Five Signs That Your Ductwork Is Leaking

hvac ductsThe ductwork in a building is part of a closed system that sucks air from different parts of the building, conditions it, and pumps it back to the room. It should not have any leaks.

When air enters the ducts, it should only come out of the other end of the ductwork. That is why any leaks should be taken seriously. When there is a leak, you will lose heated or cooled air. Impurities may also be sucked into the ducts and contaminate the conditioned air. The performance of the system will also be poor due to the loss of conditioned air through the leaks.

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HVAC Repair Georgetown MA: Signs That Indicate That Your Ductwork Is Leaking

There are many causes of leaks. For starters, the damaged seals at the vents can leak air to unwanted areas. Secondly, wear and tear arising from the constant expansion and contraction of duct connections during heating and cooling cycles can cause leaks. Below are five common signs that indicate that your ducts are leaking:

1. Dusty Home In Georgetown

dusty homeIf your home is always dusty, the problem could be your failure to clean the house properly. However, the problem might also be broken, leaky or collapsed ductwork. When you have damaged air ducts, dust from the attic and other parts of the building may be sucked into the air ducts and get distributed all over the building. As a result, your home will accumulate dust a lot faster than usual. If your home is always dusty, consider hiring a competent HVAC contractor to inspect your ductwork and fix any leaks that may be noted.

2. Leaking Ductwork Causes High Energy Bills

There are many possible causes of unreasonably high energy bills at home. For starters, you may be using old or obsolete HVAC equipment, which consumes more energy to make up for inefficiencies in the system. Secondly, your system may be leaking heated or cooled air. If your air ducts are leaking air to the attic or crawlspace, your HVAC equipment will have to work extra hard for longer to keep you comfortable at all times. To save money, therefore, you need to have the leaks plugged by a licensed HVAC contractor.

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3. Poor Indoor Air Quality & Your Ductwork

If the indoor air quality in your home is poor, but your heating and cooling equipment is working correctly, the problem could be in the air ducts. If indoor temperatures are not anywhere close to the thermostat setting and more impurities are circulating in your home than just dust, you may have a severe leak in your ductwork. For instance, a leaking air duct that passes through the basement storage area may suck in pesticides, cleaning detergents and other chemicals. These impurities will contaminate your air and lower indoor air quality significantly.

4. Reduced Home Comfort

adjusting thermostatIf your home is difficult to cool or heat, or the air feels stuffy, duct leaks could be to blame for the problem. If your ducts are leaking conditioned air to the great outdoors, you will not enjoy optimal home comfort. To resolve the issue, you need to have all the leaks in your air ducts plugged. Fortunately, a competent HVAC contractor can quickly identify and fix leaking ducts.

5. Hazardous Backdrafting

Some appliances in your home are vented. Obviously, the furnace must have a vent. The water heater and clothes dryer also have vents that are meant to dispense toxic fumes to the outside. Unfortunately, leaking ducts can suck in these fumes and contaminate the air. If you notice any pungent smell or unusual smell inside the house, your ducts could be leaking. To ensure your home and family are safe, be sure to have a competent HVAC contractor inspect your system for leaks and carry out the necessary repairs.

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