Best Tips For Hydronic Heating System Maintenance

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Hydronic heating systems have certainly stood up to the tests of time. These heating systems have given homeowners heat-filled environments and reliable comfort. They’re perfect for the average homeowner, given that they don’t fill homes with indoor pollutants or drafts, which are common among forced-air heating systems that aren’t given regular filter changes. Still, just like automobiles, the hydronic heating system has to be regularly serviced and maintained to deliver optimum performance. The good news is that with the right information, any homeowner can play an important role in the ongoing upkeep of their own hydronic heating system. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about keeping your hydronic hot water system in excellent condition.

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The Best Maintenance Strategies for Your Hydronic Heating System

The best approach for any homeowner who wants to keep their hydronic heating system in top condition can be broken down into two distinct categories. One category consists of maintenance tasks that can only be handled by a licensed professional. The other includes all tasks that a homeowner can handle on their own.

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Why Is A Professional Necessary for Hydronic Heating System Maintenance?

Having professionals help with HVAC system maintenance minimizes the burden on homeowners. Given that they are both experienced and trained, professional HVAC contractors can use their expertise to inspect systems. Thus, to ensure overall comfort and efficiency, homeowners should schedule yearly inspections with reputable and licensed technicians.

For instance, boiler tune-ups ward off a number of potential problems. It also prevents small issues from spiraling out of control which can easily happen when developing issues are neglected or overlooked. The result is that consumers can save money and enjoy consistent peace of mind.

Boiler Maintenance Tune-Up Tasks:

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Following is a list that highlights the benefits that come from having your radiant heating system inspected on a yearly basis:

  • Tune-up Services: Having a hydronic heating system tuned up ensures that the system is thoroughly inspected and all necessary components are primed for excellent performance.
  • Expansion Tanks: Technicians assess air charge and recharge it as needed. Tanks are thoroughly inspected, and ongoing maintenance ensure that the air vents do not have any obstructions.
  • Pressure Valve Reliefs: Your technician will examine the heating system’s pressure relief valve to make sure that it is functioning properly and to purge any stagnant water.
  • Hydronic Glycol: The pH of this fluid is assessed to see if degradation has occurred and to determine whether a fluid recharge service is in order.
  • Shut-Off and Drain Faucets: Every faucet is replaced or repaired as needed.
  • Combustion: Safety controls are adjusted by HVAC technicians, and inspections are performed to spot leaks or blockages. The burner is cleaned according to manufacturer specifications as well.
  • Circulator: The zone valves and circulator are inspected to ensure that they’re operating as they should.
  • Wiring: Wiring is inspected across the entire system for both conductivity and continuity.
  • Valves: Every valve in the system is inspected to ensure optimum functioning.

This is hardly an exhaustive list, but it does indeed show why professional, yearly inspections are necessary for hydronic heating systems. HVAC technicians will take care of these tasks so that homeowners don’t have to struggle to do them on their own. In addition to the expertise that professionals provide, there are always things that a homeowner can do too to keep a hydronic heating system working as it should.

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Boiler Maintenance Tasks for Homeowners

Beyond enlisting the help of trained professionals, homeowners can also take part in system maintenance. Homeowners have different skills and capabilities, so if you aren’t sure, be sure to speak with a professional. The following list shows just a few ways in which homeowners can assist in maintaining their heating equipment.

  • Stay on the lookout for signs of problems.
  • Regularly perform basic system inspections at least once every month.
  • Check the furnace or boiler for signs of building calcium deposits or rust. Negligence accounts for the largest number of major boiler issues.
  • Regularly check the system’s water levels. If water levels in a boiler drop to low, they won’t have the ability to deal with the heat they produce. make sure that the boiler is always filled to the appropriate water level.
  • Using baking soda and vinegar to get rid of rust and calcium deposits. A soft scrubbing tool and other approved cleaners can be used as well.
  • Those who are more experienced in dealing with hydronic heating systems can additionally drain their boilers and add more oil to their pump motors for improved circulation. These steps should only be performed in accordance with the instructions of the product manufacturer.

Much like the list for professional maintenance tasks, this list is incomplete. However, it does give homeowners a basis for taking a proactive approach to hydronic heating system maintenance. It additionally helps homeowners to familiarize themselves with their systems and learn more.


Becoming Familiar With the Hydronic Heating Equipment in Your Home

After you’ve started becoming more involved in system upkeep, you will eventually find that you are able to take other important steps to help yourself. Following is a list of ways in which you can gain more knowledge of your home’s hot water heating system and its overall maintenance needs.

  • Pay careful attention: You can learn a lot by simply observing how your system functions. You should observe to learn more about its normal sounds, major components, and more.
  • Speak with others: There are a lot of people you might know who have systems that are similar to your own. You can become a veritable sponge and soak up the info that your friends and family members have to share.
  • Go online: The Internet offers a wealth of helpful information. If you’re curious, you can surf the world wide web to learn more.
  • Read your owner’s manual: People typically receive owner’s manuals when their hydronic heating systems are put in. Familiarizing yourself with this manual is a very prudent step.
  • HVAC inspections: When you schedule yearly inspections and tune-up services, or when you contact HVAC professionals for help, you have the opportunity to learn quite a bit. HVAC technicians are often happy to share their insights and guidance.

There are lots of sources of info for those who are looking for it. As you come across helpful information, you will gain a better understanding of your hydronic heating equipment. The more that you find out about your system, the more skillful you’ll invariably become in handling its general maintenance and upkeep. Over time, you’ll be able to save quite a bit of money on essential maintenance.

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Keeping your hydronic heating system in good condition is all about forming the right habits. Performing monthly system inspections and signing up for annual maintenance services should be part of your normal routine. As you become more comfortable with your role in your heating system’s maintenance, you will learn new ways to take care of this essential equipment. Among some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy are higher levels of efficiency, increased home comfort, lower energy bills, and the ability to stave off the need for HVAC repairs.

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