Fujitsu Ductless Cooling System Installation In Newburyport Massachusetts

mini-split cooling newburyport maThe Sweeney Family’s current method of cooling their home was using a window AC unit. Compared to a full home AC unit, these systems are incredibly inefficient and suck up a lot of energy.

Townsend Energy’s own Kevin Anderson installed 2 Fujitsu ASU12RLF1 ductless systems inside as well as a Fujitsu ASU7RLF1. Kevin also installed a Fujitsu AOU36RLXFZH outdoor unit.

All in all the Sweeney’s are now covered in their second-floor bedroom, master bedroom over the garage, and their family room.

Problem: The Sweeney family’s Newburyport, MA home was in desperate need of an upgrade in their cooling system. They relied on a singular window unit to cool their home.

Solution: One of Townsend Energy’s expert service techs, Kevin, suggested that they install a ductless system in their home as it would provide them the comfort they wanted without sacrificing the peace and quiet they enjoy.

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Fujitsu Ductless Air Conditioning, Newburyport, MA

newburyport ductless coolingFujitsu is one of the top names out there when it comes to ductless heating and cooling. These systems are great for people who maybe don’t have the space for a full furnace or air conditioner but still want superior comfort. These are also great options if you have an addition on your home that’s not connected to the rest of your AC ducts.

For this AC installation, our service tech installed 2 ASU12RLF1 systems. These are indoor only systems that require an outdoor partner to function. This Fujitsu system offers:

  • Auto Restart
  • Minimum Heat Mode
  • Auto Mode
  • Dry Mode
  • 24-Hour Timer
  • Sleep Timer
  • Ion Deodorizing Filter
  • Apple Catechin Filter

Now as we previously said, this unit requires you to also have the Fujitsu AOU36RLXFZH outdoor unit as well. This is so the system gets the proper airflow and power needed to function. With the AOU36RLXFZH you can connect up to 4 indoor units which makes it fully customizable based on your home’s needs!

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Advantages Of Ductless AC Systems In Massachusetts Homes

outside ductless cooling unit newburyport maThe biggest advantage of a ductless system that was important to the Sweeneys was the ability for the system to cool your home silently and not interrupt daily life. The majority of the heavy lifting is done by the outdoor unit so the ductless units in your home don’t make a sound.

One of the other biggest advantages of switching to a ductless system in your home is the low impact their installation has on your home. Installing a ductless system into your home is much less invasive than if you were to install a new total AC unit or furnace or another HVAC system. Installation can be completed quickly and, like we said, without interrupting your day to day routines. Townsend Energy provides comprehensive AC installation services and even offers a free consultation to discuss your energy needs!

Every family is concerned with each other’s health and upgrading to a ductless system is one of the best ways to ensure that your family stays healthy. Not only does utilizing a ductless system provide you with superior comfort throughout your home, it also cleans the air in your home, removing allergens and harmful germs floating around.

Finally one of the best things about using a ductless system in your home is the ability to control temperatures in different parts of your house. Maybe you prefer your living room to be a litter warmer and your bedroom to be a little cooler, well with a Fujitsu ductless system, that’s easy to do! Each indoor unit operates separately and can be controlled to completely customize your home’s temperature zones so everyone is as comfortable as possible!

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Should I Use A Ductless System Over Central Air?

ductless air conditioning newburyport maIf you’ve done any research into the different kinds of air conditioning systems on the market, you can easily get wrapped up in a hundred different articles all telling you why a certain system may be better than another, but it really depends on your situation. For example one of the biggest drawbacks of using a ductless system over something like central air in your Massachusetts home is the aesthetics of having ductless systems throughout your home. While to some people this may not matter, to others it matters a great deal and they don’t want to see their AC system in their home and would prefer a central air system.

Another thing to consider when deciding between these kinds of systems is the cost. Ductless systems typically have a high up-front cost but are more efficient so your monthly energy bill will be lower. Central air can be extremely expensive if you don’t already have ductwork in place. But otherwise it may be a little cheaper of an installation process but they are generally not as efficient so your monthly energy bill will be higher.

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The Sweeney family will be comfortable for years to come with their new Fujitsu ductless home system that’ll be providing them with clean comfortable air for years to come.

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