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The temperature in Stratham, NH can certainly get extremely cold during the harsh winters. Both commercial and residential owners do not want to find themselves in need of heating system repairs during these frigid months. Yet, the need for a brand-new heating system definitely happens from time to time, especially as a furnace reaches the end of its lifespan.

NorthEast Electrical needed not one, but two of their natural gas furnaces replaced during the frosty months of the early winter. Their former furnaces were old, outdated, and no longer working up to snuff.

To solve their dilemma, NorthEast Electrical decided to contact Townsend Energy to get a top-notch, worry-free estimate for their commercial project. Our team sent expert technician Mike Mondalto to inspect their office and furnaces and put together a detailed proposal of the highest quality.

We responded quickly to their plight because we know how tough it could be to go without heat in Stratham NH in the middle of the winter.

When all is said and done, Mike Mondalto recommended installing two brand-new Bosch natural gas furnaces to replace the old ones. After NorthEast Electrical accepted the proposal, our technicians began the process of removing the old furnaces and replacing them with efficient natural gas furnaces among other repairs. Keep reading to explore this commercial furnace replacement in Stratham NH.

Problem: It was the middle of the winter and NorthEast Electrical determined that it was best to properly heat their office in the most cost-effective manner possible by installing new natural gas furnaces. Townsend Energy came highly recommended, so they contacted us to assess the situation and propose a valid solution to avoid the need for emergency repairs in the future.

Solution: Townsend Energy sent Mike Mondalto to NorthEast Electrical to inspect their current furnaces and their overall heating system. After making his determination, he recommended installing two new Bosch natural gas furnaces. NorthEast Electrical accepted his proposal and Townsend energy commenced with removing and replacing the old furnaces with the new ones.

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Stratham Natural Gas Furnace Installation Services: Overview

NorthEast Electrical knew it was time to replace both their old and outdated furnaces with new natural gas furnaces. They chose cost-effective Bosch furnaces based on Mike Mondalto’s recommendation.

Bosch Natural Gas Furnace Upgrade In Stratham New Hampshire

bosch natural gas furnace replacement stratham nhNorthEast Electrical made a wonderful choice when they contacted premier HVAC service provider Townsend Energy, which delivers the highest quality commercial heating services in New Hampshire. Not only does Townsend Energy have verified reviews, but we are proud to be known for having a great reputation in the industry.

The Bosch natural gas furnaces replaced the old and outdated models. Our team removed the original furnaces, disposed of them for the client, and performed a complete furnace replacement. Bosch furnaces have great features and many benefits that include:

  • 96% AFUE Rating – this near-perfect rating is the ultimate in heating efficiency. AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. A 96% rating means the Bosch furnace burns nearly all of its natural gas fuel. This is extremely efficient and saves businesses and homes a tremendous amount of money on fuel costs.
  • Multipurpose Heating System Design – this feature is incredibly beneficial for property owners across the country. This design feature makes it simple to replace the current furnaces with new Bosch natural gas furnaces with the greatest of ease. An easier furnace install means cheaper installation expenses for both commercial and residential property owners.
  • Operational Heater Efficiency – the Bosch BGH96 furnace possesses a two-stage gas valve. It can switch from low and high fire settings, which makes it easy to meet load demands. This delivers a much more efficient operation than technology that only utilizes a single stage. It also leads to energy savings, additional comfort, and peace of mind.
  • Warranty – the limited warranty covers 10 years on parts, a limited lifetime on heat exchangers, and as much as 5 to 20 years on primary and secondary heat exchangers. Remember, commercial and residential owners must register their unit within 60 days to qualify for the residential Limited warranty.
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What To Look For In A New Commercial Heating System In Stratham NH?

It’s always critical for business owners to properly think through their options when looking for a new heating system in Stratham NH. By weighing their options, they have the opportunity to get the best brand-name equipment for an affordable price.

