Ensuring Safe Heating Oil Delivery During The Winter

home heating oilIt is vital always to have oil in the tank when you depend on that fuel to provide heat for your home. During the winter season, when the weather is severe, keeping heating oil in the tank can be particularly tricky.

Fuel Oil Delivery Somersworth NH: Getting Your Home Ready For A Delivery

An essential part of this process involves homeowners making things easy for the delivery driver. To do this, you should take some steps when preparing your home for an oil delivery.

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Ensure The House Numbers Are Noticeable

Your delivery service will need to locate your place of residence easily. As such, you should ensure that your house number is displayed clearly and that the driver can quickly and easily see them. Doing so provides access to your home without any issues. They will be able to start the delivery process immediately. If the numbers are not visible, it could delay the delivery until it becomes easier to locate your home.

Ensure The Oil Supplier Has Easy Access

home fuel oil delivery serviceIf the delivery driver has to come through the gates to gain access to the intake pipe, ensure the entrances are accessible for the driver to open or you should consider leaving the gates open. Locked gates are one of the top reasons deliveries are returned and rescheduled for a later date. Doing so is undoubtedly essential to keep in mind if nobody is home on the day of the scheduled delivery. Additionally, if you have a dog and the fill pipe is fenced in, ensure your pet is not in the yard when the delivery arrives. The best approach is to make sure the fencing travels outside the fill pipe so there will be no access issue.

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Remove All Debris From The Area Before The Oil Delivery

When the delivery gets there, the driver will require direct access to the intake pipe. As a result, all debris in and around that area should be cleared out. The driver will be pulling a large hose to the pipe and should have the ability to safely and easily pass through the area.

Make sure that you remove all hazards and obstructions such as branches and rocks from the pathway leading from the street or driveway to the inlet. If the inlet has bushes around it, ensure they are kept trimmed so the point of entry can be easily accessed.

Remove All Snow And Ice Before The Fuel Delivery

snow blowerThe driver who delivers your heating oil should be able to carry out their job safely. In some cases, if the driver finds obvious dangers at the location, it might not be possible to do the delivery. Consequently, it may have to be rescheduled for another date.

Spend time shoveling your driveway to rid it of snow and ice. Drivers should not have to climb over snow banks or wade through sludge to get to the delivery site. Bear in mind ice could be on the pathways as well. You surely do not want the driver to slip and fall while bringing the hose to the inlet.

Organizing heating oil deliveries on a regular basis and whenever it is needed can help you in avoiding the high prices associated with emergency deliveries. Always ensure that the provider can easily and safely access the delivery point and that you remove all hazards in the driveway and yard.

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Follow these guidelines to make sure your next delivery of heating oil is a seamless and smooth one. For first-class service and reasonably-priced heating oil, contact Townsend Energy. In addition to heating oil, we do repairs and maintenance services on your heating system to enhance the overall functionality and efficiency of HVAC systems. For your heating needs, contact Townsend Energy today.

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