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After looking at their boiler, the homeowner realizes that it’s been collecting dust and grime in the corner of their basement for over a decade. It’s well past its prime and it’s approaching its final death throes before it finally sputters its last breath.

At least that’s how things could’ve gone for the Crawford family. Instead of letting their boiler get so old and rundown that it no longer operates, they decided to make a change. They decided to upgrade their boiler to a more modern, energy-efficient, technically superior option.

Why replace a boiler that still works? According to the homeowner, it made sense to rid themselves of their ancient boiler for a number of reasons. They wanted something with a higher efficiency rating, a higher capacity, and a boiler with complete venting flexibility.

Their wish was our command. They contacted Townsend Energy and shared their thoughts with us. We sent Jason Leshner to their home to view the existing setup and make expert recommendations.

He recommended removing the old boiler and replacing it with a Weil-McLain WTGO3 Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler. He believes it’s the perfect replacement because it delivers higher capacity, higher efficiency, and venting flexibility in spades, among other great benefits. Keep reading to explore this boiler replacement Rochester NH.

Problem: The Crawfords realized that the time to replace their old and out-of-date boiler was quickly approaching. It was still operational, but it wasn’t nearly as efficient as it used to be, which required regular repairs and maintenance and their energy bills were becoming needlessly expensive. They contacted Townsend Energy for an in-house consultation to remove and replace their boiler.

Solution: Townsend Energy sent expert HVAC specialist Jason Leshner to their home. Inspected their current boiler and provided the homeowner with suggestions for a proper updated replacement. The homeowner chose to replace the existing boiler with a highly efficient Weil-McLain WTGO3 Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler.

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Weil-McLain WTGO3 Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler Installation In Rochester NH

The Crawford family saw that they were throwing away their hard-earned money repairing and maintaining their old boiler. They also realized that it was no longer as efficient as it once was. They decided to replace it with a Weil-McLain oil-fired boiler as an upgrade that Townsend Energy recommended for the following reasons:

  • Boiler Energy Efficiency – the beauty of installing a Weil-McLain WTGO3 oil-fired water boiler is it’s a highly-efficient heating system. In fact, it has an 87% AFUE rating. This stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency rating. And it means that the boiler burns 87% of the fuel, which is highly efficient and makes it easier for homeowners to save money on their monthly energy bills.
  • Oil Boiler Warranty – homeowners will want to feel safe and secure knowing that their brand-new boiler has a top-notch warranty keeping them safe and protected. In this particular case, the Weil-McLain product has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, a one-year parts and labor warranty, and one-year tune-ups and cleanings at no additional cost to the homeowner. Besides the manufacturer’s warranty, Townsend Energy is willing to give their customers additional warranties at no extra charge just for doing business with them.
  • Easy Boiler Servicing and Inspection – the brilliant engineers at while-McLain have really outdone themselves with this particular model. They included an open top burner door that swings away, which makes it really easy for HVAC specialists to gain access to the chamber for easy servicing and quick inspections. This is great for homeowners because servicing and inspections can be completed quickly without having their lives interrupted for too long.
  • Perfect Boiler for Larger Homes and Spaces – this oil-fired water boiler is a phenomenal choice because it heats up large amounts of water quite rapidly. It can supply high levels of heated water on demand and properly heat even the largest spaces with very little difficulty whatsoever.
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What to Expect During Your New Rochester NH Boiler Installation

Some homeowners in Rochester NH might feel intimidated when it’s time to install a brand-new boiler. This shouldn’t ever happen. Yet, homeowners don’t always know what to expect, so it leaves them slightly on edge and wondering what’s going to happen next.

For starters, the service provider should visit your home to provide an in-home inspection before they even take the job. During the inspection, they will look over your existing boiler and provide the best recommendations for a new boiler to meet all of your wants and needs.

townsend energy boiler installation in rochester new hampshire


Before beginning removal/installation, the following will usually happen depending on the service provider:

Cleaning Up The Area – the HVAC specialists will need to have a clean workspace in order to perform the necessary tasks at hand. All hallways and areas surrounding the boiler room need to be cleared of any excess junk or clutter. This will make it easier for the team to remove your old boiler and install your new one.

Turning Off Utilities – the removal and installation team will need to turn off basic utilities including electricity and water when they are removing the old boiler and putting in the new one. Keep in mind that this must happen in order for everyone to remain safe. So, homeowners should take care of anything requiring water or electricity prior to their new boiler installation.

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Creating A Staging Area – in many cases, the boiler room is going to be incredibly cramped and small. It will not provide enough extra space for the HVAC team to properly stall all of their tools and other equipment needed to safely remove and replace the boiler. Create a staging area by laying out a drop cloth to protect home furnishings. Try to set this space up as close to the boiler room as possible.

