Hot Water Tank Replacement Amherst, NH

hot water tank replacement amherst nh

After discovering water leaking onto the floor, the Gauthier family recognized that they had a major problem on their hands. They knew that the water was leaking from their hot water tank, and because it was beginning to flood their home, they had to act quickly to solve this problem.

To make a long story short, the owner of the Gauthier household in Amherst, NH immediately reached out to Townsend Energy, the area’s local home comfort experts. He told our expert staff about the problem that he was having with the leaky hot water tank. We immediately sent Jason Leshner over to assess the damage and come up with a viable solution to replace the hot water heater.

Once he completed his assessment, our specialist Jason Leshner decided the best way forward would be to install a SuperStor SSP-40 Indirect Hot Water Tank with a limited lifetime warranty, a new circulator pump, the necessary wiring, and Townsend Energy would remove and dispose of the old water heater amongst other things. He put his proposal in writing and the homeowner willingly accepted it to commence working on replacing the faulty water heater as soon as possible. Keep reading to find more details on this hot water tank replacement Amherst NH project.

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Problem: The Gauthier family discovered that their old water heater was, unfortunately, leaking water. They didn’t ignore this problem because they knew it could lead to even bigger issues later on if left unchecked.

Solution: The homeowner contacted Townsend Energy. Jason Leshner visited their home, proposed a potential solution which the homeowner willingly agreed to and began working on removing and replacing the old leaky water heater.

SuperStor SSP-40 Pro Indirect Hot Water Tank Specifications

htp ssu water heater replacement burlington massachusetts

Below, we discuss some of the specifications that the SuperStor SSP-40 Pro Indirect Hot Water Tank offer:

  • Stainless steel tank – 316L (corrosion resistant)
  • Accurate control of temperature w/ surface mounted thermostat
  • Foam insulation is 2 inches thick to protect against heat loss (CFC free)
  • Auxiliary dip tube
  • Auxiliary, Outlet & Inlet ports
  • Convenient electrical connections
  • High-performance model (50% more hot water than traditional water heaters)
  • Heat loss is minimal
  • Corrugated surface is durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Highly efficient model
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4 Signs That It’s Time To Add Or Replace Your Hot Water Tank In Amherst NH

image of homeowner taking a cold shower depicting broken hot water tank amherst nh

A hot water heater typically lasts 6-10 years on average. If the water tank is properly maintained, the owner could potentially get an extra year or two of additional use before it finally becomes obsolete.

Most homeowners know that their hot water heater begins showing signs that it needs to be replaced months or years before it eventually stops working. By paying attention to the signs, the homeowner will know precisely when they need to fix the problem or remove it entirely by replacing the existing water heater with an upgraded, newer model.

There are a few critical signs to look for that will tell homeowners when it’s time to replace their existing hot water tank. The most critical areas to pay attention to are as follows:

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The Hot Water Tank Is Suddenly Leaking

Homeowners understand that it’s important to pay close attention to their hot water heater and other important equipment for cooling and heating their home. If they suddenly notice their hot water heater is leaking water, it’s important to have this problem checked out immediately.

Why? When a hot water heater begins leaking water, it typically happens because the temperature of the water is too high or it’s building up too much pressure inside the tank. Either way or in another instance it may mean that the relief valve isn’t properly working.

This is a serious problem that needs an immediate solution. If a hot water heater is showing signs of leaky water due to the reasons mentioned above, the tank could potentially explode. The main signs to look for are puddles around the base of the water heater and corrosive water on the side of the tank.

Contact the expert specialists at Townsend Energy to receive immediate help replacing a leaky and potentially dangerous hot water tank before it’s too late.

The Hot Water Tank Is Making Knocking Noises

young homeowner covering ears due to loud noises from hot water storage tank in her amherst new hamshire home

When a hot water heater begins making really loud noises, this typically indicates that sediment buildup is happening within the tank. Once this sediment starts to harden, it can begin moving around within the tank, which leads to an unpleasant knocking noise. Or, the homeowner might start to hear a gurgling and rumbling sound as well because of the same problem.

