Buderus Forced Hot Water Boiler Boiler Installation In Beverly, Massachusetts

The Knowlton family of Beverly MA noticed that their home felt uncomfortable this past winter. To help alleviate their discomfort, they would raise the temperature on their thermostat, resulting in higher than normal heating costs. Also, they would run out of hot water when performing everyday activities such as showering or washing dishes. They called Townsend Energy to find a solution to their problem.

Oil Boiler Installation In Beverly, MA

We dispatched two of our experienced technicians, Bill Babcock and Lisandro Batistini, to their home. After inspecting their unit, they determined that their boiler was cracked. A cracked boiler can result in boiler leaks, water damage, and other serious issues. Therefore, due to the age of the boiler and the nature of the leak, our technicians recommended a Buderus boiler installation for their Beverly, MA home.

Problem: The Knowlton residence had a cracked boiler that was causing discomfort.

Solution: Townsend Energy removed their old boiler and replaced it with a new Buderus hot water in their Beverly, Massachusetts home.

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Boiler Replacement In Beverly Massachusetts

Buderus Heating System Install Beverly, MA

One of the tell-tale signs that indicate the need for a boiler replacement is a crack. A boiler crack is serious in nature and should be attended to immediately. Thankfully, our Beverly MA customer was proactive and called us shortly after they noticed a problem with their system.

An HVAC contractor can repair a boiler crack. However, in most cases, the price to fix a cracked boiler is extraordinarily costly. Therefore, it is not a cost-effective choice. Usually, with this type of problem, it is best to replace the unit altogether. For this reason, our Beverly MA customers opted for a boiler replacement instead of a very expensive boiler repair.

Their boiler was old. The process of heating (and then cooling down) throughout the years causes the metal of the boiler’s body, or tank, to expand and contract. This constant expansion and contraction eventually lead to boiler cracks and leaks.

Although no one looks forward to investing in a new heating system, we were able to find an energy-efficient heating system that works within this customer’s budget. We performed this boiler upgrade without any complications. The Knowlton family did not have to go without heat or hot water for long. This particular heating system installation included:

  • Buderus G115WS/5 Forced Hot Water Boiler
  • Riello Oil Burner with Fresh Air Intake
  • Aqua smart control
  • Triple Pass boiler for best in efficiency and longevity.
  • Watts 1156 Water Feeder & Backow Preventer.
  • Connection to the existing indirect hot water tank.
  • Extrol Expansion
  • Four Grundfos circulators with internal flow checks

If you feel uncomfortable in your home or are paying high energy costs, call the experts at Townend Energy. We can inspect your system and determine the best home heating solution for your home. We prioritize energy efficiency, comfort, indoor air quality, and more. Call now to schedule a free estimate.

Buderus G115WS/5 Forced Hot Water Boiler In Beverly, Massachusetts

With a Buderus boiler installation in their Beverly, MA home, the Knowltons will now experience a system that is reliable and energy-efficient. Also, their new system will provide them with the level of comfort that they are looking for.

Oil-Fired Central Heating System Upgrade Beverly

Buderus manufactures boilers that provide their customers with performance that stands above its competitors. They are long-lasting and have high energy efficiency ratings. Also, all Buderus boilers come with an impressive warranty. This provides the homeowner with peace of mind if a problem were to arise. Overall, installing a Buderus boiler is an excellent investment for any home.

The Buderus G115WS/5 has various appealing features. They include:

  • High-efficiency rating – 87% AFUE
  • Stainless steel burner
  • The warranty covers the heat exchanger for 5 years and the electrical and combustion parts for 1 year
  • Meets heating demands by automatically adjusting outdoor reset control
  • Reduced emissions: Premixes the fuel and oxygenated air
  • Easy maintenance and servicing due to swing door
  • No refractory parts
  • Thermostream design
  • Adjustable legs to ensure the unit is level
  • Corrosion-resistant: Cast iron outer shell
  • Adjusts its water temperature
  • Two ETL-approved venting options
  • Three-pass boiler design
  • Resists thermal shock-cast-iron heat exchanger

This boiler offers many benefits that the Knowlton family will appreciate. They will certainly notice a difference between their old heating system and their new one.

