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The White family contacted Townsend Energy in severe distress. They had a serious problem that needed to be fixed immediately.

Their air-conditioning no longer worked, and since it was the middle of the summer, the sweltering heat was becoming a big problem and really took away from their happiness and comfort. The Winchester MA resident needed an immediate fix as soon as possible.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that the dog days of summer left them feeling sweaty, uncomfortable, and tossing and turning at night due to the sweltering heat. The family tried turning on a fan or two to feel some relief, but the heat was too oppressive and the fans basically blew hot air around the house without providing much comfort.

Not only was the AC broken, upon inspecting the home Townsend Energy discovered that a few of the lines heading upstairs were crushed. The damaged lines also needed to be replaced during the Bosch central AC unit replacement, which we determined was the best course of action.

Townsend Energy and our expert technician Kevin Anderson proposed the ideal solution to meet their home comfort needs and the Whites accepted without delay.

Problem: The White family needed quick relief from the heat this summer because their air-conditioning unit suddenly stopped working. Their lines going upstairs needed replacing too because they were crushed.

Solution: Kevin Anderson from Townsend Energy proposed a brand-new Bosch central air-conditioning installation in Winchester MA. We installed a new AC condenser, air handler, heat pump, and ductwork.

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Bosch Central Air-Conditioning Installation in Winchester MA

As you can imagine, the heat gets really unbearable in the middle of the summer in Winchester MA. The Whites had AC troubles – their AC wasn’t working at all – and they felt it best to contact Townsend Energy because they knew we’d have a relatively quick and easy solution to solve their problem.

The temperature gets hot, humid, and in the mid-90s, so it’s really tough to feel comfortable in your house when the heat is rising and your family is feeling sweaty, uncomfortable, and out of sorts because of the oppressive warmth. Turning on a fan, unfortunately, isn’t going to solve the problem.

Kevin Anderson, an expert specialist at Townsend Energy, recognized their dilemma and knew the family was in distress because of the summertime heat. To better understand what he was up against, he visited their home to see exactly what was wrong with their current AC setup.

Upon his inspection, he discovered that their air-conditioner wasn’t working at all and it was very old so it was time to replace it in its entirety. He also examined the lines leading to the upstairs rooms and determined that two of them were crushed. They also needed to be replaced with new lines as well.

Kevin also recognized the need for top-of-the-line equipment that runs expertly and efficiently. He recommended the Bosch SEER efficiency inverter heat pump, air handler, and condenser, which as we know, is manufactured by a brand that we can trust.

Bosch is recognized for their top-of-the-line expert products in the heating and air-conditioning industry, so everything they create is made with professional care and precision. Plus, it’s an Energy Star rated system so it’s extremely energy efficient to boot.

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Materials Used & Tasks Completed During Central AC Installation in Winchester MA

image of bosch heat pump condenser and indoor air handler

  • Bosch 3 Ton R410a High-Efficiency Heat Pump Condenser
  • Bosch 3 Ton R410a High-Efficiency ECM Air Handler
  • All new ductwork
  • Replaced two sections of crushed ducts, sealed and insulated
  • Insulated refrigeration line
  • Installed Ecobee 5 Wi-Fi Thermostat
  • Installed all needed electrical wiring
  • Installed all necessary electrical connections
  • Completed a refrigerant charge
  • Installed miscellaneous fittings, parts, etc.
  • Removed and disposed of previous condenser, air handler, and other materials
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Updating a Bosch Central AC Installation in Winchester MA

You may not realize this, but the energy-efficient central air-conditioning unit that we installed was manufactured by Bosch. They are a highly respected company and well-known brand in this industry. And many industry insiders also recommend the same system because it really is one of the best energy-efficient products on the market today.

Not only is it affordable, but it’s also going to help the Whites save a great deal of money on their energy bills over the years. Townsend Energy works diligently to make sure our customers receive the best products, top-of-the-line service, and so much more when they call upon us for help. We are confident that our installations, recommendations, scheduled maintenance, and other services are exactly what our customers need.

To maintain an impeccable reputation in this industry, we will continue to share and recommend advanced tech, affordable options, and the best brands possible when we provide customers with our proposals.

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Bosch Central AC Product Expectations

The great thing about choosing a Bosch central air-conditioning system is that it was designed with efficiency and longevity in mind. In fact, the average lifespan of an AC condenser is 15 to 20 years. The same holds true for the air handler and heat pump as well.

On the other hand, if you were to install a window air conditioner instead, it would only last for 8 to 10 years. But a window unit can only cool down a small section of your home or apartment, whereas central air-conditioning will keep your whole house cool and comfortable.

Winchester MA homeowners including the Whites are in luck because the Bosch Central AC unit was designed with top-of-the-line energy-efficient technology. Your AC is no longer going to suck the energy out of your outlets while boosting your electric bills. This energy-efficient dynamo will allow you to spend less money to keep your home cool, all the while helping to preserve and protect the environment one room at a time.

Central AC System FAQ

faqs about central ac installation

Homeowners tend to have questions about Central AC systems. This is especially true when they switch from a window unit or upgrade their current central air-conditioning to a newer model. Some common questions to consider are as follows:

How Long Will a Central Cooling and Heating System Likely Last?

