA

  • Oil, Propane, Electric & Gas Furnace Repair Service

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Heating System Repairs in Danvers MA

When your heating system stops working, it is a major inconvenience, not to mention a health hazard! When this happens to you, call Townsend Energy. We will get your home cozy and comfortable again. You can depend on Townsend Energy for fast and affordable furnace repairs and service in Danvers MA.

Find Furnace Repair Companies in Danvers MA

Are you getting high energy bills for the last few months and you have no idea why it is happening? All the other appliances along with your furnace seem to be operating perfectly but why is there a sudden hike in the bills? Are you absolutely sure that the furnace is working how it should? If you are not confident about it, then you should get it checked immediately. There are high chances that the furnace has become faulty and that has taken a toll on your fuel bills.

Danvers Furnace Maintenance

Routine maintenance of your home's furnace is important if you want to keep it safe. Without proper maintenance, the furnace can become inefficient and may stop working after some time. That is why it is important to opt for professional furnace repair services to deal with this matter.

When it comes to furnace repairs, you can undoubtedly trust Townsend Energy. We have been in this business for a long time and know what problems the furnace may face. You can find our nearest office in Danvers, MA and once you tell us about your furnace, we will send a furnace repair technician to check what is wrong with it.

Danvers Gas Furnace Repair Near Me

Gas furnaces have become so convenient for people these days. The way it distributes the warm air throughout the house is absolutely magical. But, they are not immune from facing technical problems. There are cases where the gas furnace does not produce enough heat and if you have noticed this, then do not hesitate to call us.

Of all the furnace repair companies, Townsend Energy is the one that provides comprehensive gas furnace repair service, and we will make sure that the furnace works just like before. Some of the other problems that our experts have solved are when the gas furnace flower is not turning off, or furnace power is switching on and off very frequently, or the furnace is making too much noise when it is working, and so on.

Here are some tips regarding a gas furnace repair, however, it is best to leave the repairs to an experienced Danvers HVAC technician:

Oil Furnace Repair Near Me: Danvers MA

Fuel oil furnaces are ignited with the help of an electric spark. Unlike gas furnaces, this one operates with the help of oil. One of the reasons why there are problems with oil burners is that the system is extremely complicated. Oil furnaces provide exceptional heat output and still remain a very viable heating system for your home. However, just as gas furnaces require maintenance and repairs, so do oil furnaces.

Heating Oil Danvers MASo, when you call the Danvers, MA office of Townsend Energy for oil burner repairs, we will send a technician who is well experienced with the parts of an oil burner. The technician will first remove the access panel that covers the burner blower. Once that part is safely removed, the other parts will be checked to see which part is faulty. Accordingly, the solution will be provided.

Danvers Furnace Repair Cost

When you wake up in the middle of a chilly night to find that the furnace is not working, you will surely curse everyone around because your whole night’s sleep will be wasted. Just like an air conditioner is important during the summer season, a furnace becomes extremely important during the winters.

Townsend Energy understands what a pain it can be when you find that the furnace has become faulty. That is the reason why we look to provide quick service so that you can start using the furnace again. One of the crucial reasons why our service is so popular is that the furnace repair costs are quite reasonable.

Compared to the furnace replacement costs, you will find that our repair service is much more pocket-friendly. But we will not be able to provide you with an estimated price without investigating the problem. The minimum cost that you may have to bear can be around $50, and the maximum cost can be somewhere near $900.

Again, it all depends on what is wrong with the furnace. However, the problems that we have encountered and solved to date cost around $250. So, you can be assured that unless there is some major fault in the furnace, you will not have to spend a huge amount for our services.

Local HVAC Repair Company in Danvers MA

Apart from heating repairs, Townsend Energy also offers air conditioning repairs too. Starting from ventilation to heating to air conditioners, we have provisions for everything. Another reason why you should trust our services is that we maintain and follow all the industry standards that companies have to comply with repairing air conditioners and furnaces. Since there are lots of new refrigerants that are coming up and the old ones becoming obsolete and illegal, we try to ensure that our customers get the latest refrigerants so that the environment remains safe.

Danvers Emergency Heat Service

The problem with furnaces is that they can become faulty any time. You switch it on and have a comfortable night and the next day when you try to use it, you find that is not working at all. These are emergency cases when you need instant help and Townsend Energy will reach your location very quickly. We have mobile vans in various parts of Danvers, MA so that the technician can reach your location to check the furnace. It is very rare that you will find a reliable emergency heater repairs company but if you hire us, you will see that we work efficiently both during the day and also at night. Our 24 hours furnace repair is always open for our esteemed customers.

Danvers furnace repair calls for immediate service, and that is exactly what Townsend Energy brings to its customers. With a team of highly experienced technicians, we assure you that your furnace will be repaired quickly and you will be able to enjoy the winters in your house without feeling any kind of discomfort. So, give us a call whenever there is an emergency with the furnace.

Our HVAC repairmen are NATE-certified technicians and we repair all major brands of furnaces, including gas, oil, propane, and electric systems.

Our furnace repair services include:

  • Natural Gas, Propane and Oil Furnace Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance Furnace Service and Cleaning
  • Furnace Upgrades and Replacements
  • And More

When your furnace is not functioning correctly, our professional technicians will identify the issue and fix it. There are times when your home's heating system is nearing the end of it's lifespan. In this situation, our HVAC technician will review your options.

We want to make sure that your repair costs are not wasted on an outdated system. When we run across these situations, our furnace technician will provide options with regards to a furnace upgrade or replacement. We also offer many financing options to make this an easy and painless solution.

Furnace Maintenance Plans in Danvers MA

Of course, the best option is to have your furnace maintained on a regular basis. This helps to reduce unexpected heating outages as well as extend the lifespan of your heating equipment. Additionally, regular maintenance helps to keep your furnace running at top efficiency levels, saving you money on your monthly heating bills!

At Townsend Energy, we offer several maintenance plans for your furnace heating system. Contact our office for more details and to determine which plan is best for you and your budget.

Danvers Furnace Upgrades

When your heating equipment has reached the end of its lifespan, it is time to consider an upgrade and replacement. Townsend Energy installs the best furnace equipment available on the market! We install Carrier and Thermo Pride furnaces. Both of these manufacturers offer great warranties to compliment their line of highly efficient and comfortable furnaces.

Contact us today to receive a free quote on a new furnace heater for your Danvers home or business.

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