For example, old heaters require more fuel to produce the same amount of heat. Therefore, by installing a new boiler, the Knowltons have improved the energy efficiency in their Beverly home. This translates into reduced home heating costs for our customers.

Also, as a boiler ages, it is unable to keep a home warm like it did when it was new. The Knowlton family now has a new Buderus boiler that will provide them with an improved level of comfort. It will also provide them with an even, balanced temperature from one room to the next.

The Knowlton’s will now have ample hot water to meet their needs for bathing, dishes, and more. Overall, this oil boiler installation was an improvement in many different ways.

If you are interested in finding out about a heater upgrade for your home, call Townsend Energy today. You can schedule a complimentary, hassle-free consultation with one of our NATE certified HVAC professionals. They will be able to find a home heating solution that improves your comfort and energy efficiency. Best of all, they can accomplish this while working well within your budget. Call now!


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What Beverly Homeowners Should Know About Boiler Leaks

Many homeowners may attempt a DIY boiler repair when they notice a problem with their system. Unless you are a trained technician, however, a DIY boiler repair is something that you should avoid. A boiler is a complicated system. You will need extensive training to perform an accurate diagnosis. Likewise, only an HVAC contractor can determine the best solution to remedy a boiler problem.

Hydronic Boiler and Circulator pump Installation Project in Beverly, MA

One common issue that occurs with a boiler is a boiler leak. A leaking boiler may sound like something that is minor. However, the opposite is true. If you notice that your boiler is leaking, you should take immediate action. A leaking hot water boiler causes a number of problems. Some of the issues that accompany a boiler leak include:

  • Electric components within the unit can short circuit, leading to a fire
  • Structural damage of your home
  • Mold growth in the home

Therefore, whenever you notice water under your boiler, be sure to call the experts at Townsend Energy immediately.

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Common Causes For A Boiler Leak In Beverly

There are various reasons that can cause a boiler to leak. Some leaks occur within the unit, while others leak from the bottom. Below, we discuss a few common causes for residential boiler leaks.

  • The Pressure Valve: There is to much pressure in the boiler. When the boiler rises above 18-21 PSI, water will begin to leak from the relief valve to compensate for the extra pressure.
  • The Temperature Valve: Likewise, when the water temperature within the boiler becomes too high, then it will begin to leak from the temperature valve. This could mean that the temperature probe in your boiler is malfunctioning.
  • Rust Or Corrosion: Many boiler leaks are caused by rusting or corroding boiler components. If it is a simple component that is rusting, then it is possible to replace it. However, if a component, as well as the tank, are both corroding, then the boiler will necessitate a replacement. The boiler is past the point of repair.
  • Pipe Fittings: All gas boilers have pipe fittings. If a leak occurs around the pipe fittings, then the boiler was never installed properly.
  • Boiler Pump: A boiler leak can originate around the seals of the boiler pump. The pump will need a replacement and the boiler will need to be resealed.

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Review of Townsend Energy

We needed help understanding how to control our heat pump and auxiliary heating system with the ecobee thermostat. Brian did a wonderful job explaining it to us. He showed us how what was thought was unexpected behavior is controlled by thermostat settings (we can turn it on or off as we wish). He showed us features of the thermostat that we can use to improve the behavior of our heating/cooling system. Thanks to Brian for his time and patience!

BeverlyMA01915 42.56-70.85

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Excellent job!

Review of Townsend Energy

We have had this issue for a few months and have had other technicians look into it with no solution. Brian took the time to check every possible source of the problem and explained what he was doing and why along the way. He did all the safety tests to make sure we had the right amount of gas. While testing, since there was a chance he would find nothing wrong, he had the forethought to call the manufacturer and waited for an agent to take the call (while he was still checking the last couple of possible problems.) The manufacturer had seen this issue before and provided a solution that will hopefully work! We really appreciated Brian taking the time to check everything!

BeverlyMA01915 42.55-70.8825

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excellent service

Review of Townsend Energy

BeverlyMA01915 42.5825-70.8875

Map of Beverly, MA 01915

The lady I talked to was very knowledgable and friendly, great conversation an fun to talk to

Review of Townsend Energy

I wanted an earlier delivery because I don"t trust my oil tank gauge and the lady I talked to moved my delivery date up one week . thank you

BeverlyMA01915 42.5825-70.88

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Review of Townsend Energy

BeverlyMA01915 42.58-70.8825

Map of Beverly, MA 01915

Great service.

