We pride ourselves on reliable Massachusetts propane deliveries and propane services for your home or your business.

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Propane is clean, green and environmentally friendly gas. It makes a huge difference in your quality of life at home, or in the productivity of your business. However, that is only if you have a reliable supply and service partner like Townsend Energy to support you when and where you need it!

Propane Delivery Danvers MA

Heating Oil Danvers MAOur expert team of propane professionals includes modern delivery trucks and personnel as well as propane gas service technicians. Our technicians specialize in propane safety, propane delivery, tank installations, propane system maintenance, and converting homes and businesses to propane.

Townsend Energy, your heating, cooling and fuel delivery provider, has provided superior service since 1931 throughout Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire and Maine. The Townsend Energy team of certified staff can service all makes and models of home heating systems and can instal propane tanks and delivery LP gas to your home or business.

Our Townsend Energy's company has its headquarters located in Danvers Mass. We specialize in the distribution of fuel, propane fuel oil and diesel to homes and business owners in and around Danvers, MA. Our customers love that we deliver gas and other fuels in a fast, dependable manner.

Propane Gas Danvers MA

Whether you depend on propane to heat your home or to cook, we have you covered. We also provide propane services to commercial properties and businesses in and around Danvers, MA. You can count on us for the distribution of propane gas when you need it most! We will get propane to your current location quickly and affordably.

Our friendly, expert and well trained customer service representatives are dedicated to giving you quality service. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are always satisfied and are happy with their propane and oil companys! Call us when you need a propane tank refill.

We offer several different payment options for your propane delivery in Danvers, MA. Please contact our customer service representatives to learn more about your local gas companies.

Eastern propane solutions in Danvers Massachusetts is provided by Townsend Energy. We are proud of our professional personnel and operates with safety and proficiency. Our eastern propane gas serves homes and businesses throughout the area.

Danvers Propane Tanks

We offer solutions for home owners and local businesses when they need to have a propane tank(s) installed. Our customer care specialists can help you discuss everything from how the process works, the installation of the propane tank, self storage tanks, eliminating gas leaks and more. We offer several different payment options including credit card, check and cash.

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Danvers Propane Safety

The biggest safety tip that we can provide is, if you smell gas follow these steps.

  • Immediately extinguish any flames and avoid creating any sparks.
  • Leave the area immediately.
  • Find the gas shutoff valve and turn it off.
  • Report the gas leak.
  • Stay away form the area until professionals arrive.
  • Have Townsend Energy check your system, we are qualified propane experts.

Fun Information About Propane

Did you know that propane was discovered by the French chemist Marcellin Berthelot in 1857? Later, Walter O. Snelling created a way to liquefy LP gases in the refining of natural gasoline. This process led to liquefied petroleum gas and we now utilize LP gas (propane) as a fuel to heat and cook with.

Another interesting bit of information is related to the carbon emissions of propane as a fuel. Propane is an alternative fuel source that does not produce high carbon emissions. When compared to other heating options, propane not only has lower emissions, but it is a more efficient heating source with lower heating costs.

Other Services Offered By Townsend Energy

In addition to propane gas delivery and service, we also deliver home heating oil (fuel oil) and off-road and on-road diesel fuel. And, we are not just a fuel delivery company! We also sell, install, service and repair heating and cooling systems as well as home back up generators.

Propane Danvers MA

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You Can Count On Townsend Energy For All Of Your Home Propane Delivery Needs.

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Rest assured that your LP gas & fuel deliveries will arrive on time, all the time. Many smaller companies struggle with this simple promise, especially when consumer demand peaks in extremely low winter temperatures. Due to our propane bulk storage facility, we are able to meet all of our delivery demands, any time of the year.

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