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So How Do Generators Work?

Electrical Power Is Lost

1) Electrical Power Is Lost

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1) Electrical Power Is Lost

There is an interruption or loss in electrical power from the local utility company. No matter what causes a power disruption in your home, the electric will go out. It could have been due to any type of storm, perhaps an equipment malfunction at your local power utility company, or perhaps an animal chewed through an electric line.

Regardless of the situation, the power you depend on is suddenly gone and could put you and your family in danger from a power outage.

generator automatically turns on

3) Generator Automatically Turns On

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3) Generator Automatically Turns On

Once the system senses the power outage, the generators turn on automatically, providing backup electricity to your home. No matter if you are home, away, or on business, the Generac backup generator detects the power outage, in a mere matter of seconds, restoring power. This is important because if you aren’t home when the power goes out, the security of your home could be in question or medical devices that are necessary for the betterment of life could be affected.

generac backup generator detects the outage

2) Generac Generator Detects Outage

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2) Your Generac Backup Generator Detects The Outage

Home backup power generators automatically power your home when there is a power outage. Within a few seconds of power failure or a power outage, your Generac generator will automatically detect if there is a power outage and help to restore electricity to where it’s needed most. Making sure that the electric flows even when the power utility company isn’t providing it.

electricity is restored

4) Electricity Is Restored

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4) Electricity Is Restored

The backup power will continue running until the local utility power is restored, whether it be a few hours later or a few weeks later. The automatic transfer switch sends electricity produced from your Generac generator to your home.

The generator will continue to give power to your home until the local utility company can fix the issue and restore the utility power. Helping any power loss worries you may have had, and delivering time after time as the power goes out, you’ll still have your lights on.

In the event of any emergency situations, Generac generators provide critical backup power in your home to any appliance, home system, or anything that uses electricity. 

Townsend Energy Puts Their Trust In Generac Backup Home Generators

By living in New England, we know a thing or two about bad storms and power outages. We trust Generac backup home generators in our homes and so should you! Don’t wait for another Noreaster or storm to knock our power out, choose Generac backup power generators to light up your home. Request a free no-obligation consultation with Townsend Energy and our expert technicians or a Generac product download guide today!

Generac Backup Power Generators Provide Safety And Peace Of Mind

By choosing a Generac backup home generator, you will never have to worry about finding your flashlights and candles when the power goes out.

These generators will power up your home in a matter of seconds once the Generac generator detects any sort of disruption from your power provided by your utility company. Never worry again about your family when that next big storm comes rolling into New England.

inside of a generac guardian generator

Learn Why 7 Out Of 10 Homeowners Choose Generac

Trust and reliability are important key features that homeowners know they are getting with Generac home backup generators. See the video below to learn why:

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