Anyone struggling to choose the best furnace to replace their current heating system should consider the following before making a purchasing decision. The considerations include:

  • Heater Efficiency Meets Affordability – it’s best to keep the increased upfront cost in mind, but also factor in the higher efficiency furnace will help save on energy expenses over the unit’s lifetime. With vastly improved efficiency, commercial and residential owners will pay significantly less on their annual fuel expenses. Paying more for an efficient unit isn’t so bad because it’s easy to recoup the extra expenses in fuel savings.
  • Thermostat Programming – it’s even easier to boost the efficiency of your furnace by using the programmable thermostat to your advantage. Business owners can lower the temperature within their office at night to 60-67° as recommended by the Sleep Foundation. They can program this directly into the thermostat and set it to raise the thermostat at other times. Thermostat programming will make it possible to reduce heating bill expenses even further.
  • Furnace Pricing – never choose a new furnace based solely on the furnace price. A cheap system might not be a great fit for your home or office. As such, an overpriced heating system also might not be the ideal fit. Definitely keep your budget in mind, but make sure to consider other factors like lifespan, AFUE rating, functionality, and more when deciding on a new furnace.
  • Satisfactory Furnace Installation – the installation is also an important component to consider when purchasing a new furnace. Townsend Energy does a masterful job, comes highly recommended, and offers fair and affordable pricing to our Stratham NH customers and those in the surrounding area.
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What Are The Benefits Of A Two-Stage Variable Speed Furnace For Business Owners In Stratham NH?

By choosing an energy efficient two-stage furnace, business owners have an opportunity to experience additional benefits that a single-stage furnace doesn’t deliver. These benefits are so important that they bear mentioning. They include the following:

  • Furnace Quiet Operation – Do you know that two-stage furnaces are much quieter than their single-stage counterparts? How so? These furnaces do not operate at 100% capacity whenever it’s turned on, which produces fewer carbon dioxide emissions, which is great for the environment and it also remains much quieter because it isn’t operating at full force.
  • Less Electricity – two-stage heating systems use much less electricity than single-speed furnaces. In fact, conventional wisdom states that the two-stage systems only need about 1/3 of the electricity of a traditional single-speed furnace option. By no longer needing 2/3 of the electricity needed to power a single-speed furnace, homes and businesses can save hundreds of dollars each year on their electric bills.
  • Precision Controlled Furnace Airflow – this is immensely important for business owners because the precision controls make it possible to better control the humidity levels, air distribution, and temperature. This high degree of precision means commercial property owners can experience much more comfort with a two-stage heating system as opposed to a single-speed option. Comfortable employees and customers are vital in a commercial setting.
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Why Choose A Reputable Stratham HVAC Company For Your Commercial Furnace Installation?

image of a furnace installation in stratham new hampshire by townsend energy

It’s important to choose a reputable HVAC services provider for all of your HVAC work, especially when installing a furnace. If a business owner ends up hiring the wrong heating cooling company, they could end up with a bad furnace installation.

To better understand the unfortunate significance of a bad furnace installation, please consider the following consequences:

  • Shortened Furnace Lifespan – it’s difficult to catch a subpar heater installation, which is why it’s critical to choose a reputable HVAC company like Townsend Energy. With an unprofessional installation, the furnace will not experience major issues for roughly 8-10 years. This could lead to constant repairs and a system that only lasts for 10 years as opposed to 20.
  • HVAC Installation Corner Cutting – more often than not, inferior heating air conditioning installs take place because the HVAC company chooses to cut corners instead of doing the service right the first time. Maybe they rushed the ductwork installation or failed to properly ventilate. Or maybe they fail to put in a large enough return air return to support the furnace. These corner-cutting measures could potentially burn out your heating system much faster than usual.
  • Lower Efficiency – a subpar installation can lead to lower efficiency from the furnace. This is true even if the brand-new model is considered a high-efficiency furnace. This will lead to higher utility bills over the long term and it could create random problems that need to be repaired for years to come.
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What To Look For In An HVAC Company For Your Heating System Installation In Southern New Hampshire

To help owners avoid hiring an inferior HVAC services provider, please consider the following when making your choice:

  • HVAC Industry Related Certifications – when you choose to hire a new HVAC contractor, ensure that they have all of the proper certifications in the industry. As an example, an HVAC contractor that possesses a NATE certification is highly recommended. This stands for North American Technician Excellence, and it signifies that the HVAC technician has passed a series of independent and specialty exams. It also means that the technician is highly competent and skilled in the field. Be sure that you always work with heating cooling technicians that have the proper licensing and experience.
  • Licensed and Bonded – working with a licensed HVAC technician means hiring a heating air conditioning company that is more than qualified to handle the tasks and the job at hand. A bonded HVAC contractor has the necessary insurance in place to cover potential problems in case the worst were ever to happen.
  • HVAC Contractor References – it’s always good to ask about references before hiring a particular contractor. Previous and current customers can answer questions, talk about performance, and mention potential problems to new customers before hiring a company to take the job.
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Natural Gas Furnace Replacement in Stratham, NH

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