What To Look For In A New Oil Boiler For Your Home

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Sadly, all the things we enjoy come to an end. While your old boiler served your family well for several years, it will eventually stop working and provide you with the heating comfort you deserve. You will find that your boiler’s performance declines along with its reliability and efficiency. Boiler repairs will no longer be feasible or practical. Ultimately, you will have no choice but to consider an oil boiler installation. Consider it a chance to purchase a new home heating system with improved features. Also, you have an opportunity to choose a boiler with capabilities designed to match your current needs. Read below for information about what to look for in a new boiler.

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Key Factors to Consider When Buying a New Oil Boiler

Replacing an oil boiler is not a simple task. Give yourself adequate time to review all the options available. Consider all the requirements that you would need at home. If you are not knowledgeable of the pertinent details, check with an HVAC specialist for advice and information. Ask a lot of questions so that you get detailed answers. The HVAC specialist will facilitate your decision-making process at every step. Here are some pertinent factors that you must consider during this process:

1. Type of Oil Boiler

Property owners can choose between a hot water boiler or a steam boiler. Although both operate similarly, there are several differences between these boiler types. Steam boilers have fewer accessories and higher heating temperatures. Alternatively, hot water boilers are designed more safely and offer more efficiency. Steam boilers are better suited for larger homes and industrial settings because they are powerful. However, hot water boilers are efficient for small to average-sized homes. Boilers are fueled either by natural gas or heating oil. Many households throughout New England opt for home heating oil since it is inexpensive and readily available.

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2. Heating Oil Boiler Size

Many individuals assume that purchasing a big boiler has more advantages than a smaller one, but this is a misconception. Boilers are available in different sizes to suit any home. If you install a HVAC system that is bigger than you need, you will suffer from an issue called “short cycling.” Short cycling occurs when your home achieves the desired temperature too quickly, and the boiler shuts off. This quick switching will wear out your system, which leads to early breakdowns. Some homeowners install new units that are the same size as their original units. However, the HVAC specialist is better suited to provide precise calculations on boiler sizing.

3. Oil Boiler Efficiency

image of energy efficiency rating and efficient heating systemWhile it is relevant, the cost of purchasing a new boiler should not be the only focus. In most homes, heating systems use the most energy. Consequently, homeowners must take steps to reduce the operational costs of their boilers. A high-efficiency boiler decreases your fuel costs. Although your initial cost is higher, you will save more money in the long term. The AFUE calculates a unit’s fuel conversion to energy during a heating season, and a higher rating brings better results. You will find the Energy Star label on high-efficiency boilers.

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4. Maintenance of an Oil-Fired Boiler

If you want your heating system to run efficiently and last longer, you must maintain it consistently. You do not maintain different types of boilers in the same manner. Before choosing a unit, learn about the needs of the various systems. Ensure that you understand what ownership of a boiler entails. Bear in mind that property owners will not be able to perform all maintenance work because some aspects require the expertise of a professional HVAC technician. Arrange annual maintenance to improve your unit’s lifespan.


5. Boiler Venting Requirements

Ventilate your boiler to clear exhaust gases from the burning fuel. You will need to select a ventilation method based on your home’s layout. Chimney-vented boilers operate with a vertical stack to eject gasses passively. Low-density fumes flow upwards until reaching the opening. Conversely, power-vented boilers run with fans to push out the gasses. Blowers enable venting through side walls in homes that do not have chimneys, but it requires a large open and airy room. You can install direct-vented boilers in smaller spaces since they do not depend on indoor air.

6. Regional Climate

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The area’s climate dictates how much stress the heating system can take. In some regions, people only use their boilers in the winter. Meanwhile, other locations require boiler use throughout the year. Therefore, homeowners must choose a boiler unit capable of carrying the load.

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7. Oil Boiler Brand Name

Buderus G234X45 hot water boiler dover nhAll manufacturers innovate to improve their products, and some boiler manufacturers have proven themselves better than others. Some brands are known for their efficiency and durability. Some provide responsive service for repairs within warranty terms. Therefore, homeowners must research all top brands available on the market. They can also contact family and colleagues about their experience with top-tier brands. Of course, contact a professional HVAC contractor for helpful advice. They have experience and knowledge from working in the industry.

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Your situation at home determines your ideal boiler unit. Take the stress out of looking for a new boiler by contacting a professional and reliable HVAC contractor. If you currently use heating oil in your boiler, it is time to look for a different boiler to reduce the replacement costs. Choose an ideal system based on system capacity, brand name, and efficiency rating. Do not forget you also need to consider the venting requirements.

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