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Nobody wants to spend their summer days and nights without cooling air conditioning. It may not seem that way, but it gets incredibly warm in North Hampton, NH during the blistering summer months.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the McMillan household attempted to turn on their air-conditioner, only to discover that it wouldn’t produce beautifully chilled air. In fact, it would income on it all. This is a problem of epic proportions that needed to be addressed right away.

The McMillan family contacted Townsend Energy and shared their pressing problem with us. We understood their dire need for assistance and sent our expert HVAC technician Mike Mondalto to lend a helping hand.

Upon arriving at the McMillan residence, Mike immediately began inspecting the air conditioner to discover what went wrong. He found out that the AC unit in its current state was completely unfixable. The only way he could get it operating again was to completely replace the condenser and coil.

After learning of this news, the McMillan family decided to have Townsend Energy make the necessary repairs. Mike Mondalto created a proposal and shared it with the homeowner. They accepted his proposal and the rest is history.

Keep reading to explore the details about this air conditioner replacement North Hampton NH.

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Problem: After attempting to turn on their air-conditioner, the McMillan family discovered that it was no longer working. They knew something was seriously wrong and realized they needed expert assistance to solve their dilemma. They called Townsend Energy and asked us to visit their home and inspect their air-conditioner to discover what went wrong.

Solution: During his inspection, HVAC specialist Mike Mondalto discovered that the condenser and coil were shot and they needed to be replaced. He informed the homeowner, put together a proposal with a fair and workable solution, and the homeowner accepted his expert recommendations and moved forward with the project.

Air Conditioning Installation North Hampton: Overview

The McMillan’s recognized that they had a problem far beyond their understanding. They contacted Townsend energy to assess the situation and figure out what went wrong. We used our HVAC expertise to discover the problem and propose a valid solution.

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Fujitsu 4-Ton Condenser & Coil Upgrade North Hampton NH

Fujitsu R410a condenser north hampton new hampshireThe McMillan family made the best possible choice when they contacted Townsend Energy and filled us in on their air-conditioning problems. They gave us the opportunity to inspect their air-conditioner and we discovered exactly what was wrong with the unit.

Mike Mondalto recommended installing a Fujitsu 4-Ton condenser and coil upgrade to get the broken AC unit working again. Our team visited the property, worked on the air conditioner, and made expert repairs. The new parts provide a number of beneficial improvements that include:

  • New Composite Base Pan – this new base pan is a marked improvement over the old style. Not only will it reduce the number of fasteners needed to keep it secure, it’s also designed to eliminate corrosion, capture louver panels, and dampen the sound to deliver a quieter, more peaceful experience.
  • Fewer Cabinet Fasteners – this might not seem like a big deal at first, but fewer fasteners lead to easier access to the internal components. This makes annual maintenance and cleaning easier than ever and with fewer fasteners, it’s very simple to remove the access panel quickly and effortlessly.
  • Limited Warranty – the general terms of the limited warranty state that Fujitsu will replace any part that fails during regular use. The unit must receive regular service to remain eligible for free replacement parts on the limited warranty. Homeowners must register their condenser to qualify for the conditional parts limited warranty for 10 years. The same warranty is valid for the condenser and the replacement coils.
  • Condensate Drain Pan – this pan was designed in a way that it remains corrosion-free, is resistant to high heat, and it’s constructed with high-grade material for maximum longevity.
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When To Opt For Air Conditioning Repair Vs. Air Conditioner Replacement Services In North Hampton

As homeowners, it’s important to stay on top of the lifespan and longevity of an air conditioner. In many cases, it makes sense to repair the AC because it’s relatively new and according to lifespan expectations, the air-conditioner should last for another 10-15 years or more.

On the other hand, homeowners really need to consider replacing their air-conditioner in its entirety if they continue to repair an old, inefficient, and outdated unit. After a while, the air-conditioner becomes a money pit with no end of needing repairs in sight.

