How Boiler Works

Your typical boiler fuel type is oil, gas, or electric and uses either fuel source to create heat. It is then heated from your fuel source by water inside. The heated water or steam then goes through your home through radiators or radiant floor systems to produce heat for your home.

Conventional boilers, heat and circulate water at only one temperature—typically 170° to 180° F. They keep heating and circulating this high-temperature water until the thermostat signals it to stop. By doing this, you waste a lot of heat energy in the process, which will cost you money.

How Buderus Boilers Work

A Buderus boiler, especially when paired with the Logamatic Control, eliminates these room temperature swings by adjusting the boiler water temperature to the current conditions outside, saving fuel while keeping you warm and comfortable.

Buderus offers a large selection of gas boilers and oil boilers for any size or style home but doesn't cost you because of their industry-leading efficiency ratings and their 3 pass burner technology to maximize heating fuel savings year by year.

The flame fires into the first chamber. The flue then pushes flow through the second pass in the front of the boiler. The water then reverses direction, moving through the third pass to the back. Finally, the water exits via the flue connection into the chimney.

The cast-iron design allows the gases to be held in the boiler longer, allowing it to absorb the maximum amount of heat. As a result, a lower stack temperature and a higher efficiency.

  • Buderus optimized its combustion with pressure-fired
    boilers designed with chamber geometry.
  • Minimal stack losses
  • Lower standby loss with a full cover of thermal insulation around the entire block

Check Out Two Buderus Boiler Installations Performed By Townsend Energy

Buderus Boiler Installation Gloucester MA

Buderus Hot Water Boiler Heating System Installation Job In Gloucester, Massachusetts

Problem: Mr. Cardone of Gloucester MA had an old oil boiler in place in his home that required multiple service calls. Furthermore, it was not performing as expected.

Solution: After inspection of the old boiler system, Townsend Energy’s technician determined that the old system was not adequate to heat the home and needed to be replaced. He recommended removing the old oil boiler and upgrading to the Buderus forced hot water boiler with a Riello Oil Burner. This installation also included a Lochivar Indirect Water Tank, and a new Honeywell WIFI thermostat.

Buderus Boiler Installation Rowley MA

Buderus Hot Water Boiler Heating System Installation Project In Rowley, Massachusetts

Problem: The Jillett family’s boiler was not providing them with the quality of heat and comfort they were used to. They called Townsend Energy to inspect the system only to find out that their boiler was nearing a failure. Winter was right around the corner, so they had to act fast in order to make sure they were ready for the cold weather.

Solution: Townsend Energy recommended replacing their boiler as soon as possible in order to avoid the possibility of a failure of their current system. We installed a Buderus G115/5 Forced Hot Water Boiler as well as a Buderus Logamatic Control Model # 2107.

Townsend Energy And Buderus Offering How Boilers Work

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