Next, Townsend Energy or another service provider has to remove the old unit before they can replace it with the new model. It’s of the utmost importance to hire a professional because they’ll need to use their specialized knowledge to safely remove the old boiler whether it uses oil or gas.

This next step might not necessarily come in this order, but it’s definitely necessary nonetheless. Your HVAC provider will need to choose the right boiler size to meet your needs. More than likely, they will have already determined the correct make and model, and size of your boiler ahead of time. But if they haven’t, now is the time to choose the right sized boiler to properly heat the space.

During this step, it’s finally time to have Townsend Energy or another service provider install the new boiler. On average, barring potential complications, the licensed repair person should easily install your new boiler within 2-3 hours. It could take longer if unforeseen complications arise during the installation process.

Lastly, the company that you hired to remove and replace your boiler will test the new model to make sure it’s working properly. If all goes well, the service provider will feel great about the installation because the boiler passed each and every one of their tests.

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Boiler FAQs

Customers frequently ask common questions that many homeowners wonder about regarding boilers. The most common questions and answers that we get at Townsend Energy include:

What Is the Most Appropriately Sized Boiler for My Business or Home?

This question should be answered by your local heating professional. They will visit your home, look at the size and construction, and perform a heat-loss estimate. The professional will then base their recommendation on the results of the heat-loss estimate.

What Should I Do If My Boiler Stops Working Properly?

image of a phone depicting contacting an hvac contractor for a boiler installation

It’s best to leave system troubleshooting up to the professionals, unless you have experience working with boilers. Contact Townsend Energy or another HVAC company to troubleshoot the system. Their technical knowledge and expertise will help them figure out the problem and provide an expert solution.

What Are My Options regarding Different Types of Boilers?

Are you trying to figure out the best type of boiler to get? Today’s modern boilers include the standard boiler, system boiler, and combi boiler.

More than likely, your expert heating specialist will install a combi boiler. Just like it sounds, this system is a combination of a central heating system and water heater all rolled into one. It eliminates the need for an external water tank.

If they choose to install a system boiler, the heating specialist will need to install an external tank to store hot water.

With a standard boiler, the service provider must also install separate cold and hot water tanks. More than likely, the standard boiler is best suited to be used in older homes specifically set up for this type of heating system.

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How Do I Know Which Boiler Brand to Choose?

weil mclain oil boiler upgradeIt may seem confusing when it comes to choosing different boiler brands, but certain companies have their advantages and disadvantages.

More specifically, each brand will have boilers in a wide array of price ranges. Depending on your budget, a particular boiler brand might fall perfectly within your price range, while other boilers could be too expensive for you at the time.

Also, heating specialists typically recommend their favorite boilers because they are the ones that they like to work with. They recommend them because they trust the brand, they love the way the boiler performs, and they only want what’s best for their customers, just like the good people at Townsend Energy.

How Often Will I Need to Replace My Boiler?

Generally speaking, the typical lifespan of the average boiler lasts 10-15 years. But if you do the right thing and take care of it with proper maintenance every year, your boiler could potentially last longer than the expected lifespan.

Most importantly, it’s often best to replace a boiler when it’s constantly breaking down and in need of regular repairs. Or, it’s operating so inefficiently that you’re spending more money on energy expenses.

Townsend Energy can help you determine the best time to replace your existing boiler.

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Townsend Energy Provides Oil Boiler Installations In Rochester, NH

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Townsend Energy offers superior heating and cooling services in Northeastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Maine.

We make sure to hire certified technicians who can provide you with excellent services, including tune-ups, repairs, installations, and replacements. Each technician has outstanding knowledge and experience to serve your HVAC system needs correctly.

Townsend Energy guarantees to provide the most competitive heating and cooling service costs in the area. Our maintenance services ensure to improve your comfort, increase your system’s energy efficiency, and reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs.

Need your system repaired or replaced? We’ll recommend the best one for your home and is within your budget. The best part is, all our work is backed with a guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today! We also offer free, in-home estimates.

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They explained what was being done and were very patient. There was a lot of work involved in getting 2 units installed. Were flexible in how we wanted the connections. Dana the installer was very helpful, and explained everything very well and made sure we didn't have any questions before he left.

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Michelle D.

Michelle D.

It was a pleasure speaking with you today!  At Townsend, we value our customers' feedback and would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review on the service that was provided today.  Thank you!

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Tina V.

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It was a pleasure speaking with you today!  At Townsend, we value our customers' feedback and would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review on the service that was provided today.  Thank you!

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Cynthia S.

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Tina V.

Helped with delivery schedule & discussed Fuel Assistance

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Cynthia S.

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Beth R.

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Beth R.

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Michelle D.

Hello! We would like to thank you for selecting us to install your new equipment. Here at Townsend Energy, we take pride in what we do and would love to hear how your installation went. In advance, thank you for your time and your review.

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