Bosch HVAC Installation Winchester MA

hvac installation winchester massachusetts

As a homeowner, it’s your job to do what’s best for you and your family when it pertains to your place of residence. In the case of the Prodromou family, they realized that they were having trouble with their air conditioner for a while and they knew they had to do something about it. They…

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Garage Heater Installation Hampton Falls NH

garage heater installation hampton falls new hampshire

The weather can get incredibly cold in Hampton Falls NH during the winter. Spending time in the garage isn’t something that many people do when it gets really brisk outside. More than likely, just like the MacLeod family, your garage isn’t heated in the least. But the MacLeods wanted and needed to use their garage…

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Rinnai Furnace Installation York ME

furnace installation york maine

Homeowners never know for certain when the worst-case scenario could inevitably strike. The Doig family realized they were sitting on a potential ticking time bomb and the winter was fast approaching. Their wall furnace was 15 years old, and on its last legs, when they decided to be proactive and do the right thing to…

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Boiler Installation Project, Rye NH

oil boiler replacement rye, nh

Sometimes it’s incredibly important to prepare for the inevitable. That’s exactly what the Brown family did recently. They had an old and outdated boiler that they decided to replace before the worst-case scenario could happen. Do you know how cold it gets in Rye NH during the winter? It regularly drops as low as 20°F…

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Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Ogunquit ME

furnace air conditioner installation ogunquit maine

The summers can get very hot in Ogunquit ME, so it’s important to regularly service your air conditioner once a year. Like many of us, the Lacedras lead busy lives and they kept putting off air conditioning maintenance, until before long it had been 12 years since their system was last serviced. Instead of having…

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Oil Fired Boiler Installation & Replacement Bedford NH

boiler installation bedford nh

Recently, the Izbicki family reached out to Townsend Energy because they suddenly discovered that they had a serious problem on their hands. They learned that their boiler suddenly was on the fritz and it was leaking. After inspecting the problem, we determined that their boiler needed to be replaced in its entirety. After visiting their…

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Central AC Installation Winchester MA

ac install winchester massachusetts

The White family contacted Townsend Energy in severe distress. They had a serious problem that needed to be fixed immediately. Their air-conditioning no longer worked, and since it was the middle of the summer, the sweltering heat was becoming a big problem and really took away from their happiness and comfort. The Winchester MA resident…

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Ductless Air Conditioning Mini-Split Install In Salem, New Hampshire

ductless hvac installation salem nh

Members of the crew at Townsend Energy sat down with the Morales family to learn more about their unfortunate situation. You see, the Morales clan live in a beautiful home in Salem NH, but their residence has lacked air-conditioning for many years, and they only own an oil boiler. As you can imagine, this family…

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Bradford White Electric Water Heater Installation Project In Somersworth NH

electric water heater installation somersworth nh

Life took an unexpected turn for the Knight family in Somersworth NH one day. Seemingly out of nowhere, they discovered that their electric hot water heater was leaking and it began flooding their basement, which caused damage that they weren’t prepared for. They knew that it was time to replace their existing water heater with…

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