Review of Townsend Energy

We had a sudden oil leak in our basement. The Townsend Oil team got everything replaced for us the next day! The work was done neatly and efficiently. We are very pleased with our service.

BeverlyMA01915 42.57-70.8875

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Hand's down, Townsend Oil's best service technician: Dave Eaton!

Review of Townsend Energy

As a Townsend Oil customer since the early 1980's (!!), I have experienced the complete gamut of service technicians — from the absolute worst, incompetent know-nothings, to some quite experienced and helpful mechanics — for my various oil-fired furnaces. Dave Eaton is far and away the very best; honest, knowledgable, efficient and friendly! Make no mistake: From this day forward I WILL ACCEPT NO OTHER TOWNSEND SERVICE TECHNICIAN THAN DAVE EATON to lay a hand or tool on my current oil-fed pool heating furnace.

BeverlyMA01915 42.56-70.8125

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Great service from a great technician

Review of Townsend Energy

Punctual, courteous, thorough, pleasant. Best tech yet.

BeverlyMA01915 42.57-70.895

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A gratifyingly professional oil-tank replacement

Review of Townsend Energy

Townsend Energy's price was not the lowest we were offered, but overall the replacement of our superannuated oil tank was as painless as anyone could hope for. The situation was intelligently surveyed, we quickly got a clear quote giving us three alternatives, and the work was scheduled very soon after our deposit was received. The actual replacement was done with almost startling speed and efficiency -- just two or three hours after the contractors arrived,we had a new tank up and running.

BeverlyMA01915 42.585-70.8425

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Great Service

Review of Townsend Energy

The crew were very professional, they seem to work well with each other and they were very neat and cleaned up well

BeverlyMA01915 42.5825-70.855

Brian M.

Brian M.

Reviewed the Ecobee fan operation modes, and the min and max outdoor compressor temperatures. Went over the operation of the room temperature sensors and how to enable and disable sensors to achieve ideal comfort.

Near Boyles St, Beverly, MA 01915
Monique A.

Monique A.

Replacing heat exchanger inside your furnace. Done by Gary D Dick L.

Near Beverly, MA 01915
Brian M.

Brian M.

Tuned up Williamson oil heating system with cleaning and new tune up parts. Tested combustion emissions to factory specifications.

Near Echo Ave, Beverly, MA 01915
Cynthia S.

Cynthia S.

Cust had to have a smoke pipe installed. Bill was going to be high. She called to see if we could help and hated even asking. I assured her we could put her on an auto pay for six mos. to get this paid off. She was so gratefull! Thanked me a few times

Near Cabot St, Beverly, MA 01915
Heather B.

Heather B.

Good afternoon! Congrats on your new Bosch Hot Water Heater that was recently installed! At Townsend, we value our customers' feedback and would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review on how your recent installation went. Thank you for your business! - Heather B (Installation Team Member)

Near Pickman Rd, Beverly, MA 01915
Sarah .

Sarah .

Hi Darlene, it was a pleasure speaking with you and setting up your new Townsend account.   At Townsend, we value our customers' feedback and would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review on the service that was provided by Sarah.  Thank you!

Near Cogswell Ave, Beverly, MA 01915
Sarah .

Sarah .

Hi Abbey, it was a pleasure speaking with you and setting up your new Townsend account.   At Townsend, we value our customers' feedback and would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review on the service that was provided by Sarah.  Thank you!

Near Pershing Ave, Beverly, MA 01915
Brian M.

Brian M.

Drained water from floor mounted expansion tank and recharged with air per tank pressure specifications. Tested high limit and inspected indirect aquastat well.

Near Hale St, Beverly, MA 01915
Brian M.

Brian M.

Tuned up Weil McClain heating system and installed new oil pump. Tested pressures and combustion efficiency to manufacturer specifications.

Near Albany Cir, Beverly, MA 01915
Brian M.

Brian M.

Tuned up both of your Carrier furnaces and hot water heater, All final pressures and combustion tested to manufacture specifications. Left results tag on all units .

Near Hale St, Beverly, MA 01915