buderus g115ws oil boiler replacement

Buderus G115WS Oil Boiler

Based on the best-selling Oil Boiler in the world the G115, is the improved G115WS. With better AFUE Ratings and the same reliability from the Bosch Buderus Boilers you know and love.

  • Improved Efficiency (87% AFUE)
  • Improved version of the best selling oil boiler in the world
  • Full jacket of thermal insulation
  • Low standby losses
  • Gas-tight seal
Buderus G215 & G315 Non-Condensing Boiler

Buderus G215 & G315 Cast Iron Oil Boiler

The G215 and 315 Oil Boilers were designed and created to help maximize the heating value of every bit of fuel and to be efficient for your home heating needs. It is ideal for a large-sized home or business space.

  • Improved Efficiency of 86% AFUE
  • Full three-pass boiler design
  • Cast iron for long life
  • 3" blue enamel jacket of thermal insulation around the entire block
  • Easy to clean
  • Energy Star Efficiency
Model# Efficiency BTU per Hour Usage
Bosch® Buderus G115WS Cast Iron Residential Oil Boiler 87% AFUE Rating 74,000-130,000 Single Family Homes
Bosch® Buderus G215 Cast Iron Oil Boiler 86% AFUE Rating 149,000-180,000 Single Family & Multi-Family Homes
Bosch® Buderus G315 Cast Iron Oil Boiler 86% AFUE Rating 686,000-784,990 Large Houses & Commercial

Townsend Energy And Buderus Delivering Your Home Oil Heating System Needs

Buderus Putting Energy To Work

Buderus developed a full three-pass system which increases the efficiency of the boilers. With single-pass boilers, the flue has only one chance to heat the water. The G115WS, G215 and G315 oil boilers allow the water to be heated three separate times. Once the boiler goes into standby mode, the thermal insulation will help to maintain a higher water temperature for you and your family's home, warm and cozy.

Additional Information on our Buderus Oil Boilers

The Buderus G115WS boiler is an improvement on the highly successful G115 design, the world’s best selling boiler. The G115WS has been redesigned and reengineered to make sure that all the fuel is being used in the most efficient way, and now will produce higher outputs at less cost per BTU. *The Buderus G315 Oil Boiler has very specific operational requirements. It is best to have an Accredited Bosch Contractor to consult with when choosing your home boiler needs. Read more.

Buderus Oil Boiler Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose an oil fired boiler?

Boiler heating systems are found in gas boiler and oil boiler homes. When a house has oil as a fuel source, oil heat, on average, provides 50% more heat or energy per gallon than propane and up to 40% more heat or energy than natural gas. A Buderus Oil Boiler should improve the heating efficiency of your home, which means saving money, using less energy, and help to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Set up a free no-obligation consultation with us at Townsend Energy so we can help get you the Buderus oil boiler suited for your home heating needs.

How does an oil fired boiler work?

The oil is ignited in the combustion chamber of the oil boiler. Once this happens, the heat exchanger will warm up your domestic water. The heated up water would then provide you with hot water or your home heating system.

How often should an oil boiler be serviced?

You should have your oil boiler serviced about every twelve months. By having it serviced annually, you will make sure the oil boiler heating system is running properly and at peak performance. The best time period to have your oil boiler is in late summer, so you do not put strain on the boiler during the harsher winter months. Don't wait till have your boiler serviced or you could be without heat when it matters most.

Are oil-fired boilers energy efficient?

The answer is yes! Newer Oil Boiler Heating Systems have an AFUE Efficiency Rating between 80-87%. Buderus Oil Boilers have ratings above 86% which is great for individuals or families looking to get more out of the heating fuel.

How much does it cost to service an oil boiler?

Routine Oil Boiler repairs can cost between $100-$600 but the average is about $300-$400. Depending on how much work needs to be done, parts needed, or a more complex issue, the cost can be $1,000-$2,500 or more. The best thing to do is to have our Accredited Bosch Contractors to take a look at your boiler to assess the situation.

Features of Buderus G115WS, G215 & G315 Oil Boilers

  • Improved AFUE Efficiency
  • Energy Star Efficiency
  • Full three-pass boiler design
  • Less maintenance
  • Cast iron for long life
  • Engineered to be more effective
  • Designed to work at any return water temperature
  • Slim Design
  • Gas-tight seal for safe and efficient operation
  • Three-pass flue design
  • 3" blue enamel jacket for thermal insulation around the entire block

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