Propane Furnace Rye NH: A Comprehensive Installation Case Study

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We know just how cold it gets during the winter in Rye NH. The last thing homeowners want to do is go without heat for any extended length of time. This could lead to frozen pipes, catching a cold, and generally feeling uncomfortable at home.

The Anderson family knew that there was a problem with their propane furnace. They realized that their home wasn’t getting nearly as warm as it should and something was definitely wrong with their heating system.

They contacted Townsend Energy and told them about their problem. We sent our expert specialist Jason Leshner to assess the situation and pinpoint the problem. He discovered that their propane furnace had a bad heat exchanger, which prevented their heating system from working properly.

To make a long story short, instead of replacing the heating exchanger, Jason Leshner suggested replacing their propane furnace entirely. The Anderson family had the opportunity to upgrade to a highly efficient modern model. They would save money on fuel expenses and they’d cut down on the amount of propane fuel they needed to burn to heat their home. Keep reading to explore this propane furnace installation Rye NH.

Problem: The Anderson family knew that their heating system wasn’t working to its full capabilities. They called Townsend energy to assess the damage and figure out the problem. Jason Leshner discovered that their propane furnace had a bad heat exchanger.

Solution: After expert specialist Jason Leshner inspected the heating system, he determined the best course of action was to replace it entirely with a new propane furnace. He put together a proposal that the Anderson family accepted and Townsend Energy went to work on the project immediately.

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Rye Propane Furnace Installation Services By Townsend Energy

The Andersons made the right decision when they called Townsend Energy and asked us to inspect their heating system. Our expert HVAC technician Jason Leshner discovered the problem and created a plan to fix everything.

He recommended installing a new Rheem propane heater to replace the old one with the burned-out heat exchanger. The new heater offers many wonderful features and excellent benefits.

Rheem Propane Heaters In Rye, New Hampshire

rheem r92 furnace rye new hampshireTownsend Energy was hired to install a Rheem Classic Plus Series Multi-Position Gas Furnace at the Anderson residence. While on the job, we removed the original propane furnace and installed the new Rheem R92T-Series model. We also installed a condensate pump with a neutralizer, a propane conversion kit, a horizontal conversion kit, and direct vent piping from the rear of their home.

The Rheem R92T-Series propane furnace has a wide range of practical and beneficial features that include:

  • 92% AFUE – this is a phenomenal rating for a propane furnace. The 92% stands for the annual fuel utilization efficiency. This means the furnace utilizes 92% of its fuel, which means it cuts down on energy expenses by wasting very little propane.
  • Rheem PlusOne Ignition System – this proven ignition system utilizes DSI, which is known as direct spark ignition. As far as ignition systems are concerned, this is considered one of the top in reliability.
  • Rheem PlusOne Water Management System – this system is the top-of-the-line in technology. It’s brand-new and is the first of its kind to introduce a blocked drain sensor. If the sensors tripped, your furnace will shut off once a drain is blocked. This will prevent water from spilling out and creating unwanted damage within your home.
  • Limited Conditional Parts Warranty – Rheem offers one of the most comprehensive and long-lasting warranties in the HVAC business. Their conditional parts warranty requires registration, which once completed gives the owner a 10-year warranty on conditional parts.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – Rheem customers are automatically enrolled in a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty keeps your new Rheem propane furnace protected for 20 years.

At Townsend Energy, we put our full faith and trust in Rheem equipment and parts. This company has a tremendous track record for creating top-notch propane furnaces and other HVAC equipment. The R92T-Series propane furnace is reliable and engineered for complete comfort and efficiency.

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Propane Furnace Costs In Rye NH

In a world of ever-changing prices, it’s difficult to pinpoint the current estimated costs of a propane furnace in Rye NH. Instead, it’s best to discuss the most important factors that have an effect on furnace costs. They include the following:

  • Heating System Fuel Source – when choosing a new furnace, the first thing to consider is the fuel source when making your final decision. Most homeowners stick with the fuel source of their current heating system, whether it be oil, electric, natural gas, or propane. The biggest expectation to consider is switching from one fuel source to another, which will cost the homeowner the largest amount of money.
  • Furnace Size – the size and capacity of the furnace will definitely have an impact on the overall cost. Obviously, a much smaller propane furnace will cost less than a larger one. The size is based on the overall square footage of the home including in-depth calculations used by Townsend energy and other HVAC professionals.
  • Energy Efficiency – if the homeowner hasn’t replaced their furnace for the past 20 years, they’ll benefit tremendously by upgrading to an energy-efficient unit with a high AFUE rating. The higher the annual fuel utilization efficiency, the less fuel consumed and the less expensive it costs to operate the heating system.
  • Labor Expenses – another major factor determining the cost of a propane furnace is the installation of labor expenses. Townsend Energy is known for delivering fair and affordable prices to customers in Rye NH and the surrounding neighborhood.

