Propane Heater Lebanon ME: A Heating System Upgrade Case Study

propane heater upgrade lebanon me

The winter can become unbearably cold in Lebanon ME. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that heating a home in a cold location gets very expensive. Mr. Scott realized that it was time to upgrade his wall-hung propane heater with a highly efficient, more cost-effective model.

Suffice it to say, the homeowner isn’t an expert in the area of wall-hung propane heaters. He needed help choosing the best efficient model to fit his budget. He also needed an expert HVAC company to provide excellent service while removing the old propane heater and replacing it with a Combi wall hung propane heater.

The Scott family contacted Townsend Energy because of our outstanding reputation in Lebanon ME and the surrounding area. We sent our expert technician Jason Leshner to the Scott residence to assess the situation and create an expert proposal perfectly suited to meet the homeowner’s needs.

After some time, the Scott family accepted Jason Leshner’s proposal on behalf of Townsend Energy. They choose a Rinnai High-Efficiency Combi Boiler Model #RINM120CN as their new propane heater to replace their old and inefficient model. Keep reading to explore this propane heater upgrade Lebanon ME.

Problem: The Scott family realized that it was time to remove their inefficient wall-hung propane heater. They were tired of paying ridiculously high heating expenses and chose to replace it with a highly efficient combi wall hung propane heater from a Rinnai.

Solution: They contacted Townsend Energy and requested immediate help. We sent our specialist Jason Leshner to visit their home and figure out the best solution. He recommended installing a Rinnai high-efficiency combi boiler to improve energy efficiency and minimize their propane heating expenses.

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Propane Heater Installation Lebanon ME: Overview

The Scott family made a wise choice when they contacted Townsend Energy and asked for help. Our team of highly skilled technicians knew precisely how to assist them.

They recommended a highly efficient propane Combi boiler to replace their old outdated and inefficiently expensive model. The new boiler delivers a number of great benefits.

Rinnai Propane Gas-Fired Combi Boiler Installation Lebanon ME 04027

Rinnai Propane Heater Install In Lebanon MaineTownsend Energy removed the old wall hung propane boiler and other materials and replace them with:

  • Rinnai High-Efficiency Combi Boiler model# RINM120CN
  • Rinnai manifold model# RIN803000023
  • Rinnai Valve kit model# RWV3420RAB
  • Rinnai high-efficiency venting kit model# RIN223177PP
  • New condensate pump with neutralizer
  • The M-Series propane boiler has a 95% AFUE rating. This means it burns 95% of the propane consumed, which leads to lower overall propane costs.
  • Rinnai provides a 12-year warranty on heat exchanger, a two-year warranty on parts, and a one-year warranty on labor.

From an efficiency standpoint, this Combi boiler is a phenomenal choice because it maximizes propane use with very little waste. This will lower heating expenses tremendously throughout the years.

Townsend Energy recommends this Rinnai wall-hung propane boiler because it’s easy to install. It’s made with a compact, light design. It fits with all common venting options. The heater operation is so quiet that homeowners hardly notice it’s running. Plus, the incredible 95% AFUE rating takes energy efficiency to the next level.

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Propane vs Natural Gas vs Heating Oil

Homeowners typically heat their homes with natural gas, home heating oil, or propane. Many homeowners unfortunately do not have the opportunity to use natural gas because its availability is limited on their property lot.

When homeowners like those in rural Maine do not have natural gas availability, their choices are limited heating oil or propane.

Home heating fuel oil is safe, efficient, and readily available to homeowners throughout the United States. Natural gas is considered a clean energy alternative and it produces fewer harmful emissions. Propane is non-toxic, produces less carbon monoxide, and it’s considered a liquefied petroleum gas.

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Propane Gas Boiler FAQs

image of question marks depicting propane wall heater faq questions

Homeowners like the Scott family tend to have important questions that need to be answered about gas boilers before making their final choice. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions and answers on the topic.

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How Does A Propane Gas Boiler Work?

A gas boiler works by being connected to an LPG bottle or being connected to a main. The boiler produces hot water that gets pumped through the central heating system. It travels to the radiators via pipes and heats the home.

Their heating options vary depending on the boiler type. A Combi boiler flows directly through showers and taps. Or a system and heat boiler can flow directly into a cylinder or water tank before heating the home.

How Does A Propane-Fired Gas Boiler Heat Water?

Besides heating the home, a propane gas boiler also has a second job. The task in question is to heat water for the home. It happens in two possible ways:

  • a combi boiler creates instant hot water
  • a heat-only or system boiler heats the water in a tank or cylinder

In either of these cases, the water becomes heated in a unique way. It doesn’t actually heat the water that comes directly out of the taps. This heated water is used as a medium, which then heats the water that comes out of the tap for personal use.

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Do Boilers Need Electricity?

Even though a boiler uses gas to heat water inside the boiler and warm up a home, gas boilers absolutely need a power source in order to work. That source of power is known as electricity, and it’s used to allow certain mechanisms within the heating system to function properly.

The electricity will power digital displays, smart thermostats, and the valve that allows gas to flow into the combustion chamber. This power source is needed 100% in order for a reliable propane gas boiler to work.

How Do Combi Boilers Work?

Combi boilers are a great choice for small homes or households of an average size. They work efficiently by circulating hot water through a central heating system.

They also quickly heat up water from incoming means as soon as the hot water tap gets turned on. This is great for homeowners because it means getting hot water instantly on the command, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Storage tanks are not required for Combi boilers to operate efficiently, which means they do not take up too much space.

One possible drawback is water temperature drops quickly if multiple hot water taps are turned on at the same time. This happens because turning on too many hot water taps at the same time could exceed the heating capacity.

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How Long Do Propane Boilers Last?

Propane gas boilers can last for as many as 15 years if they are properly cared for and maintained. This delicate piece of equipment isn’t going to suddenly stop working out of nowhere.

But it will eventually reach a point where it becomes very inefficient. It would be much more cost-effective to replace it with a newer higher efficiency model instead.

Remember, a propane gas boiler is constantly working all the time to heat the home and hot water whenever it’s needed. They keep us comfortable and work reliably, but their parts will eventually fail in the future.

Many gas boilers have warranties that last for 12 years. Take advantage of this opportunity and register your boiler to qualify for the available warranty option.

What Are The Signs You May Need A New Gas Boiler?

Gas boilers show several signals that the equipment is reaching the end of its run. They include the following signs:

  • Unusually loud banging from the central heating
  • Breaking down on a regular basis
  • Losing water pressure more often than not
  • Gas bills become unexpectedly larger

If any of these signs present themselves, it’s best to contact Townsend Energy to have a specialist review the boiler and provide an expert opinion.

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How Often Do I Need To Get My Boiler Serviced?

townsend energy boiler installation

The best way to keep a gas boiler working in tip-top shape is to have it serviced regularly. Townsend Energy recommends an annual maintenance checkup and service. This guarantees that the boiler will remain operating as efficiently as possible. It also ensures that the homeowner complies with the terms of their warranty.

Believe it or not, if homeowners failed to have annual service on their boiler, it could potentially void their warranty. This could leave the homeowner with a very expensive bill if the boiler needs to be replaced during the warranty period.

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Are Propane Boilers Efficient?

Propane boilers can deliver very efficient high-performance, depending on the particular model. The A+++ model is considered high-performance, while the G model is considered low performance.

In the case of the Scott family, they went with a high-efficiency model with a 95% AFUE rating. Their new boiler is so efficient that it burns 95% of the propane fuel in the bottle, which leads to much lower overall energy expenses to heat their home.

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