What’s Wrong With My Thermostat?

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Determining What’s Wrong with Your Thermostat

One of the most common HVAC repairs that our technicians receive has to do with a malfunctioning thermostat. We receive calls like this so frequently because it’s a homeowner’s first point of contact with their HVAC system. Likewise, this is where you’ll first notice that your system isn’t working correctly.

What to Check with Your Thermostat

When you see that your thermostat isn’t working properly, there are some quick tips you can try.

Check Your Thermostat Batteries

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Today, most thermostats are battery operated. Although they’re connected to your furnace by wires, these connections are typically only used for controlling your HVAC unit. They don’t power your thermostat. Look at your user manual to find out how to remove the front of your thermostat and replace your batteries with new ones.

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A Brown-Out Can Affect Your Thermostat

Sometimes the power in your home is suffering some impedance or bottlenecking. Although this is a less common issue with thermostats, these brownouts can prevent your heating and cooling system from working correctly. So, make sure that you don’t have an overall power issue in your home before you replace your thermostat wifi.

Check Your Thermostat’s Mode

Those who live in climates with four seasons with multiple people living in the home may deal with someone else changing the settings on the thermostat Honeywell. To prevent this from happening, you should purchase a programmable thermostat. For instance, someone may have possibly changed your thermostat to the “cool” setting during the winter months. It’s possible that nobody else knew they did this. This situation may make it seem like your heating system isn’t working correctly. Make sure you save yourself a lot of time and hassle by checking this setting.


Make Sure Your Thermostat Is “On”

Although this may seem dumb, it’s something that happens frequently. If your thermostat always displays information such as the time, it can be really simple to miss the fact that it’s off. Therefore, you should always have a checklist that you go through when you’re changing your heating and A/C settings. Doing so will help you remember to turn your system on. Once it’s on, you’ll want to change it to the heating or cooling setting and set a program if necessary.

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Fan Only Mode

Some HVAC systems have a fan-only mode. This mode means that your HVAC system’s fan is the only component working. When this happens, it may sound like your system is on when it’s only blowing hot or cold air – depending on the season. You’ll want to make sure that your system isn’t in the fan-only mode. Instead, set programmable thermostats to “auto.”

The Thermometer’s Room Temperature and Setting Don’t Match

Sometimes the interior of your thermostat becomes dusty and dirty. If you don’t clean it, you may receive inaccurate readings that make you think the room’s temperature isn’t changing.



These tips will help you determine what’s wrong with your thermostat. Hopefully, this will save you money since there’s no need to call a tech. If you do call a tech and they find one of these problems, some heating, and cooling companies may still charge you for the service call. Of course, if none of these things fix your issue, there’s probably something else wrong with your HVAC system.

If the above troubleshooting doesn’t work, your system will require more analysis and evaluation from a professional HVAC technician. You should never try to fix any HVAC issues by yourself. DIY HVAC repairs can cause further damage to your system, and you can also severely injure yourself and anyone else living in your home.

Sometimes when homeowners have thermostat issues with their old thermostat, they see this as an opportunity to upgrade to a smart thermostat since they increase your home’s energy efficiency. There are several options available. Be sure to go over thermostat reviews. You can also ask our technicians to talk about which model will work best for your home.

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