The best way to maintain a hot water tank to prevent sediment buildup is to flush it regularly. This will remove the unwanted deposits before they become built up to the point that the hot water heater needs to be completely replaced. Also, remember to remove the sediment deposits built up on the heating elements within the tank so the hot water heater can function at its best.

For those who aren’t familiar with proper hot water tank maintenance, please contact Townsend Energy to set up an appointment so we can perform proper maintenance on your hot water tank as soon as possible.

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Rusty Water Comes Out Of The Hot Water Tank

image of rusty water coming from hot water storage tank

The quickest and easiest way to know that a hot water tank is underperforming is if you begin noticing rusty discolored water. This is a sure sign that repairs or a hot water tank replacement is in order.

The rusty water could signify a few different things. It might mean that a sacrificial anode rod requires replacing immediately. Or, it could potentially tell us that the inside of the water tank is beginning to rust. This usually happens because the steel lining starts to corrode. If the water tank begins corroding, it must get replaced right away because it cannot be repaired from this point forward.

Higher an expert HVAC repair team like the one at Townsend Energy to repair or replace your hot water tank due to noticing rusty water.

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The Hot Water Taps Only Produce Cold Water

What happens when your hot water taps what happens when a homeowner turns on their hot water taps only to have cold water gushing out of the faucets? This likely means that there is a problem within the hot water heater that needs immediate attention.

In many cases, the cold water could mean that a heating element within the water heater is completely broken. This could lead it to the need to replace the heating element. If it is too far gone, or too many other problems exist as well, the HVAC repair person might recommend replacing the hot water tank entirely.

Pros and Cons of Replacing A Hot Water Tank Versus Making Repairs

Knowing the right time to repair a hot water tank versus replacing it entirely is often difficult for homeowners who aren’t very handy. We’ll share a few helpful tips below to help you make the proper determination. They include:

  • Using the 50% rule – if the repair costs less than 50% of the value of a new hot water tank, it might be worth it to repair it instead of replacing it entirely.
  • Age of hot water tank – how old is the hot water tank? Is it six years old or older? Remember, hot water tanks typically last between 6-10 years. If the hot water tank is in this age range, it’s better to replace it entirely because it’s going to break down soon anyway.
  • Increased energy expenses – have the energy expenses within the home increased recently? This could be due to an outdated, less efficient hot water tank that isn’t functioning properly. It’s often better to replace an inefficient water tank entirely instead of sticking with an old, outdated, energy-burning model.
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Hot Water Tank Upgrade Considerations Amherst New Hampshire

  • Warranty – the beautiful thing about HTP SuperStor hot water tanks is they come with a limited lifetime warranty. They also provide replacement parts coverage for one year from the date of the installation of the water tank.
  • Brand Reputation – HTP has a long and storied history of creating well-known and well-put-together HVAC parts. Their brand reputation precedes them because they are a company that contractors and homeowners know they can trust.
  • Reliability – choosing a reliable hot water tank makes the most sense because a reliable product is going to last the longest. This will help ensure the homeowner that they’ll get the maximum output out of their hot water heater with proper maintenance.
  • Contractor – Townsend Energy has an impeccable reputation in Amherst, NH, so it’s a company that all homeowners can trust to get the job done. Our team works hard to completely satisfy our customers from start to finish whenever we’re hired to lend a helping hand.
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Experience Complete Comfort After A Hot Water Tank Installation In Amherst, NH

Homeowners in need of a brand-new hot water tank installation know that it’s best to contact Townsend Energy for expert assistance in Amherst, NH. Our team has years of experience installing new hot water tanks while removing the old ones and properly disposing of them. Our hard-working team is ready to meet your needs quickly, competently, and with complete satisfaction.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Townsend Energy whenever you or a loved one in need of a new hot water heater installation or any other HVAC-related repairs in Amherst, NH and the surrounding area. Call now to get started!

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HTP SuperStor Water Heater Installation in Amherst New Hampshire

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