Please feel free to contact Townsend Energy immediately to receive a free quote for a new propane furnace.

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Signs Your Furnace Has A Bad Heat Exchanger Rye New Hampshire

The Anderson family, unfortunately, discovered that their existing furnace had a bad heat exchanger. They noticed specific warning signs that caused them to contact Townsend Energy for an inspection. Keep an eye out for the following bad heat exchanger warning signs:

  • Odd Smells – heat exchangers begin admitting an odd and unpleasant odor when they start to go bad. The order is very similar to the smell of formaldehyde.
  • Flame Appearance Changes – if the appearance of the flame in the furnace changes from blue to orange or yellow, it’s a sure sign that the heat exchanger is going bad.
  • Abnormal Noises – did the furnace subtly start making odd or unexpected noises? This could be happening because of a rattling thermostat or cracks that are popping, expanding, or contracting and creating loud banging noises.
  • Soot Build Up – is visible soot becoming noticeable around the furnace? Is it noticeable inside the furnace? This is a potential sign that the heat exchanger is on its way out.

In the end, after fully inspecting the furnace at the Anderson residence, it made sense for Townsend Energy to recommend a complete replacement. The heat exchanger and other areas of the furnace were too far gone to salvage. Plus, it was an older model that was far less energy-efficient than their new Rheem propane furnace.

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Furnace Repair Vs. Furnace Heating System Replacement Rye NH

image of a homeowner who is deciding betyween furnace repair or furnace replacement

Homeowners in Rye NH and other parts of North America should always have their furnaces checked before the winter. At this point, it’s best to discover potential problems before the deep-seated cold weather sets in.

Not only will it give homeowners enough time to plan for repairs if necessary, it also helps them find a replacement heating system if their existing furnace is too far gone. This is important because their current heating system might leave a lot to be desired like needing frequent repairs, experiencing hot or cold spots within the residence, or old age and inefficiency.

In many cases, repairing an old furnace over and over again could become a very costly endeavor. In fact, most homeowners would be better off replacing the old heating system with a brand-new energy-efficient furnace. This will lead to better, more even heating throughout the home, lower energy bills, and a healthier home environment if the old furnace was emitting carbon monoxide.

Obviously, it makes much more sense to replace the furnace entirely instead of hanging on to the old and rundown unit. The fuel cost savings alone are worth the initial upfront expense. Plus, it ensures the health and safety of the occupants now that dangerous carbon monoxide is no longer being emitted throughout the home.

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Rheem Furnace vs Hot Water Heating System

Whether homeowners choose a hot water heating system or a Rheem furnace is up to them. Both of these heating systems are worthwhile, effective, and known to get the job done. Some differences between the two include:

  • Hydronic heat distribution systems require less electrical power, which makes them a very energy-efficient heating system.
  • Forced air systems use air to distribute heat from the furnace to the various rooms within a home. Hot water heating systems, on the other hand, use water to distribute heat.

Installing forced air heating systems is more cost-effective than installing a hot water heating system. The hydronic heating system requires an extra heat exchanger per room and additional plumbing.

Ultimately, homeowners should consider choosing the ideal heating system for their current home. Which works best with their existing ductwork? Which heating system are they currently set up to run? Keep these questions and more in mind.

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Propane Dealers & Suppliers Servicing Rye, NH

te logoTownsend Energy provides our customers in Rye, NH, and the surrounding neighborhoods with propane fuel deliveries. Moreover, our fall-fledged staff of expert technicians is capable of installing brand-new propane tanks, propane boilers, wall-hung propane heaters, propane furnaces, and much more.

Townsend Energy is a full-service propane delivery company offering customers a wide variety of propane-related services throughout southern New Hampshire. We welcome new fuel delivery customers with open arms.

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