Why You Should Leave HVAC Maintenance To A Professional

HVAC contractorAre you one of those weekend warriors who like to do your own maintenance around the house to save money?

You have probably thought about doing your own maintenance on your heating and cooling system. After all, it can’t be that difficult, can it? In a word, don’t!

Even if you are handy, you can still do damage to the unit, which can have grave consequences for your home.

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HVAC Maintenance Georgetown MA: DIY Vs. Hiring A Professional HVAC Technician

In this article, we will discuss the importance of hiring a seasoned HVAC technician when it comes to your heating and cooling system. We will cover some of the tasks that a homeowner can handle on their own and the ones that should be left for a pro.

What You Can Do To Maintain Your Heating & Cooling System

Filter Changes

dirty HVAC filterChanging the filter is something that you should do frequently. A dirty air filter taxes your system and causes a decrease in efficiency over time. Dirty filters also make repairs more likely and shorten the life of the system because the components have to work harder to push air through the ducts.

The air quality in your home will also decrease the longer you live a dirty filter in place. Replace the filter at least every two months or wash it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Another HVAC maintenance job you can do on your own is to keep the area around your central unit clean. This task will help keep dust and dirt from getting inside the components. Similarly, you can also make sure that windows and doors have proper seals, which can reduce energy costs. All other jobs should be left to professionals.

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HVAC Professionals Are Cost-Effective

HVAC contractorHaving an HVAC professional examine your heating and air conditioning is cost-effective. It is a task you should schedule twice a year, once in summer for air conditioning and once in winter for your furnace or heat pump. Each visit takes only about one hour if no additional repairs are needed.

Your HVAC professional will check all systems and connections. They will ensure that they are working correctly. Each side of your system has many points that should receive a thorough inspection and cleaning. For your air conditioner, you should expect the following:

  • Measure blower motor amperage and voltage
  • Calibrate and test thermostat
  • Inspect bearing, indoor coil and condenser coil
  • Monitor refrigerant pressures
  • Flush condensate drain
  • Inspect for proper operation

For your heating system, you can expect similar tasks:

  • Test for carbon monoxide
  • Inspect and test ignition and exhaust systems for safe operation
  • Measure return/supply differential
  • Test safety and control circuits
  • Inspect and adjust fan belts
  • Clean and inspect burners and heat exchangers

The main reason you want professionals to do this work is that they have both the training and the tools needed to do the job. HVAC technicians must be certified and undergo periodic training to keep them updated on the latest techniques. They know what to look for, and they know how to do it. Sure, you can try to inspect your HVAC unit on your own, but chances are, you have no idea what you should look for.

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HVAC Equipment: Issues Regarding Safety

The issue becomes even more concerning when you try to repair or install an HVAC unit on your own. When it comes to the air conditioning side, you’ll have electrical components as well as a refrigerant to consider. Incorrectly wiring your system can lead to unexpected electrical fires.

When it comes to heating, there’s even more danger. Electric furnaces aren’t prevalent, but those that use natural gas or another type of fossil fuel are. Fossil fuels are combustible. One wrong step can lead to serious injury or even death from an explosion. There’s also the danger of carbon monoxide that can develop from cracks you don’t detect or from improper installation. Is it worthwhile to put yourself and your family at risk to save a few dollars? We think not.



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