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Ductless heating and cooling systems offer all the benefits of traditional HVAC systems. However, they accomplish this without consuming a large amount of space or energy. Also, they do not use ductwork. Homeowners install these systems for a variety of reasons. For example, it is an excellent choice for when you have an older home, where it is impractical to install ductwork. It also works well if you are looking to upgrade your existing equipment or if you simply want a supplement HVAC to your current system. Regardless of why you may require a ductless system in your home, it is vital that you always choose a professional ductless installation when the time comes.

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What Is A Ductless Mini-Split?

A ductless HVAC system consists of two main parts: an outdoor condenser and an indoor air handler. They are connected via a conduit line that passes through a three-inch hole in the wall. The conduit is comprised of a refrigerant line, a condensate drain, and a power cable. Depending on your comfort needs, there could be more than one air handler installed in your home.

A mini-split is a heat pump that can supply you with cold air during the hot summer days and warm air during the cold winter season. A ductless system works by circulating refrigerant through the line that connects the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The refrigerant absorbs the heat from inside your home and releases it outside. When in heating mode, the process is reversed.


Advantages Of A Ductless HVAC System

fujitsu ceiling suspended ductless systemMany homeowners are making the switch to a mini-split due to the many benefits it brings to their homes. Here are a few of them:

Sleek Design

Ductless mini-splits feature a sleek and modern design that is compact and unobtrusive. It can be mounted on a wall, the floor, or even suspended in the ceiling. They are designed to fit any home without disrupting your interior design.


Quiet Operation

Some mini-splits have a sound rating that’s as low as 19dB. This means that they are quieter than a whisper. Not only do they have an unobtrusive design, but you hardly notice that they are running at all.

Superior Home Comfort

Traditional HVAC systems cycle on and off. This means that the unit turns off once the set temperature is reached. It then switches on again once the temperature falls to a certain level. Unfortunately, this can result in having a temperature that is too cold or too hot.

A ductless system can be equipped with inverter technology. This allows the unit to deliver continuous cooling or heating to the room. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing there won’t be cold or hot spots throughout the room. Your home will be perfectly comfortable all the time. It also removes moisture while it is in operation, making sure your home is even more comfortable.

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Ductless Energy Efficiency

Mini-splits are one of the most energy-efficient systems in the market. Inverter-driven mini-splits cut down the energy wastes as it uses variable speed in heating and cooling. Ductless systems also have intelligently-designed heat exchangers and advanced control algorithms that are guaranteed to save you 30 percent or more on energy costs.


HVAC Zoning

ductless multi-zone setup

Another benefit of ductless units is that they allow you the option to have zones. Individual air handlers in each zone give you flexibility and control over your home’s environment. You can switch on the mini-split only in the rooms you are occupying. You can also manage the temperature in each zone and customize them according to each of your family members’ preferences.


Single zones consist of one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. This type of system is often used as a supplemental system for those spaces that have under-serving HVAC units. It is also ideal for cooling or heating rooms that were previously unconditioned. Unfortunately, if you choose to have a single-zone system, you cannot convert it into a multi-zone system later.


A multi-zone system consists of one outdoor unit and multiple indoor air handlers. A single outdoor compressor can accommodate as much as eight indoor units. This type of zoning lets you have a combination of efficiency, comfort, and control that no other HVAC equipment in the market has been able to match.

Each indoor unit functions independently from the others, letting you and your family enjoy customized home comfort in each zone. For instance, you can switch off the units in unoccupied zones. You can also enjoy a cooler environment in your bedroom while the children can have a warmer temperature in the living room.

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Types Of Indoor Units

fujitsu wall-mounted ductless indoor air handler

There are several types of indoor units that can accommodate your home comfort needs. Keep in mind that the one you choose should be as per your aesthetic preference and the layout of your home as well. Some of these are:

  • Wall-Mounted – This type is the most commonly used and affordable option out of all its counterparts. The air handler is usually mounted at least six feet high up the wall. It is a compact and efficient system that offers a variety of features and comes in many designs.
  • Floor-Mounted – A floor-mounted mini-split is for when you do not have enough wall space to accommodate a wall-mounted system. It is mounted near the bottom of the wall near the floor. It is perfect for when the room you need to condition has a slanted wall and ceiling like an attic room.
  • Ceiling Cassette – A ceiling cassette is installed into the ceiling, usually in the middle. The bulk of the mechanics is hidden behind the ceiling. Only a grille is visible from the room, and conditioned air is released on all four sides. It also allows you to control the direction of the airflow and close some of the vents when needed.
  • Ceiling Suspended – As the name suggests, a ceiling suspended system is hanging from the ceiling. It can blend harmoniously into your living space and can cool a larger space. It is often used to cool an office area.
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Get A Professional Ductless Installation

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With all that needs to be considered with installing ductless HVAC equipment, it is best left to the professionals. When a local qualified HVAC technician installs your system, it can work to the best of its capabilities and at optimum efficiency for a long time.

An expert technician is guaranteed to assist you along every step of the installation process, from choosing the right system to completing and checking the installation. Some of the many benefits professional HVAC installation offers include:

Meeting Your Comfort Needs

Matching your needs with the correct HVAC system is crucial to heating and cooling your home efficiently. A professional has the knowledge to assess your home and your daily needs and use these to calculate the size and capacity of your new ductless system. Purchasing a ductless unit without this information in hand might result in a disaster. You can end up buying an HVAC system that is either too small or too big for your needs. This will further lead to inconveniences, such as low air quality, poor performance, and high utility costs. A professional technician will ensure that you have a ductless system that is perfect for your home and comfort needs.

Easy And Safe Installation

image of an hvac contractor installing a ductless mini-split system

Although it may seem like an easy installation as a ductless system usually takes only a few hours, the process is not as simple as it seems. A professional has extensive experience and the right tools to ensure that the HVAC system is not damaged during the installation.

Safety is also one of the most important reasons you need to hire a professional HVAC technician. A ductless system is a piece of sophisticated equipment, and technicians undergo years of training to learn how the different parts of an HVAC system operate and work together. Installing a ductless unit by yourself can be dangerous as you will be handling electrical wirings.

Manufacturers include every possible safety mechanism in their heating and cooling products. However, something could still go wrong when the system is not handled correctly. Without the proper knowledge, skills, and tools, you might end up causing damages and even running up your costs further. Trusting an expert technician assures you of a secure, safe, and cost-effective installation that will benefit your home for a long time.

Longer Lifespan And Better Efficiency

The quality of installation is a defining tell on your ductless system’s efficiency and longevity. Any heating and cooling system that is not installed correctly cannot function as efficiently and effectively as it should. This results in higher power costs and poor performance.

Proper installation means you receive the best return on your new investment. A professional will ensure that the system functions with the optimum efficiency available so that you achieve the home comfort you desire as well as the savings you should expect.

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Peace Of Mind

An unlicensed HVAC contractor may initially save you a couple of bucks. However, there is no guarantee on the products or the work they do. If any issues arise later, you will have to shoulder the full cost of repairs. When you hire a licensed installer, you will receive warranties and guarantees upon installation. These will cover any problems that happen after installation, including replacing or repairing any parts of the unit within the warranty period.

Licensed technicians also provide insurance for any damage that might occur during the installation in your home. Professionals have the knowhow on the compulsory state and city codes and will conduct the installation in line with these regulations. With a professional on the job, you can rest easy knowing that the installation is in good hands.

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Employing qualified and licensed technicians ensure that your ductless equipment installation is done right. From choosing the right new HVAC system to completing the installation process, a professional will be able to finish it correctly and on time all the time.

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