Unbelievable Indoor Air Quality Myths

indoor air qualityThe air you breathe has a significant impact on the health and life you enjoy. Many indoor air quality myths are passionately discussed in newspaper columns and on television channels. The only way to separate the facts from fiction is to understand the science behind it all. Indoor air quality must be taken seriously as most people spend most of their day indoors.

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Indoor Air Quality Winchester MA: Common Air Quality Myths

In this article, we will dispel some common indoor air quality myths.

Myth #1: Indoor Air is Better than the Air Outside

In most cities, across the globe, the outdoor air is relatively polluted, and a cause for grave concern. In comparison, the air inside buildings may seem better. Most buildings and closed spaces are crowded with chemical and organic contaminants that bring down the quality of air. By ensuring that clean air is circulated through a building, air quality is improved.

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Myth #2: Air Fresheners Improve Air Quality

Using air fresheners to combat odors and odd smells may seem like a quick fix. Though the use of such a product may make the room smell fragrant, most air fresheners contain chemicals. The regular and prolonged use of such a product may cause a build-up of chemicals that will affect the air you breathe.

Myth #3: HVAC System Does Not Affect Indoor Air Quality

HVAC air filterMost people only associate their HVAC system with heating and cooling their homes, and do not realize that it also influences the quality of indoor air. Experts say that many illnesses are a result of poor indoor air quality. By ensuring that offices, homes, and buildings are cooled or warmed at a comfortable and consistent temperature, the air quality is improved.
A forced air HVAC system in a building filters the air before introducing it into the rooms. By ensuring that it receives proper maintenance, one can make sure that the air is healthy for the residents to breathe. A neglected heating and cooling system cannot function effectively. It traps pollutants and then circulates the indoor air contaminants through its ductwork/vents.

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Myth #4: Opening Up Windows Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

In most cities, the air is quite polluted and contains particulate matter and noxious gases. Thus, just opening up windows will not improve the quality of air in a room. Instead, you can combine mechanical ventilators with the existing HVAC system. The mechanical ventilator would filter the air, and then your HVAC system circulates the clean through the building.

Myth #5: Ozone Generators Clean Indoor Air

Ozone gas generators are used in homes and buildings to deal with pollutants, chemicals, and odors. Research indicates that ozone gases may pose a risk to health and are associated with conditions such as throat irritation and respiratory ailments.

Myth #6: Humidifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality

During the winter, many people turn on their humidifiers to increase the level of moisture in their home. If you find that the indoor air in your building is dry, you should call your HVAC service provider to ensure that the system is functioning correctly.

The dry air may be a sign of indoor air leaking out of the building. Do keep in mind that increasing the moisture in the air could create ideal conditions for mold, fungi and bacteria growth.

Bad odors and fumes that make your eyes water are not the only indicators of bad quality of air inside a building. It is crucial that you are vigilant to the kind of air you breathe inside your home or office. The HVAC system in any building plays an integral role in keeping the ambient temperature comfortable. It also ensures that clean, healthy air is circulated through the building. Regular maintenance and service visits will help ensure the quality of indoor air.

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As previously mentioned, to prevent indoor air pollution and unnecessarily high energy costs in your home, one of the most important things that you need to do is to schedule a yearly tune-up of your HVAC system. Don’t put off repair services whenever your HVAC system isn’t working properly. Having a system that works correctly enhances your home’s energy efficiency and also helps to prevent pollutants as well as other contaminants from infiltrating your home’s air. Give Townsend Energy a call today to schedule your appointment.

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