For those struggling to determine the best course of action, here’s a couple of important areas to dwell on before making the final decision. They include:

  • Age of Air-Conditioner – has the homeowner owned the air-conditioner for quite some time? On average, the typical life expectancy of a central air-conditioning unit is 10-15 years. With proper maintenance, this unit could theoretically last much longer. We prefer that our clients replace old air-conditioners once they have surpassed 10 years of age. Or the warranty is run out or the unit is frequently breaking down and needs repairs.
  • Repair Costs – many professional HVAC contractors recommend the 5,000 rule to their clients. Generally speaking, if the repair is so detailed and expensive that it will exceed $5000, they are likely better off replacing it altogether instead of spending so much money on repairs.
  • Cost of Energy Bills – is it possible to replace the air-conditioner while lowering energy expenses at the same time? If the air-conditioner unit is relatively old and outdated, there are much more efficient models with SEER ratings above 20 at this point. A SEER rating is a maximum efficiency rating. The higher the rating, the more efficient the operation of the air-conditioner.
  • Lack of Comfort – in many instances, it’s best to keep personal comfort in mind when making an important decision. Does the air-conditioner make the homeowner feel cool and comfortable when it’s operating at peak efficiency? Or are they currently uncomfortable even when the air conditioner is working properly? If comfort is being sacrificed, it’s best to replace the air-conditioner with a newer, zoned model that cools the entire household and maintains the temperature to perfection.

Ultimately, the homeowner has to decide whether or not they are willing to risk further repairs and additional breakdowns with older air-conditioning units. Homeowners should contact Townsend Energy for a consultation if they need help making this critical decision.

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What Should I Expect During An Air Conditioner Replacement In North Hampton New Hampshire?

Homeowners often wonder what they should expect during an air conditioning system replacement. It may seem scary at times, but Townsend Energy would love to dispel potential myths and make the entire process as simple as humanly possible.

For starters, one of our expert HVAC contractors will visit the home to determine the proper size heating and cooling system for the home. The tech will measure the home for square footage, make load calculations, take the climate into consideration, and use all of this info to determine the best size.

Next, with the help of an HVAC tech, the homeowner must determine the proper air-conditioner to meet their needs. Are they focused on energy efficiency? Cost savings? A specific brand or model? Each of these questions must be considered before the technician can put together a written estimate for parts and insulation expenses.

Third, the homeowner must prepare for the installation. Move valuable items out of the way, store antiques and other valuables in closets or a storage facility, and make sure nothing valuable is in harm’s way to prevent it from being broken. Pets should be safely secure to prevent them from accidentally getting hurt or frightened by loud noises during the installation.

Fourth, the installer will lay down drop cloths when necessary and then remove the old air-conditioning unit from the home and dispose of it. Afterward, we will begin installing the new unit according to the job specifications. If ductwork is needed, it will be repaired or completely replaced based on homeowner specifications.

Finally, our expert HVAC tech will properly test the system to make sure everything is working to the customer’s satisfaction. The tech will perform vacuum tests, pressure tests, and add new refrigerants once all tests are completed to satisfaction.

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Air Conditioner FAQs

image of faq depicting air conditioning replacement questions

Homeowners typically have frequent questions that they need answers to regarding air-conditioner repairs or replacement. Some popular questions and answers include:

How Much Does A New Air Conditioner Cost In The North Hampton Area?

Air-conditioner prices are ever-changing, so it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific price. Some factors to consider that affect the overall cost include:

  • AC Size – size matters when it comes to the price of an air-conditioner. A smaller unit costs less and it’s easier to install, which means less installation expenses.
  • Air-Conditioner Type – this can have a significant impact on the amount you spend each month to power the unit. If the unit has a high SEER rating above 20, this highly efficient unit requires less energy and costs less to operate. An old and outdated model will cost much more over the long term.
  • Ductwork – does the home already have existing ductwork in place? Is it high quality ductwork? If the ductwork needs to be repaired or replaced, this will raise the price for parts and installation expenses.
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How Do I Know What Size Air Conditioning Unit My House Needs?

Townsend Energy is a licensed and insured HVAC service. Call for a consultation at your earliest convenience. We will perform the necessary calculations and consider varying factors to determine the best size air-conditioning unit for the home.

What is SEER?

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency rating. In this case, the higher the rating, the better efficiency the air-conditioning unit has. Right now, the current minimum efficiency rating is 13. The highest efficiency rating is 21. A 21 SEER rated air-conditioner costs more, but it lowers monthly operating expenses and saves money over the long run.


When Running My Air Conditioner, Should I Set My Thermostat To “Auto” Or “On”?

The auto setting is the best choice for homeowners looking to keep their cooling expenses down. Nevertheless, if homeowners want a more consistent temperature, using the “on” setting will provide uninterrupted airflow.

How Often Does My Air Conditioner Need Routine Maintenance?

Homeowners should treat their air conditioning system just like they would treat their home. They perform spring cleaning every year to make sure their home stays in tip top shape. Air conditioners need spring cleaning too. This will extend the life of the unit for many years to come.

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Michelle D.

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Heather B.

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Michelle D.

It was a pleasure speaking with you today!  At Townsend, we value our customers' feedback and would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review on the service that was provided today.  Thank you!

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