While it’s nearly impossible to predict the future, tells us that the average lifespan of a central heating and cooling system is anywhere from 15 to 20 years.
Guess what? They made a few major assumptions during their prediction.

For starters, they expect homeowners to perform regularly scheduled maintenance. Your best bet is to contact Townsend Energy to sign up for a service contract. Otherwise, you could potentially shave 10 years of life off of your HVAC system if it isn’t properly maintained.

On the other hand, with excellent regular maintenance, your HVAC system could last from 20 to 25 years if you’re diligent and careful.

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Is Replacing Your Entire Central AC System the Financially Sensible Choice?

In many instances, it definitely makes good financial sense to completely replace your HVAC heating and cooling system in its entirety.

How so?

Well, if your HVAC system is older, it likely isn’t Energy Star rated.

Why does this matter?

Energy Star-rated appliances mean that not only will you save money, but you’ll use less energy, lower your electric bills, and the lifespan of your HVAC system is going to increase as well, as long as it’s been installed correctly.

Since you’ve contacted Townsend Energy, it’s obvious that your installation was performed by an expert technician and handled correctly. So, you’ll experience all of the amazing benefits that go along with owning energy-efficient air-conditioning and heating units.

Should I Have My Central AC Unit Serviced Each Year?

image of an air conditioner tune-up

No one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to service your central air-conditioning unit, but it’s certainly a phenomenal idea nonetheless.

How so?

Regular yearly maintenance means your HVAC unit will run at maximum efficiency all year long. This means you’ll experience the best indoor air quality, lower energy bills, and you will increase the lifespan of your central AC as well.

Call Townsend Energy today to make an appointment for yearly maintenance. Or better yet, open a yearly service contract and experience all of the added perks that it provides.

Central AC Upgrade Considerations

Are you seriously thinking about upgrading your HVAC system soon? If you’re giving serious thought to the possibility, please spend time thinking about the following considerations:

  • Energy Efficiency – one big benefit of upgrading your HVAC system is you can switch to an energy-efficient model and cut down on your energy bills. This will save a great deal of money over the long term, plus your system is liable to last longer, which will add years to the lifespan of your new product.
  • Safety – choosing products based on whether or not they are safe and efficient is always a good idea as well. Bosch is synonymous with safety because this excellent brand has an impeccable safety record that’s hard to beat.
  • Lifespan – your best bet is to choose a central air-conditioning model designed to last. As we learned earlier, energy-efficient, hi-efficient inverters and air handlers can last even longer than the projected 15-20 years if they are properly maintained and cared for.
  • Contractor – picking the perfect contractor could be the difference between success or failure during your central AC upgrade. Townsend Energy is the top company to call in Winchester MA to handle all of your air-conditioning and heating needs.
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Bosch 3 Ton R410A High-Efficiency Inverter Series Condenser Features & Benefits

  • As much as 20.5 SEER for premium efficiency
  • Efficient, quiet 10 speed ECM outdoor motor
  • 25% – 110% capacity inverter drive compressor
  • 29-1/8″ W x 29-1/8″ D small footprint
  • Easy installation

Bosch 3 Ton R410A High-Efficiency Inverter Series Heat Pump Air Handler Features & Benefits

  • As much as 20.5 SEER for premium efficiency
  • As much as 10.5 HSPF
  • Aluminum evaporator coil – resists corrosion
  • Easy installation
  • Cabinet design is fully insulated
  • Polymer condensate pan
  • Certified factory sealed cabinet – 2% or less air leakage

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Choosing an HVAC company that you trust isn’t always easy to accomplish. But Townsend Energy has an amazing reputation in Winchester MA. Talk to your friends and ask your coworkers about us, because we know they’ll have nothing but good things to tell you.

Our company is made up of expert technicians like Kevin Anderson, skilled customer service personnel, and ownership that really cares about your well-being and needs. We focus on delivering 100% satisfaction for each of our customers, and if you work with us, we’ll treat you with the same level of respect and care that we treat all of our customers with.

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Brian M.

Brian M.

Brian Tuned up your Carrier central AC with cleaning and testing. Temperatures and pressures tested to manufacture specifications.

Near Lockeland Rd, Winchester, MA 01890
Brian M.

Brian M.

Brian Tuned up 1st and 2nd floors, central air conditioning systems, with cleaning and testing. Temperatures , pressures and humidity tested to manufacture specifications.

Near Lockeland Rd, Winchester, MA 01890
Brian M.

Brian M.

Serviced Buderus oil heating system with cleaning and new Parts. Tested flame sensor and combustion emissions.

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Brian M.

Brian M.

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Tuned up Buderus oil heat. Tuned up 1st floor Carrier Infinity AC system . Tuned up 2nd floor Carrier Infinity AC system.

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Brian M.

Installed new Auto Water Feeder onto Steam boiler . Tested feed operations.

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Hi Nicholas, it was a pleasure speaking with you and setting up your new Townsend account.   At Townsend, we value our customers' feedback and would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review on the service that was provided.  Thank you!

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Gary D.

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